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clones, Intel,AMD athlon systems, Pentium III, AMD systems, custom built computers
clones, Intel,AMD athlon systems, Pentium III, AMD systems, custom built computers
Custom built clones clones, Intel,AMD athlon systems, Pentium III, AMD systems, custom built computers

IMS visions series fo newsletters e-commerce impact on business

Streamlining purchasing for the other
"Fortune 8 million" businesses!

 TigerDirect for years has received top honors for customer satisfaction and overall low -low pricing from our CyberMall's savvy shoppers. Drill down through all the computer bargains categories and immediately see current products and pricing. Use the search box for specific brands or models and results will display below.

At Ecomcity's CyberMall our shoppers recommended TigerDirect through a high volume of actual computer product purchases over the years. In 8 years we received no complaints from any shopper that they didn't get full satisfaction from their TD purchases found here. .. Click for Top buys in new desktops,printers,notebooks and peripherals

If you seeking EcomCity's top recommended source for all brands of Inkjet and laser toner product then you'll just love the prices and selections at ClickInks. Drill down though this window shopping display of all their bargain priced inkjet and laser toner cartridges. Lowest prices on the internet.

IMS plans to incorporate the "Buying Chain" into EcomCity's CyberMall community for public internet access through its wholesale club. A special version for large companies, ISPs and portal communities can easily be setup as a VPN using our co-location hosting services on a OC3 -OC48 tier one backbone. IMS was instrumental in helping Trilogy's "Selling Chain" software be used to launch back in 1995.

To see "Buying Chain" in action, view the automated demo.

Buying Chain is an e-commerce application for your company's intranet. It creates a framework for online buying that incorporates your company's approval routing, corporate standards, procurement policys, and reporting requirements. With Buying Chain, employees will enjoy one-stop-shopping from a selection of 5 million online products for all work-related supplies, office equipment to travel servcies. Companies get great deals from top suppliers while saving more than 55% on purchasing costs. And because it automates your company's purchasing process, from request to delivery, your business can benefit from the efficiency and cost savings of buying online while still maintaining control of employee spending.

Easy Installation and Setup

Buying Chain installs in just minutes on your company's intranet server. Once installed, setting up Buying Chain is a snap. Approval routing rules can be created with an easy-to-use rule wizard, catalog setup is as easy as surfing the web, and drag-and-drop functionality makes maintaining the user-base a breeze. Install and setup Buying Chain today, and start saving money online in a matter of minutes! Our CPE Distribution service will be offering "turnkey" Windows NT servers pre-configured with the buying chain S/W and any speed intra/InterNet access with secure VPN solutions.

Over 5 million products... and growing daily

guy_check_stats.gif (6883 bytes)For many business buyers, the real value of Buying Chain is derived from the online buying capabilities it provides. In order to help you take advantage of e-commerce, Trilogy has partnered with a number of companies with sell-side e-commerce web sites. The growing list of over 150 suppliers includes companies like Office Depot, (formerly, and Tech Buyer, PcOrder, Barnes & Noble, with more signing up daily.

These suppliers provide Buying Chain users with online ordering, full access to pricing and availability information, and promotions exclusively for Buying Chain users. Additionally, users can request that key online suppliers be added to the Buying Chain Suppliers list. The suppliers will be notified and can become a Buying Chain Supplier in just a few hours.

Featured Suppliers ( more on the way with 5 million product SKU's online now)

So Email the IMS webmaster me!!

Used and refurbished computer specialsYou can reach Millions of potential Buyers for your classified Ads or auction items! EcomCity's CyberMalls give you internet advertising power.  Our visitors are seeking personal and business "want to sell" or "looking to buy" and employment Ads at our award winning CyberMalls. IMS has linked your classAct -Classifieds & Auctions to over 24,000 sites within our network of virtual communities. Browse some of the auction and new reverse auction sites listed here for buying or bidding on a variety of products as we expand this section. 

Sell Your Car Free at LiveDeal Autos   is the web’s fastest growing online marketplace for local buying and selling. The site is perfect for hard to ship items like Muscle Cars, collectable Find 1,000's of Unique Muscle cars and collectable Items at cars, hi-performance engines, drive trains, wheels & tires, and body restoration parts you prefer to see before buying. LiveDeal is also great for shippable items – Sellers can list their items FREE and use the Buy Now feature to receive payment instantly. Tired of High Priced Newspaper Classified Ads? Try LiveDeal Whether you want to sell a Harley motorcycle, RV, or that dusty 1965 Sunbeam Tiger on blocks in the garage, LiveDeal will help expand your online reach! Tired of paying for outrageous auction site fees or expensive newspaper classifieds? Check out the LiveDeal alternative. Free Classified Ads -, Your Local Marketplace

Find Cars for Sale Locally at LiveDeal Autos
Find the Car of Your Dreams at LiveDeal Autos -- 50,000 Listings

Learn all about the Classic Detroit Muscle car era. All makes and models profiles at http://www, A muscle car, by the strictest definition, is an intermediate sized, performance oriented model, powered by a large factory installed V8 engine, at an affordable price. Most of these models were based on "regular" production vehicles with performance kit options.  If there was a high performance version available, it gets the credit as the Muscle car, and not the vehicle that it was based on. Examples: Buick GS, Chevrolete Chevelle SS, Dodge Charger R/T, Ford Torino/Cobra, Plymouth GTX, Plymouth Road Runner, Oldsmobile 442, Pontiac GTO

Computer CloseoutsTechforLess the Outlet computer center for excess inventories and computer closeout or open box gear. and Refurbish Gear

About Tech for Less, Inc. As you might have already noticed, we are not like most computer and electronics stores. Tech for Less only stocks product that we can sell below the price other online merchants charge. You will see that our inventory never looks the same twice and that we stock all major brands of computer products ranging from high-end servers, CRT or LCS monitors, to little inkjet printers. And don't forget to look at our televisions, MP3 players and more great deals. Check out their New Arrivals ... Final Clearance Sales ... Web only specials

Tech for Less has been in business since early 2001 and we are one of the world's largest stocking vendors of new, new open-box, excess, refurbished and end-of-life name brand computer equipment, peripherals and electronics. All our products carry the manufacturer warranty unless specifically noted otherwise. In such a case, Tech for Less will warrant the item for the same period as the manufacturer to ensure your satisfaction. Laptop specials or printers, MP-3 players and the Closeout systems pages are popular with our Cybermall shoppers.

Our philosophy for doing business is simple. We want you to feel comfortable ordering all your computer and electronic needs from us. Not just today, but for years to come. That's why we guarantee your satisfaction with any excess computer gear we offer for liquidation prices. The PcStore recommends if you see a deal you like at Tech for Less you take action right away as they only carry limited stock, and with these great prices, items sell out quickly.

IMS plans to implement this service through carefully chosen ISPs nationwide. By adding "Buying Chain" to EcomCity's CyberMalls and local merchant outlet shops we will be able to complete our plan for creating the perfect shopping environment. Local free access POP#s will allow millions of shoppers, employees and purchasing agents to conveniently buy online.

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Save up to 80% off the most popular Magazine's cover prices!

Add to your Birdhouse Collection with these discounted unique collectables

Click here to see out entire discounted home decorations and collectable categories I've looked for years for a Merchant willing to discount great giftware, collectables, decorative candles,  figurines and home decorating items to feature at EcomCity. Well the search is over for our savvy shoppers looking for hundreds of  high quality gifting items in all major categories from Birdhouses, seasonal decor items to waterfountains and mantle pieces. GenericGifts automatically discounts the prices shown to EcomCity's shoppers in their extensive well laid out ecatalog. Try out their random or top product display links. They also carry metal sculptures, Porcelein Eagles, dragons, water globes, bookends and Native American Indian art and "dream catchers" at unheard of prices well below local gift or Mall stores. Click here to browse their main gifting categories and take advantage of FREE FREIGHT on orders totaling $50.00 or more.

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The shoppers at EcomCity's 2 Cybermalls agree, through their volume of purchases,  that TigerDirect for computers and electronics and OverStock for overall bargain shopping of name brand items  are the Best e-tailers on the Web.

The PcSHOPS mall carries name brand and clone computers from all major distributors

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Below you'll find some of the over 300 Merchants at EcomCity's WebWorld Mall that our shoppers recommended by actually purchasing multiple products from them over the years. Winter is over and now is the time to snap up some real wardrobe bargains from our carefully selected Mall merchants like our huge sale on Calvin Klein fashions on sale at 25% off retail price. Click here for our Calvin Klein Underwear, Lingerie, Socks & Jeans specials! Take a look at our showcase merchants, who sell brand name products below local store prices, and ship them right to your doorstep. In 5 years no complaints from any Get-in2 shopper that they didn't get full satisfaction from all their purchases originating here.

The PcSHOPS mall carries name brand and clone computers from all major distributors

Shopping for Christmas Gifts is easy on your feet and budget at EcomCity's CyberMall
What computer deals appeal to our Savvy Shoppers? 

Let them know about our bargains at PcSHOPS mall

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Shop EcomCity's 2 Cybermalls with over 5 million discounted name brand products

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    Shopping for Christmas Gifts is easy on your feet and budget at EcomCity's CyberMall    
clones, Intel,AMD athlon systems, Pentium III, AMD systems, custom built computers
clones, Intel,AMD athlon systems, Pentium III, AMD systems, custom built computers
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