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Affiliate marketing is revolutionizing the way online retailers advertise and consumers shop online. It allows retailers to place advertising links and even individual products on affiliated web sites across the Web, greatly expanding their "shelf space" and their online presence. While affiliate marketing has proven to be effective, it's not a get-rich-quick scheme, and retailers must manage their programs and develop strong affiliate relationships to make their programs successful.

Affiliates act as a powerful online sales force for retailers and can quickly and cost-effectively grow their online business, but retailers cannot start a program and then leave it to run itself, expecting profits to roll in.

In order to recruit the high-quality affiliates necessary for an effective sales force, retailers must maintain a competitive program and open communication with their affiliates. With these ideals in mind, retailers can gain the attention, trust and profitability of quality affiliates.

Affiliate programs drive trffic and buyers to merchant sites

Become an Affiliate

Understanding affiliates and their mindset is crucial. For instance, if
affiliates are involved in several programs, they may log into several
different interfaces for reporting, work with dozens of retailers and
receive paychecks on different payout schedules. It can be difficult to
manage a business on these terms.

Retailers should join other merchant programs to better understand
what affiliates experience when getting links, earning commissions
and tracking results through an affiliate marketing program. This will
help determine what techniques are more effective and user-friendly.
Also, retailers should join competitors' programs to stay on top of what
they offer affiliates.

Learning about the affiliate's problems and needs will assist in
developing a mutually beneficial program. Please don't just pay them
a small token . reward them as an external salesforce !

CounterSpy detects, deletes and protects you against Spyware and Adware. Get rid of malicious crapware that invades your PC without your knowledge or permission. Why choose CounterSpy™? According to PC World, and all's webmaster tests, it has the best spyware database in the industry.

Consumer and affiliate alert!

The FTC is now seriously talking about muzzling the adware/spyware commission thieves via new legislation, like they did with the Telemarketers with the "do not call list". Browser popup spammers hijack systems with drive-by and hidden bundling installs and cause damage exceeding that coming from e-mail viruses. Read more on this at and get no-nonsense links to free anti-adware/malware/spyware cures to make your surfing and shopping experience trouble free.

Develop the Relationships - marketing support

Regularly communicate with affiliates to learn what successful affiliates do, and use tools such as newsletters and short periodic emails to share their techniques with other affiliates in the network. If certain links are not working, inform affiliates about products or services that are selling well, and offer tips to help them drive more sales. Sharing successes with affiliates can boost a program's performance and enhance relationships.  Also, retailers should visit affiliate sites before responding to their inquiries. This puts the retailer in a position to make informed suggestions about link enhancements and how affiliates can match links to site content, which has proven to be very effective. That kind of personalized attention will establish trust. Don't rely on a trashy banner.

In addition to tracking the number of sales and leads, there are many variables retailers can evaluate to determine an affiliate's progress and potential success including click-through rates and conversion ratios.    Affiliates not driving a large percentage of sales, but generating a large number of click-throughs have potential. They may simply be using links that are less effective and, with a small change, could drive more sales. By not catching and addressing this type of problem quickly, retailers can lose potentially successful affiliates.

Observe Customer Acquisition Costs

Affiliate programs are cost-effective marketing. Observe the financial advantages of acquiring customers through affiliate marketing versus traditional online channels and reward affiliates accordingly.  For example, with CPM banner buys, Company A pays approximately $20 to acquire one customer. However, Company B pays affiliates a 10 percent commission for each $100 sale. The customer acquisition cost through its affiliate channel is a fixed $10. Company A assumes a larger risk with the CPM buys, because it costs twice as much and there is no guaranteed return on investment. Company B only pays when an actual customer is acquired.

The #1 high conversion affiliate merchant program over the last 5 years is operated by Holdup Suspender company. They average 1 sale per every 20 referred shopopers for the patented suspenders and Sloops blue jeans. This is a private program and you can apply at and see if your site gets accepted. No BHO parasites -no SE  or e-mail spammers are allowed into this one.

Holdup Suspenders -Home of the patented "No Slip suspender Clip". Take a closeup look at our Double-UPs Collage pattern suspendersClick here to see the Collage Pattern in our new Double-Ups suspenders

Holdup Suspender Company presents the Double-Ups™ Designer Series in all the above patterns featuring the traditional "button-on" look with the convience of our improved patented no-slip suspender clip.

Holdup Sheet straps and mattress suspenders called Stay-Downs sell for only 19.95 in 2 sizes.
New Sheet straps and Mattress suspenders that really Holdup to daily use...

TIP: Try newsletters and Press releases to compliment your affiliate program to generate traffic. Best discussion group on the internet for affiliate marketing is at join it for free and converse with 20,000 affiliate marketers.

This acquisition information empowers retailers to reward superior affiliates with a percentage of the money saved through affiliate marketing. If every affiliate receives a 10 percent commission, and a retailer raises the most profitable affiliates to a 20 percent commission, they develop a strong relationship with them. Affiliates will not want to remove those links from their sites. Don't expect affiliate results or custom links until after they receive their first pay check!!!

All models of the Apple iPod are In Stock with Free Freight! APPLE MA002LL/A Video iPod - 30GB - White case- 2.5" Color Backlit Display / 4:3 Screen / Audio & Video Player / 30GB of Storage Space / Lighter & Thinner Than Previous Versions. Includes: iTunes for Mac and Windows, earbud headphones, & USB cable. The iPod is known around the world as a premier Digital Audio player. Then they added a Color screen and photo support. Now they complete the trilogy of multimedia features with a new 4:3 2.5" color display, and support for Video playback. You can create your own movies or purchase Music videos, Pixar short films, or select TV episodes via iTunes 6. 30GB of Storage space Up to 7,500 songs, 25,000 photos, & 1,000 videos Battery Life - up to 14 hrs. of music playback, up to 3 hrs. of slideshows w/ music, & up to 2 hrs Click here to view the largest selection of iPods and accessories on the internet. icon


2.5" Color LCD Display with LED Backlight - 320 x 240 pixels Ports - dock connector, Stereo minijack, composite video and audio through minijack Connectivity - USB through dock connector, composite video (with A/V cable - sold separately), and audio through headphone jack or line out on the iPod Universal Dock (sold separately) Charge Time - about 4 hrs. (2 hrs. fast charge to 80% capacity) Audio Support - AAC (16 to 320 Kbps), Protected AAC (from iTunes Music Store), MP3 (16 to 320 Kbps), MP3 VBR, Audible (formats 2, 3, and 4), Apple Lossless, WAV, & AIFF Photo Support - syncs iPod-viewable photos in JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PSD (Mac only), and PNG formats

Motivate Affiliates

It is best to begin with a conservative commission paid monthly.  Observe the sales results and notify the best affiliates of specials and raise payouts as necessary. Beginning with unrealistic payouts and lowering them later is unwise.

Save up to 80% everyday on all TVs and Video gear at!

A pay-per-click payout is an effective motivational tool for rewarding affiliates with unusually high traffic. Combining payout types is a hybrid program that is more successful than single pay structures.  Another payment option is tiering, which adjusts the commission rate based on an affiliates sales volume for the month. The more sales they generate, the higher their payout commission rate like TigerDirect or Overstock offer all their affiliates  

Two-tier commission structures, which reward affiliates for new recruits, are also effective motivators. Through this system, affiliates receive small percentages of a new recruit's commission, thereby encouraging them to promote your program. To make recruiting easy for affiliates, create links advertising your program that they can simplyplace on their sites.   Custom payouts also keep affiliates motivated. Create special payouts for seasons or quarters or special deals for high-selling affiliates. These short-term programs allow retailers to return to their standard payout if these promotions don't work. Take risks to give affiliates new incentives to earn more revenue.

TIP from's PcShops webmaster. Forget those Rewards & Rebates browser hijacking plug-ins ever saving or making you a dime on  bargains shown @get-in2. You'll find all our Cybermall showcase specials offer the lowest prices period!! The Spyware/Adware buried in those FREEBEE P2P file sharing programs just ruin your computer and you'll play havoc with the con-men ever getting paid. To see how these parasite programs operate and how to cure your system from all this POPup Ad-nausium Hell . see's page on Spyware/Adware detect and removal tools to whack these Adwhores!! This site will never show any advertising popups!

get-in2 recommends Microsoft's new AntiSpyware detect removal tool
click for feww download.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing I'd recommend joins the active community forums at home to 16,000 affiliates-merchants and affiliate managers.

Affiliates join retailer programs, promote the products, and can stop working with a retailer at any time. They want programs that work for them, not vice versa . and you can't fool their customers with lousy offers.  The quality of a retailer's site, products, and customer service, as well as its conversion ratio all impact the quantity and quality of affiliates. When affiliates work with multiple programs, they can easily see which programs are successful and drop the programs that are not. 

Selecting a Network

Affiliate programs can be managed internally or through a third-party network. Networks provide access to a large base of affiliates and program management, freeing retailers to focus on other business aspects. Put your affiliate program on auto -pilot and we recomend CJ!  Many affiliates prefer working with networks that offer a wide variety of retailers, as well as tracking systems and management tools to help monitor their programs. When choosing a third-party network, select one that offers programs and tools that maximize affiliate effectiveness and provides ongoing support. Also, retailers should share any industry knowledge with affiliates and third-party networks to increase a program's success. IMS also want you to know the pitfalls too

Affiliate programsClick for some truth about the affiliate sales opportunities The Simple truth
Really effective or a real waste? click to hear the truth

*** It's about time someone remodeled the existing Affiliate Marketing Networks, so corrupted by an advertising mindset, into a model that works for both Affiliates and merchants. I therefore have formulated all the pieces necessary to migrate the easily abused advertising based model into a sales based model I dubbed The Safe Haven Network in early 2004. Read all about this revolutionary Affiliate Sales Network model which might launch in 2005.

Click Fraud Calculator
Do you know how much Click Fraud is costing you? Click here to use the Click Sentinel Click Fraud calculator.

Google's Chief Financial Officer, George Reyes stated,Click fraud is the biggest threat to the Internet economy.” He went further, “We are exposed to the risk of fraudulent clicks on our ads. We have regularly paid refunds related to fraudulent clicks and expect to do so in the future.” Overtures Senior Manager of Loss Prevention and Analytics affirmed, “We try to be very liberal in our refunds because a big part of what we do is instill trust in our model.”

So what is click fraud?  Overture defines it as clicks not conducted in “good faith”. Google on the other hand terms it as “malicious” or “artificial” clicks. Another definition could be: The systematic act of stealing money from PPC (Pay Per Click) internet search engine/marketing campaigns via human or automated means by synthesizing clicks. It is generally accepted that click fraud claims 30% of PPC advertising expenditure - a figure that is estimated to balloon to more than US$3 billion in 2005. Fraud Bots and well organized teams, amateurs and competitors are more than likely plundering your precious PPC marketing budget right now!

I highly recommend merchants and affiliates use Click Sentinel. This has to be the PPC marketer’s guardian angel saving you wasted PPCSE keyword budgets and the time to document click fraud. Take the free test . 

Click Fraud Calculator
Do you know how much Click Fraud is costing you? Click here to use the Click Sentinel Click Fraud calculator.

Post your own FREE classified or Auctions Ads at Epages and earn money for life as your site visitors post their Ads and bid at the auctions. Nest . they're instantly posted to over 24,000 classified Ad sites within the ePages network!! These work for you 24/7 and I can testify they do attract buyers Webmasters

get-in2 & Impulse Ads huge classified Ad network with option to place your Ad in auction format.

Developing a successful affiliate marketing program is crucial to a retailer's business. Retailers can easily transform affiliates into an effective online sales force through proper management and strong affiliate relationships. Simply placing a banner that says "Affiliate Program Here" won't create results - the relationship makes it happen.

Often our web clients ask IMS where they can purchase an affiliate network management package that administers replicated sites and multiple merchants. Take look at  Kowabunga's " My Affiliate Program ", which is more expensive than the one I recommend above for individual site owners.

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