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Your own Custom built Office with private mail box and unique designs to promote your  24 hour business -365 days/Yr worldwide. All for $300.00.'s (Image Marketing Services -IMS) will provide the following services to your Company, hereafter referred to as the Virtual Office Holder (VOH). It is hereby agreed that IMS will provide the following services to VOH for an one time annual payment of $300.00. IMS will program the information provided by VOH into a tastefully designed Let IMS build your office here Microsoft Frontpage template. Your Online Brochure will have 5 to 7 web pages suitable for inclusion into all major search engines. These will include and entry page outlining your company's marketing plan or profile of services, contacts page, history, mission statement, guestbook, etc. The company logo, banners and customer furnished scanned pictures, custom Art & graphics,(all your photos& art can be e-mailed in .gif or .jpg format), and one e-mail order form/response form is included in price. IMS can design your logo and will format images for optimal web page display.

Sample VOH sites IMS designed. or

New Artist site: The David Rubello Studio is a new site dedicated to showcasing my artwork and photograms after spending most of my career in academia. While still professionally involved in higher education art classes I spend my time now making relief artwork. I invite you to browse The David Rubello Gallery and visit some artist links I think worth sharing.

Click here to see the Relief artworks of David Rubello

VOH will supply IMS with all materials to accomplish this either in hard copy, e-mail attachment, FTP, or CD and floppy disk format. IMS will place the completed Storefront/Virtual Office Template in the online Virtual Office Directory. Listings will include brief company information, banner or logo with link to your hosted webpages.  Links to your site from Get-in2 ( Google Page Rank 5) insure your site gets indexed quickly in all major search engines.

Hosting your site and webmastering services by IMS at either or are billed at $100/year. Changes to text may take place at any time during the life of the agreement upon customer request. VOH agrees they have reviewed all the IMS fees and services pages and agrees to pay for any additional HTML pages and/or graphics design work performed by IMS on clients behalf at standard rate of $35.00 per hour. VOH may choose to register a domain and have it hosted by an external service like Dotster and we will build your site for the same $300.00 fee.

Get your own .Com .Net .Org domain name for only 14.95 per year!!
Dotster $14.95 Domain Name Registration

Launched on January 15, 2000, Dotster has established itself as a major player among domain name registrars and was one of the first registrars to offer long-term registrations, discounted pricing, and synonym generation technology. Dotster offers its clients superior customer service capabilities and many value-added Web site tools. Dotster’s exclusive Bulk Registration feature allows customers to check and register up to 100 domain names in a single session. Dotster’s NameWinner service helps customers register expiring domains the instant they become available.  They also provide automatic URL redirects and full service hosting at a great price with the best domain control panel I've ever used.

"Vision without action is just a day dream...
Action without vision can be a nightmare"
Combine the two and you have the makings of a profitable reality!

The term of this agreement will be one year from date of activation of the site. This agreement is subject to all local, state and federal taxes, if and when applicable.

VOH represents and warrants to IMS that VOH has all the necessary rights under copyright and trademark laws to the text and graphics that will be placed and displayed on the Internet through IMS, and that all such material and related services are in compliance with existing laws and regulations. For its part, IMS will obtain approval from VOH of the content that will be placed on the Internet and no changes will be made to the original content without prior approval by VOH.

Furthermore, VOH will indemnify IMS for any lawsuits that may arise as a result of the content and/or services that are contained in the material supplied by VOH to IMS and placed by IMS on the Internet. This constitutes the whole agreement.
Agreement Accepted and Ready to Order: ( printout for records )

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