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We therefore require all our site visitors take a moment and e-mail us their questions and comments about our Cybermall and site design services. We definately have years of experience in knowing what works for driving traffic and sales through quality web sites. Our clients rule the natural search engines without ever resorting to SERP spam and tricks for clicks!

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The staff at Image Marketing Services, and their web affiliates, want to share our 30 years of computer expertise and talents with those seeking a "Web Presence". We offer webpage designs, creative art work, and complete webmaster hosting services that leverage the power of the Internet for ALL Types of businesses. Our approach bypasses most of the initial costs associated with "going it alone" in cyberspace. Tap into our experience in computers, intranet servers, software, web advertising and launching Web based projects since 1994. We offer to build your Web site with an exclusive "Weeks worth of passion" for a turnkey design/marketing cost of only $600.00. Your specific industry and competition are analyized to come up with a "web enabling plan" that will set your site as the one to mimic. In the process we often develop new Internet concepts like "Dynamic Generated Impulse Ads" and now the Safe Haven Affiliate sales network. Our IMS designed initiatives for many industries have been migrated to the Internet to reach a wider audience!!

Let IMS establish your storefront or virtual office with all the traffic you can handle, right here at EcomCity's community and our Internet -Phase II site- Remember- all electronic commerce orders are pre-paid, and the profits and additional volume can help augement your total bottom line. As thousands of organizations and millions of consumers migrate to the INTERNET, tapping its' potential as a communication tool, they are quickly making it a viable marketplace for your products and services. Our core values, expertise and commitment to each project will assure you that your first exposure to IMS services will be a successful and rewarding experience. We now offer low cost  "InstaSHOP" factory outlets that are generated & edited right from your browser so you too can have your products listed here at EcomCity and throughout the internet. "Enough about us... let's hear about you."E-mail our IMS webmaster your requirements and for site design feedback or get a complete storefront quote.

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