Mary Keithan -photographic essay on Michigan Barns and one room school houses
Michigan One Room school houses
Michigan One Room school houses Mary Keithan...Welcome to Heritage Studios - a photo journey through Michigan's past... Heritage Studios
Michigan One Room school houses and old barns Michigan One Room school houses

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Michigan One Room school houses
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Welcome to Mary Keithans web site

This web site is an extension of my real photographic studio allowing those of you who haven't seen my works, displayed at prominent Art Shows, a chance to personally get a first hand tour. I'm adding additional photo categories as my field trips produce photographs suitable for framing and future photo subject books.

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Book 1 Description...During her time as an art student in New York City, MaryBlack & White Photo Michigan Old Barns collectors book Keithan never imagined that one day she would drive the state of Michigan's labyrinthine back roads in search of architectural subjects for her photographs. But, in 1990, shortly after acquiring an 8" x 10" view camera, she began just such an odyssey. In the process she captured on film and preserved images of the rural landscape's most endangered visual treasures, its aging, historic barns.

Many of her "subjects" are in poor condition; many no longer stand. And while we might expect a photographic series on aging barns to be a sad chronicle of America's rural decline, instead Keithan gives us a visual story of endurance and perseverance, of a way of life that in our modern times continues to thrive.

What Keithan has captured with her camera and presented in Michigan's Heritage Barns is enriched with her own narrative, often including interesting histories from the barn owners themselves. Photographs from most of Michigan's eighty counties are included to create a collection that celebrates Michigan's rural heritage as no other does."

Michigan One-Room Schoolhouses by Mary Keithan (Paperback - May 30, 2008) Purchase signed copies of this book here

Book 2 Description.. Nostalgic reminders of a time now past, one-room schoolhouses are deeply embedded in our heritage. Decades after their original purpose and inhabitants havePhoto essay and history of One Room schoolhouses in MIchigan vanished, they dot the rural landscape in all conditions, from neglected and near collapse to handsomely renovated places repurposed into a new existence as living quarters. Today no matter their state they stand as miniature gems of nineteenth-century American history as well as charming examples of rural architecture---above all, things to be treasured and preserved. Mary Keithan's Michigan One-Room Schoolhouses is a beautifully illustrated chronicle that details nearly a hundred of the state's early schoolhouses. Together with information about each schoolhouse's architecture and history, including interviews with former students and teachers, Keithan's photographs bring these structures back to life and assure their place in history.

Mary Keithan is a professional photographer living in Ray, Michigan. Her previous books include Michigan's Heritage Barns and A Time in Michigan: A Photographic Series. New York Times critic Vicki Goldberg selected Keithan's 1995 image "Desert Storm Barn" for the Light Impression Biennial show below.

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In 1990, shortly after acquiring a prized 8" x 10" view camera, I set out to chronicle on film vivid images of the rural landscape's most endangered visual treasures, its aging, historic barns and one room school houses. Every year I take a photography field trip into rural regions of the Midwestern states seeking to document the fading memories of our heart lands. This year I will be releasing my second book showcasing a visual history of The One Room Schoolhouse to go along with my Michigan Historic Barns" photo journal sold at Amazon and local bookstores.

Photos of Old Barns and SchoolhousesHopefully my works, including a new book, will encourage the property owners, local communities and historical restoration groups of the importance of preserving our Michigan heritage. Thankfully our rural landscape and culture continues to thrive in these most modern of times just as it did throughout our past. Through my camera lens I'm often taken back in time when life was simpler and these Old barns were the centerpoints of all community gatherings. Photographs from most of Michigan's eighty counties are included in my book to create a collection that celebrates Michigan's rural heritage. Enjoy your visit and capture the spirit.

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"Desert Storm Barn" winner of the New York Times light impression Biennial award
Desert Storm Barn Photo

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Rural Old Barn in Michigan has weathered boards and intact Silo

Some of Mary Keithan's Photos in a collage. Click any image to enlarge.

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All photographs and posters are available for sale here at my gift shop. If you see a photo you'd like Profile on Mary Keithanto have for your home or office use our convenient order form. I gladly accept special field assignments and have published here my photo gallery exhibit schedule. If you have a special request, like an autographed book or want to see some additional photo samples (shipped ready for matting and framing ) just e-mail me. Wholesale orders are accepted for Art or Framing shop owners. Again.. E-mail me for all the particulars and dealer pricing or give me a call at (586) 749-9941.

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    Got a great Photograph of barns or single room schools? 

Send me your photo with a profile on the history, current owner and contact information and I'll see if it's suitable to post it here ( with credits) on our visitors gallery contributors page.

   New One Room School house photos will be added here to celebrate the new photo journal book by Mary Keithan when released in 2008

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Michigan One Room school houses