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Checkout NYC's J & Rs computer Showcase offering Apple/MAC electronics closeouts in this auto updating window shopping showcase shown below. Instructions: Select a category and their entire e-catalog opens up on this same page! Use the SEARCH BOX to display comparison shopping items from all the stores or just the selected merchant. Choose the shopping link to return to main display.

J&R Computer/Music World

If you seeking EcomCity's top recommended source for all brands of Inkjet and laser toner product then you'll just love the prices and selections at ClickInks. Drill down though this window shopping display of all their bargain priced inkjet and laser toner cartridges. Lowest prices on the internet.

Shop TheNerds.Net web site for electronics bargains

Founded in 1997, our team of Computer Nerds has worked to put together one of the largest selections of computer parts and accessories in this country. TheNerds.Net ecatalog has over 125,000 parts in stock daily. Our commitment to excellence has shone through to our millions of on-line customers who shop for computer related gear. We understand that pricing is a huge concern to all. We have pledged to take the responsibility of pricing our products appropriately. Our staff, based out of North Miami Beach, Florida believes only in the highest end quality parts. With a product line including Creative Labs, Diamond, ATI, Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, AMD, Sony and more, our customers can rest assured that all purchases are backed by the "The Nerds", as well as the manufacturers we represent. The best computer deals selection on the web, click here! Click here for our "TheNerds" digital shopping showcase page.


Plenty of Power & Storage and easy upgrades on this Dual Core Prenium system! We've rolled out these new Systemax Venture PCs so you can finally get a taste of what true powerhouse computing is all about - at an unimaginably low price! Our spectacular Systemax Venture HU2 B805 comes complete with an incredibly versatile P4M800-M7A motherboard, a massive 250GB/7200RPM/8MB cache hard drive, a mind-boggling 1GB of super-swift DDR400MHz PC 3200 RAM, and a fantastic DVD±RW Dual Layer drive for burning your own DVDs and CDs, watching DVDs and ripping music CDs! Yes, this baby is absolutely loaded! You will NOT find another computer that even comes close to matching the Systemax Venture's performance at this rock-bottom price. Systemax Venture HU2 B805 Intel PD 805 2.66Ghz(Dual-Core/64-bit) / 1GB DDR / 250GB HDD (8MB cache) / DVD±RW Dual Layer / Windows XP Professional / Desktop PC for $599 icon Choose monitor and upgrade options right from this Systemax product page at huge savings. These will sell out quick!

Need more memory, DVD/ CDRW drives, gaming video cards and even more powerful Intel processor?? Design your own Systemax "Build to Order" system from this simple to use Clone builder page! icon iconicon Use system builder application to make sure all components and add-ons run with smooth perfection under the highly acclaimed Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition operating system and are VISTA upgrade compatable. Systemax PC's and Servers satisfy the needs of Gamers, Office owrkers and provide everything you will need for schoolwork and Internet research! And it's yours at factory direct pricing! Hurry and order your Systemax custom built Intel or AMD system today - at these insanely low prices. All components in build to order systems are in stock at prices well below any local computer dealer's offerings. All Tested before shipping.

EcomCity's top discounter in computers, digital cameras and electrics gear is Tiger Direct..click for their best sellers.

Closeouts, open box and Refurbished computers, notebooks and peripherals from TigerDirect!

Search at TigerDirect.com:

Sony VAIO VGN-SZ240P13 Notebook PC An inspiring fusion of mobility, power and practical style.
iconicon The sleekly designed, lightweight VAIO® SZ Notebook optimizes mobility while offering superior performance on every front, starting with its use of Intel® Centrino® Duo mobile technology for advanced multi-tasking potential. It also boasts hardware solutions that will power you through your most demanding tasks, including a super-fast 5400rpm Serial ATA hard drive and advanced DDR2 memory for ultra high-speed computing. The VAIO® SZ Notebook delivers intelligent mobile design while placing a priority on usability and performance. This slim, lightweight PC measures a mere 1" thin , with a superb 13.3" widescreen display with XBRITE™ LCD technology, long battery life and a generous, comfortable keyboard. The perfect notebook computer is Sony's Vaio VGN-SZ240P13 Intel Core DUO 1.83GHZ with 1GB ram, 80GB harddrive in a 4lb slick package for $1874.. click for more details icon

Measuring merely 1 thin yet boasting a 13.3 widescreen display, CD/RW DVD combo drive makes it the ideal for your mobile needs. This easy to carry 4 pounds package features include a Hybrid Graphic System, which let you switch from internal graphics for battery efficiency and external graphics for robust performance. Wireless freedom is yours with integrated WWAN 802.11a/b/g wireless LAN and integrated Bluetooth technology. This one ensures your investment and data are safe with advanced security features like biometric fingerprint sensor and G-Sensor shock protection. Create your own DVDs and CDs with DVD+R Double Layer/DVDRW drive. The PERFECT NOTEBOOKS are the ultra-lite Sony Viao  SZ series. Addition sale prices Sony SZ series notebooks are detailed by clicking here.. icon

 Ricoh RDC-i700 Image Capturing & Delivery Device  ...Unique describes this portable digital imaging studio system. It's not just a digital camera, and is specifically designed for a variety of businesses and photo hobbies needs not addressed by any other all-in-one camera.

Ricoh is consistently delivering ground breaking new technology and innovative digital features with its imaging products. In 1996, Overstock.com, Inc.Ricoh introduced the RDC-1, the first "multimedia" camera to combine still image digital capture with video and audio recording. Since then, subsequent models have incorporated updated "QVGA" QuickTime movies with sound, memo recording, time-lapse photography, and Web-cam broadcast capabilities. Ricoh's objective? To bridge the gap between the corporate business environment and digital imaging communications. The Ricoh RDC-i700 is Ricoh's latest incarnation of the ultimate "image capturing device". A business productivity tool incorporating high-quality digital photography with advanced networking capabilities, wireless Internet access, e-mail and fax modem connectivity, and integrated data/image management tools. It also happens to function well as a "creativity tool," whenever you want to take a break from all that e-mailing and data management. List price $1200 ... limited closeout price $269.97. Click here to see a complete detailed RDC-i700 camera review and end user guide.

Computer CloseoutsTechforLess the Outlet computer center for excess inventories and computer closeout or open box gear. and Refurbish Gear

About Tech for Less, Inc. As you might have already noticed, we are not like most computer and electronics stores. Tech for Less only stocks product that we can sell below the price other online merchants charge. You will see that our inventory never looks the same twice and that we stock all major brands of computer products ranging from high-end servers, CRT or LCS monitors, to little inkjet printers. And don't forget to look at our televisions, MP3 players and more great deals. Check out their New Arrivals ... Final Clearance Sales ... Web only specials

Tech for Less has been in business since early 2001 and we are one of the world's largest stocking vendors of new, new open-box, excess, refurbished and end-of-life name brand computer equipment, peripherals and electronics. All our products carry the manufacturer warranty unless specifically noted otherwise. In such a case, Tech for Less will warrant the item for the same period as the manufacturer to ensure your satisfaction. Laptop specials or printers, MP-3 players and the Closeout systems pages are popular with our Cybermall shoppers.

Our philosophy for doing business is simple. We want you to feel comfortable ordering all your computer and electronic needs from us. Not just today, but for years to come. That's why we guarantee your satisfaction with any excess computer gear we offer for liquidation prices. The PcStore recommends if you see a deal you like at Tech for Less you take action right away as they only carry limited stock, and with these great prices, items sell out quickly.


Ecomcity presents TechforLess as out top source for wholesale priced computer Closouts and Refurbished gear.
Closeout & Refurb systems & peripherals
Closeouts, open box and Refurbished computers, notebooks and peripherals!

Intelliflix is the world’s largest combined online movie and game rental destination, offering more than 60,000 titles of movies and games to customers in all 50 states. Our goal at Intelliflix is to provide our customers with the Ultimate Video Store Experience. This means that our customers enjoy the best selection, the widest variety of rental options, and the fastest delivery of home entertainment in the nation. The Ultimate Video Store Experience isn’t just a slogan… it’s what we live for! Click Here for 5 Free Months of Movies & Games!

Through the acquisition of one of the oldest online DVD rental companies, Intelliflix has quietly become the fastest growing movie and game rental destination. In 2004, we surpassed Netflix with the largest number of distribution centers in the continental United States. This allows us to provide our customers with typically 1-2 day delivery to most areas of the country. We are the only online company to provide both unlimited subscription programs and individual pay-per rental (PPR) plans. This provides less frequent renters with the convenience of online ordering of individual titles and home delivery, while continuing to satisfy the appetite of the heavy renters for huge selection and fast delivery. Want a real deal in home delivery video and computer game rentals? Rent Unlimited Movies for Only $8.25 per Month! Those looking for adult video rentals can also use this service after verifying their age! Mature content movies shipped discretely click here!

EcomCity tip: Always look for merchant site links to manufacturer related closeouts, clearence items or refurbished equipment for the absolute best buys! Take a look at Overstock's best deals on digital cameras, film cameras and optics.... and join their Club-O buyers club and immediately save additional 5% with 1.00 total order freight charges. EcomCity showcases products that are priced below dealer cost.

CounterSpy detects, deletes and protects you against Spyware and Adware. Get rid of malicious crapware that invades your PC without your knowledge or permission. Why choose CounterSpy™? According to PC World, and all EcomCity's webmaster tests, it has the best spyware database in the industry. That means it removes the most Adware/Spyware ...period!

No other Anti-Spyware product comes close.CounterSpy is just $19.95 per machine, and that includes a one year subscription with updates, upgrades and technical support from real live human technicians via a toll free number. Best of all, it's the only antispyware that gets regular spyware threat database updates from three sources: Sunbelt's Spyware Research Team, CounterSpy users in our ThreatNet Community, and from Microsoft's Anti-Spyware research group. Their companion "I Hate Spam" is the most feared product by spammers worldwide, and works with Outlook & Outlook Express and other e-mail programs.

Drive-by and bundled Unsolicited commercial Spyware/Adware software can typically:

  • plague you with unwanted popup advertising (‘adware’); and watch everything you do on-line and send information back to marketing companies (‘spyware’);

  • add advertising links to web pages, for which the author does not get paid, and redirect the payments from affiliate-fee schemes to the makers of the software (such software is sometimes called ‘scumware’);

  • set browser home page and search settings to point to the makers’ sites (generally loaded with advertising), and prevent you changing it back (‘homepage hijackers’);

  • make your modem (analogue or ISDN) call premium-rate phone numbers (‘dialers’) CHARGED TO YOUR PHONE BILL;

  • leave security holes allowing the makers of the software — or, in particularly bad cases, anyone at all — to download and run software on your machine;  upgrade system performance and cause errors thanks to being badly-written;

  • provide no uninstall feature, and put its code in unexpected and hidden place to make it difficult to remove.

 SAVVY SHOPPER TIP: If your buying a monitor, printer, accessories with your system the freight charges can get expensive. I highly recommend checking Overstock where total shipping cost never exceeds $2.95. If they offer a often heavy large screen monitor, system and lazer printer you like ...buy it there! Name brand CRT and LCD computer monitors at wholesale prices with $2.95 flat rate shipping...click here! icon

    Digital Camera Deals!

See our newest Outlet E-catalog for links and soon we will post all closeouts and refurbished systems and notebooks at this PcSHOPS Mall link! EcomCity has 87 Specialty Shops in our WebWorld Mall...from Games -toys -bridal -Jewelry all the way to office copiers and home furnishings. ..Click here for WebWorld CyberMall. 5 million product in all shopping categories.

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Electronics & Cameras up to 70% OFF, at Overstock.com!  (468x60)

Consumers are driving down the prices on popular Electronics, office equipment, digital cameras and computer products. This places real pressure on merchants to compete on pricing and value added services. EcomCity tip: Always look for merchant site links to manufacturer related closeouts, clearence items or refurbished equipment for the absolute best buys! Take a look at Overstock's best deals on cameras....

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