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Resources- Your step-by-step guide to Ecommerce

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Step #4 -- Identify your online prospects and customers

On the surface, identifying potential customers for your Ecommerce site doesn't seem too difficult to do. For example, if you sell books, your potential customer base is the vast universe of people who buy books ... as well as your loyal customers who frequently buy books from you.

But are all these people pre-disposed to buying books online? Probably not. Some people prefer to browse in actual bookstores. And many don't have computers. Therefore, you need to look realistically at your market and determine who your online buyers will be - usually people who are comfortable with computers and the Internet and who have experience buying other products over the Internet.

Once you determine the type of online customer you'd like to target, you will have to find out how to attract them to your Ecommerce site. Often your product in the real world defines your customer base. Just remember that their are no arbitrary boundries in Cyberspace. Make your product universal or concentrate on a set market. Niche' sites sell best. That's where Step 5 comes in.

Next... Step 5 - Plan to promote your site

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Google's Chief Financial Officer, George Reyes stated,Click fraud is the biggest threat to the Internet economy.” He went further, “We are exposed to the risk of fraudulent clicks on our ads. We have regularly paid refunds related to fraudulent clicks and expect to do so in the future.” Overtures Senior Manager of Loss Prevention and Analytics affirmed, “We try to be very liberal in our refunds because a big part of what we do is instill trust in our model.”

So what is click fraud?  Overture defines it as clicks not conducted in “good faith”. Google on the other hand terms it as “malicious” or “artificial” clicks. Another definition could be: The systematic act of stealing money from PPC (Pay Per Click) internet search engine/marketing campaigns via human or automated means by synthesizing clicks. It is generally accepted that click fraud claims 30% of PPC advertising expenditure - a figure that is estimated to balloon to more than US$3 billion in 2005. Fraud Bots and well organized teams, amateurs and competitors are more than likely plundering your precious PPC marketing budget right now!

I highly recommend merchants and affiliates use Click Sentinel. This has to be the PPC marketer’s guardian angel saving you wasted PPCSE keyword budgets and the time to document click fraud. Take the free test ... 

Click Fraud Calculator
Do you know how much Click Fraud is costing you? Click here to use the Click Sentinel Click Fraud calculator.

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E-commerce is a powerful tool

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