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Take a look at what Landscape USA, 1-800-Flowers , Overstock flowers, Walmart, Bonsai Boys of NY,  Gardners Direct and others have to offer you greenthumbs. Flowers, gift baskets, yard care equipment and bonsai trees are always a hot selling item at's CyberMall.

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Floral arrangements from top graded floral merchants are sure to get you brownie points at home. These has been our shoppers favorite gifting item for over 5 years. This page contains florists and gardening specialty retailers most preferred by our over 4.9 million shoppers. Bookmark this page so you can return here to shop all year long for flowering gifts and Bonsai Trees.

 The complete guide to training bonsai trees and starter kits

Want a really rewarding hobby? Practiced for centuries in China and Japan, bonsai is the reproduction of natural tree forms in miniature. Bonsai trees are living miniature trees which increase in beauty and value as they mature over the years. Get into Bonzai trees for some really dramatic patio or unique LIVING home and garden decorations. Believe me it is a unique rewarding hobby that will awaken your life.'s top discounter and #1 destination shopping site on the internet has listened to me an offer live Bonsai Trees and flower arrangements and pants. Superior customer service is what makes them bury their online competition. Your Trees- plants or flowers are guaranteed to arrive alive in special containers ...or your get a FREE replacement. Pricing as normal is the lowest found anywhere. While your at Overstock their garden tools, handmade Worldstock artisen plant display stands are priced below other sources!


Japanese Pink Serissa 5-inch Bonsai ..reg $54 on sale for $39.99 icon **8-10" TREE, 5" POT** Each of these finished bonsai and bonsai specimens have been cared for and individually trained in order to offer you the quality bonsai that you deserve. This Japanese bonsai blooms profusely with beautiful pink, rose-shaped miniature flowers. Excellent for the bonsai beginner, it is approximately 3 years old, and it comes with a beautiful ceramic pot, humidity tray, and decorative pebble gravel. Make your first choice for great savings on wonderful and unique gifting  ideas this holiday season.

iconicon   iconicon iconicon iconicon

iconicon Japanese Juniper 5-inch Bonsai Plant with humidity tray and authenic Jananese pot for $39.99 with $1.00 freight charge. icon Infuse beauty and serenity into your home's decor with this Japanese Juniper Bonsai tree. **6-8" TREE, 5" POT**  Each finished bonsai and bonsai specimens have been cared for and individually trained in order to offer you the quality bonsai that you deserve. A Japanese Juniper is the traditional tree used for bonsai and makes a great plant for the beginner.  It is approximately four years old and includes a valuable ceramic clay pot, humidity tray, and decorative pebble gravel for this low price. For best results, this tree should be kept outdoors unless on display.....Take a look at these various styles of priced Bonsai Trees, which all ship for $2.95 or less. icon

iconicon Japanese Pink Serissa 5-inch Bonsai Tree for $39.97 icon**8-10" TREE, 5" POT** Each of these finished bonsai and bonsai specimens have been cared for and individually trained in order to offer you the quality bonsai that you deserve. This authentic Japanese bonsai blooms profusely with beautiful pink, rose-shaped miniature flowers. Excellent for the bonsai beginner, it is approximately 3 years old, and it comes with a beautiful ceramic pot, humidity tray, and decorative pebble gravel.

Table Top Water Fountain - Fisherman Table Top Water Fountain - Fisherman Hinoki Cypress - Evergreen Conifer -  (Chamecyparis Obtusa "Compacta")

"Bonsai Trees Can Be A Treasure Forever !" ...... Bonsai Boys of NY and GiftTree are the largest suppliers of Bonsai Trees and supplies on the internet offering hundreds of items at low  prices. We offer a variety of bonsai, including junipers, Azalea, Rosemary, Brush Cherry, New Zealand Tea Rose, Citrus Trees, Snow Rose Serissa, and much more. Bonsai Boy's unique trees and fountains range in price from under $25.00 and specials on books -tools and pots add to the mix. Click here to learn more at our Bonsai resource center.

Bonsai Books and special tools are available from this site too!

How-to-Books and bonsai care guides are a must for discounted bonsai books. icon These handbooks penetrate the bonsai mystique and helps enthusiasts grow attractive plants and maintain them. Includes information on growing conditions indoors and out, and gives creative ways to display bonsai. Get-in2 teams up with Overstock to guarantee you can't find these book cheaper anywhere. Click the below image to see Garden & Patio section.

Juniper Tree - Medium Juniper Procumbens

Juniper Tree - Medium Juniper Procumbens "nana"

This dwarf Juniper from Japan is the most popular evergreen in the U.S. When we think of a traditional bonsai and what it should look like, we think of a "Juniper Procumbens Nana." It is very hardy, long-lived, and tolerates many adverse conditions. This is an excellent tree for the beginner. 6 years old, 6" tall. On-sale just in time for buy button for details. Home Page
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1 Dozen Roses, Only $29.99 - Fresh from the grower to the heart.™

Proflowers is synonymous with freshness...Unlike most retail floral companies that buy their flowers through wholesalers and distributors - making available flowers that are anywhere between five and 10 days old by the time they are sold to you - Proflowers only ships fresh flowers that come direct-from-the-grower, thus ensuring that the flowers you buy were cut only 24 - 48 hours before you or your recipient receive them. And because our flowers never wait around in warehouses, trucks or retail florist's coolers, we're able to guarantee that our flowers will last at least seven days. After all, the fresher the flowers, the longer they'll last... 7 day freshness guarantee

Free $20 off your first purchase on any gardening supplies, trees, shrubs!

Roses -Perennials -Blooming bulbs, shrubs, garden supplies, ground cover and all types of trees are available at Spring Hill Nursery. Looking for something unique? You won’t find these great plants in other online or print catalogs, only here at Or maybe you’re looking for an entire flower or vegetable garden? Try our professionally-designed Step-By-Step Gardens – the easiest and most economical way to bring beauty to every area around your home. View Spring Hill Nursery's Step-by-Step Garden Plans Here! We always have sales going on all year long in various gardening departments... Click here for $20 off your first order at Spring Hill Nursery!

Sprint Hill Nursery is the USA leader in Garden and landscaping equipment and plants.

Spring Hill's Lifetime Guarantee - No-Risk Gardening for You

We guarantee all of our plants to be true to name and to reach you in perfect and healthy condition. If, for any reason, you aren't pleased with any plant upon receipt, after planting or once it grows, just contact Spring Hill anytime--no time limit--for as long as you garden. No need to return any plant. We will refund every cent you paid for that plant or send a replacement without charge--whichever you prefer....Get-in2 loves this committment to customer services from there featured merchants. Click Here To Visit Spring Hill Nursery, America's Favorite Garden Center Since 1849

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Factory refurbished computers and electronicsLooking for Closeout bargains in top brand name merchandise?Name brand discounterd merchandise

EcomCity's Top Name Brand discounter is Great prices -#1 in after sales service and low freight fees ...all just got BETTER. They are now offering the Ultimate in a online wholesale Buyers club making Sam's Club and Cosco memberships obsolete. No tricks -no spam and no way even coupons or rebates can match the Club-O savings. Every one of their 250,000 products display the immediate Club-O savings, so fill up your shopping cart today. You'll see that the discount is less then the membership fee. I've got to be honest. The moment you join I no longer receive any commission on referral sales from Get-in2 links. You, the savvy shopper, win ...I lose... but you'll remember Get-in2 tipped Ya!  I've created the below specialized shopping category landing pages to help you get right to their top BEST BUYS in each main category!

The Ultimate Overstock Kitchen Store... icon cookware, cutlery, dishes, table linens, decor and more

The Ultimate Home Entertainment and Electronics store... icon TVs, DVD players, Sterios, Cameras, camcorders, computers, VCRs and the lowest prices on movies and music CDs on the internet. Large Screen TV and home theater setups ship for just $1.00 for Club-O members.

The Ultimate Do-It-Yourself shop.. icon Power tools, saws, hand tools, work benches, yard tools, compressors

The Ultimate Overstock Bedroom Storefront.. icon Bedding, sheets, bathroom items,comforters, personal care products like razors

The Ultimate Overstock Home Decor Store... icon area rugs, lamps, furniture, pottery, Art, Lighting, Fans, collectables, curtains, seat covers

The Ultimate Overstock Garden-Patio Store... icon garden furniture, fountains, figurines, garden tools, yard lighting, umbrellas, grills, planters

The Ultimate Home Furniture shop.. icon Tables, chairs, sofas, desks, mirrors, Dressers, Hutches for every room in the house with only a flat fee shipping never more then $2.95 on complete order.

Type in  ANY BRAND NAME  home product or shop  power tools your shopping for in the search box below to see todays specials from Overstock..the stock changes daily so bookmark this page. 
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Looking for saws, power sanders, rechargable electric drills, drill bits, circular saws, power painters, portable electricity generators ... POWER TOOLS save upto 75% icon click here!
Nicolas Cole Diamond Inlay Solar Powered Lanterns for $31.98 ea Accent your garden path or a fence line with the soft glow of this elegant, energy-efficient solar lantern. Its decorative solar-charged light cell automatically activates at dusk--no tangled cords or complicated timers to bother with. Each outdoor light is made of long-lasting, solid brass. Choose from three classic finishes, traditional antique copper, rustic pewter, or rich, earthy verdigris. All are powder coated for extra weather resistance. Nicholas Cole solar lanterns require practically no maintenance. Just keep the small sunlight sensor on the top of the lantern free of dirt build-up. Both a wall mount and a ground stake are included, so you can display your lantern exactly as you choose. Save 42% off the list price and freight is $2.95 for entire order.
Nicolas Cole Aurora Arch Inlay Birdfeeder $24.97 58% This lovely birding accessory will soon be a favorite among your feathered friends! Famous designer Aurora birdfeeder features an elegant inlayed arch design and glass inserts that make this a distinctive garden accent. An antique pewter electro-plated finish enhances the beauty of this garden accent. Shielded feeding holes minimize wasted seed while drainage holes in the rim help prevent soggy seed. This durable feeder will withstand harsh weather.Order your new birdfeeder or birdbath today and take a look at all the garden accessories while on this site! No matter how many items you order to total freight is only $2.95

Jo-Ann Craft stores offer a wide variety of competitively priced items including fashion, decorator, quilting and craft fabrics, notions, patterns, craft components, seasonal merchandise and silk and dried flowers. At our new Jo-Ann etc mega-stores, you'll find even more variety, plus custom framing, custom furniture and other home decor services. Shop at for handicraft decor kits -fabrics and hundreds of home decorating ideas. Our goal is the same today as it was when our doors first opened in 1943: to help all our customers "experience the creativity" every day with every creative project. They also carry American Flags and all types of Red White & Blue craft items. Great store for making craft projects handmade for decorating your house or apartment.

iconicon ...Best buys in Home & Garden products icon

Spring - Flower - 7

Complete Greenhouses | Solar Lighting | Pest and Disease finder | Gardener's Supply Co. online Outlet - Save up to 70%

Join Kathy LaLiberte, a founding Gardener's Supply employee, as she offers seasonal tips and practical solutions from her own garden. Our Innovative Gardener, Kathy LaLiberte, is one of the founding members of Gardener's Supply Company. She lives and gardens in Richmond, Vt. Orchids other Articles  ..." By the time August rolls around, my garden is entering its "tough love" phase. There's a huge bare spot where the Oriental poppies used to be. The globe thistle that I didn't divide last spring has splayed out in all directions. Creeping Charlie is taking over the lavender. It sometimes makes me feel like just staying indoors by the fan. If you're having a hard time loving your late-summer garden, here are a few ways to rekindle that love: Gardener's Supply Summer Clearance Sale - Save up to 50%!

Buy- roses, bushes and plant stands, yard greenhouses and gardening tools direct from the supplier who's also a full service nursery 24/7!  I love browsing Gardener's Supply Company online Outlet as it's like a trip to your local nursery to see what's on sale and get tips.'s hottest selling flower and home decorating item for all seasons has been the Bonsai Trees and "make your own" starter kits and beautiful selections of pot and tools from this premier online supplier. This is a wonderful year-round hobby that will forever change the way you view nursery plants and outdoor tree shapes and the forces of nature! Click on the buy button for more information!!

Bonsai Boy

Chinese Elm-Small Chinese Elm-Small

Has small evergreen leaves which remain on the tree year - round. They are hardy with excellent branching characteristics. Has a twisted trunk and exposed roots which give the appearance of great age. Easy indoor care. - 8 years old - 5 in. - 7 in. tall

Chinese Flowering White Serissa bonsai tree- Tree of a Thousand Stars - (Serissa Japonica) .. Ligustrum-Large .. Golf Ball Ficus - (Ficus Benjamina)

Brush Cherry-Medium Brush Cherry-Medium

Small - handsome evergreen leaves. Pink blooms in summer follower by bright red cherries which remain on the tree through the fall New leaves are reddish in color - turning green as they mature. 10 years old - 8 in. tall

Juniper in a Rock-Medium Juniper in a Rock-Medium

We grow the Juniper in lava-rock (pumice stone) by boring a hole in the rock and sawing flat the bottom of the stone. Since the lava-rock is pourous the rock serves the same purpose as the bonsai pot. When we think of a traditional bonsai and what it should look like we think of a Juniper procumbens. They are hardy and long-lived and tolerate many adverse conditions. Popular and Unique. 5 years old-8" tall...$65.00

Each tree is individually packaged in a elaborate shipping container to assure they arrive undamaged and ready to enjoy! Thousands have been shipped online to satisfied repeat buyers since 1993. These make great living memorials for the Americans who were victims in horrific Terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001

This is a 60 year old Bonsai maple Tree in full color

Visit our award winning Bonsai Shop and read about this exciting hobby
Many Americans have purchased a Bonsai Tree as a living memorial to those who lost their lives at the NYC World Trade Center September 11th 2001.
Bonsai (pronounced bone-sigh) is an ancient oriental horticultural art form. The word Bonsai literally means, in both Chinese and in the Japanese language, tree-in- a-pot. ..CLICK HERE to see our new Bonsai shoppe.

one cent sale on various flowering plants and garden supplies. SPECIAL OFFER Take Advantage of our Famous One Cent Sale:
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Shopping for Christmas Gifts is easy on your feet and budget at's CyberMall

Banner 10000028 is a leading destination web site for landscaping, irrigation, and gardening. Combining e-commerce, content, and community, the web site provides something for every gardener, from serious do-it-yourself landscapers, to the novice. Features include shopping, tutorials, technical help and tips, landscape and garden ideas, community discussion, and personalized shopping. Our Get-in2 gardeners rate this one of the best available to help enable the landscape and garden industry to take advantage of the Internet. Fix up the patio - build your rose garden- or just landscape..with these selections..
Garden Tools | Bonsai Trees |Watering accessories | Birdfeeders | Flowers



High style is always affordable when you take advantage of low-low Overstock prices. Why buy fashion knockoffs, or counterfeit designer label fashions, when you can get the guaranteed "real macoy" at huge savings? You'll also automatically get $10.00 off all combined purchases over $150.00 and flat fee shipping for only $2.95 that's a deal! Additional specials and free freight offers shown during checkout. Click here to see the real bargains on men's and womans fashions,shoes and accessories!!! icon

Comfortable, luxurious, stylish, sexy underwear, socks and jeans.
Shop for Calvin Klein:
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Calvin Klein
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2003™ Calvin Klein is a registered trademark of Calvin Klein Inc.

Overstock features brands offered at Tiffany & Co. and Saks Fifth Avenue stores and other major jewelry outlets. They discount Baume & Mercier, Omega, Seiko, Tag Heuer, Rolex, Seiko, Movado watches which are internationally recognized for their grace, durability and prestige. brings them all to you at prices you can afford. 35-80% off list. They also feature 18K gold and diamond jewelry at incrediable prices.

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BAUME MERCIER Ladies Stainless Steel Blue Sapphire Catwalk style watch for only $ for full details. Baume Mercier heirloom quality watch with Stainless Steel Case and Bracelet -16 Blue Sapphires jemstones on Bezel - Blue Mother of Pearl Dial - Silver Tone Hands on this stunning watch -Water Resistant to 30 Meters - Real Sapphire Crystal - Swiss Quartz Movement - adjustable Hidden Clasp and a savings of   67% off suggested list price...what a buy! your looking for real jewelry bargains! Try out's top bargain resource who features $$35 million dollars in name brand items from 14K -18K jewelry -famous brand watches-computers to fashions, computers & home electronics. Looking for saws, power sanders, rechargable electric drills, drill bits, circular saws, power painters, portable electricity generators ... POWER TOOLS save upto 75% icon click here!

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Gifts for everyone at any occasion from Holidays to birthdays

You Can Own A Graceland Tree!

Looking for something with a unique flair in gardening?? Consider planting a true historic tree in your yard or patio area like one taken right from Elvis's Graceland yard.. All trees certified to come from actual cuttings or seeds of authentic American historic sites and famous people. Click Here To Have A Little Of Elvis In Your Yard! Own A Tree From Graceland!

Cafe Bouquet For all your plant & bulb needs Dish Garden

See our Mall's "Collectables Shoppe" & Camera Store for Y-2004 specials.

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American Blind and Wallpaper Factory Outlet store.. has the best online store for home decorating ideas and products. Choose from hundreds of home accent products with these popular categories at discount prices:
Wallpaper & Fabric | Blinds & Shutters |Curtains & Bedding |Framed Art | Area Rugs |Lighting | Home Accents | Paint.

Friendly decorating help
Mini Blinds, Wood Blinds, Vertical Blinds, Cellular and Pleated Shades, Roller Shades, Shutters, Curtains, and more! ..special..Buy 1 Rug, get 3 Free!

Shop's 2 Cybermalls with over 5 million discounted name brand products

#1 gifting idea for Day's Birthday or a great way to make a fashion statement..
Great gift idea for Father's Day ..suspenders

These suspenders make unique birthday gifts for the men in your life. Bosses love them and women now ear the new satin finished 1" wide styles. Make a new fashion statement at work or leisure time with these designer suspenders...starting at $19.95 ..

Click here to see the new Double-UPs line of mens braces

For the consumer, the No-Slip Suspender Clip means a lifetime guarantee of no more slipping, or bending clips, or worse yet, throwing away a perfectly good pair of suspenders. The patented design is based on one distinct difference - the addition of a center pin that works like a needle to lock into the waistband without cutting or tearing the fabric. Holdup Suspenders now has a new patent pending on their Double-UPs™ line of "Button Down" type braces with dual clips with a more angled cap cam to prevent accidental popping open when sitting down on chairs or car seats. The result, Herman says, is a clip that absolutely cannot slip -slide of Fly Off your pants. Brand new CLASSIC series in 1-1/2" widths only $19.95

WebWorld's Home Furnishings Emporium -

Shop all the departments at WebWorld

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