Image Marketing Services has been designing client web sites since 1996Today, millions of people are 'online' offering instant access to those seeking information and products. These customers are affluent, sophisticated trendsetters-- they browse, peruse, compare, and buy... and control the corporate boardrooms. They respond to your online presence, and feel in control, as they navigate your Electronic Catalog or Cybershop, making informed purchasing decisions. The Internet has empowered them to change the way all businesses must address their customer base. We specialize in designing web based consumer marketing plans that sell or persuade. Our vehicle is the Web site and the fuel is our visions and passion. IMS creates Virtual Environments ..defined by ideas. Can we jump start your web business in the 21st Century with our proven web design team?

The staff at Image Marketing Services want to share our 30+ years of computer sales and service expertise and web design talents with those seeking a "Web Presence". We offer webpage designs, creative art work, and complete webmaster hosting services that leverage the power of the Internet for ALL Types of   small businesses. Our approach bypasses most of the initial costs associated with "going it alone" in cyberspace. Tap into our experience in personal computers, intranet servers, software, web advertising and experience launching Web based projects since 1994.

We offer to build your Web site with an exclusive "Weeks worth of passion" for a turnkey design/marketing cost of only $400.00. Your specific industry and competition are analyized to come up with a "web enabling plan" that will set your site as the one your competition will want to mimic. In the process we often develop new Internet concepts like "Dynamic Generated Window Shopping showcases". We do all the content research and work with clients to make their site into a continuous revenue producing extension of their brick-n-mortar business. We understand the businesses we helped automate with their first computers, since the 1980's. Now we can automate them for the 21st Century with a web site and ebiz success plan., Domain Names and Hosting

Small Dotster Logo Leveraging a strong market position within the domain name registration industry IMS uses the Dotster Registrar service.  Dotster has carefully nurtured relationships with its customer base and built a feature-rich line of value-added services around its core domain name product offering. By bundling services and providing one-stop shopping, Free shopping carts , blog and forum scripts and the famous Weebly drag and drop site builder...@

  Dotster Eco-Friendly Web Hosting, Domain Names and Hosting

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Image Marketing Services recommends Dotster Hosting for their cPanel, free hosting scripts, plus site builder features and support.. See the best Hosting deals at click link!, Domain Names and Hosting, Domain Names, Domains, Hosting

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DreamTemplate - Web Templates
Premium Web Templates - over $1million worth of Web and MS Office templates for instant download!

IMS also offers turnkey PR campaigns, new business and grand opening photography for brochures and online promotions... Want to launch a new product, business, bar or restaurant? Let a gorgeous IMS models, like Sammie Cloninger, help your new business or product get noticed... Here some PR and product photos for client Holdup Suspender Company helping sales of their thin/skinny suspenders for Gals and teens that get integrated into their IMS ecommerce web site!

Holdup-Suspender Company teen models having fun doing a wardrobe make-over at the snap of a clip
Take a look at the IMS Gorgeous teen model Sammie who does Tradeshows, PR events, Glamour Modeling and product branding photos and videos. Our client Holdup Suspender got a real boost in sales for Girls and Teen thin colorful suspenders... click for product page.. Call IMS (586) 244-8144 for arranging 1/2 day or full day photo shoots using Samantha "Sammie" at reasonable rates including photographer and model handler & groomer.

Our IMS model Sammie showing of a pair of Holdup Suspnders in a B&W checkered pattern

Web site Product and brand promotions... plus Trade shows and all types of Glamour and Car Show or Calendar Girl Modeling services booked thru Image Marketing Services modeling, tradeshow and web product promotion department...

You can request a web site or modeling quotation from Image Marketing Services... by clicking the below link and leaving a brief web-work service request, modeling event dates, and your contact information....
E-mailIMS -expertise for all your web projects at a price you can affordNow

Call 586-244-8144 and talk to IMS Modeling Mgr & Photographer for getting Sammie and other models to promote your brand!
Additional IMS services offered to Metro Detroit Michigan area residents and small businesses:

IMS webmaster

Promote Your Page Too


 IMS modeling services include photographer and models for product and business launches with online promotions, blogs, videos and Facebook exposure.... Models can travel for location shoots. Fashions and accessories or retail products are photographed with an IMS model and posted in a online Gallery for client download and publicity exposure...

Personal and small business Computer Repairs, upgrades and wholesale purchasing services. All our clients, and their employees, purchase systems and peripherals from IMS sources to tap into our computer maintenance services. We have installed and maintain over 5,000 systems for all types of small businesses since the 80's.


Removal of all Spyware/Adware and computer viruses that plague 90% of all computers worldwide. We also install business and personal software packages and train our clients in all the basics necessary to take the mystery out of computers.


Logo design, digital camera shots of ecatalog items, shopping cart hosting, ecatalog and site maintenance services. We also manage search engine marketing campaigns for clients on Google Adwords, Google Shopping database builds and Bing pay per click with satellite sales landing pages....

You can afford adding a pretty face and smile to your product line.

Image Marketing Services provided web design, photography and modeling services for large and small business clients in the Detroit area.

Can you hear IMS model Sammie as she posed in her burgundy Holdup Suspenders Hot pink coctail dress worn ny Detroit Model Sammie

Click on images to enlarge model images

IMS Tradeshow model Samantha ( Sammie ) is a high demand model for photo shoots and bisiness PR campaigns Model Sammie shows off these USA made Holdup Suspenders in a 2011 catalog photo session Sammie and IMS modeling expert Diana Ciofu on a Restraunt  PR photo shoot in St Clair Shores MI

IMS models are hired out at hourly rate, and/or Half day/full day rate for modeling shoots and Tradeshows.

New photos will be posted as IMS shoots Glamour Model Sammie in some Local Metro Detroit Car Dealer showrooms, Waterfront Bars and businesses..

Samantha Cloninger (Sammie) is a top teen model in Metro Detroit doing all types of product promotions, Tradeshows and PR gigs for local Detroit businesses IMS Glamour Model Sammie is one of the pretiest models in the USA doing photoshoots, Pin-up Calanders and Tradeshow modeling

E-commerce consulting from IMS

Another IMS models and aspiring actress is Susie Stefani. Her Web page showcases budding career as a Actress, Dancer and Model. She is managed though Image Marketing Services in the Metro Detroit area for product promotions, commercials, theater acting, music videos, trade/auto show modeling, as well as glamour and fashion modeling.... See Susie Stefani's web page here  She will be graduating from Grosse Pointe High School this Spring and modeling assignments are worked around class schedules and her Theater rehearsals.

Teen model and actress Susie Stefani in a lead theater role showing off her handmade costumeSusie Stefani modeling at the 2012 Detroit Autorama event Dance and theater Grosse Pointe teen star Susie Stefani shows off some moves in this dance troop number

Susie also works with Image Marketing Services to do Trade shows and Auto show modeling and product presentations. Here she is at the 2012 Detroit Autorama event proving hot cars and IMS Gals just go together... click to enlarge images. Call (586) 244-8144 to book IMS model Susie....

Susie Stefani shows off this vintage Motor City Speed shop pickup truck at the Autorama

Additional IMS services offered to Metro Detroit Michigan area residents and small businesses:

E-commerce consulting from IMS

Casual Series Holdups have choice of Y or X-backs and Silver or Gold clips

The Double-Up style suspender has the traditional aesthetic look of button-on suspender braces, with the ease of allowing the patented no-slip clips to instantly attach them to your pants without sewing on buttons. All our suspenders use a clip so unique that they were granted a USA patent. The Sloops™  line of blue jeans was added to the Holdup product catalog in 2004 and in 2008 we added Sloops Black or Khaki Tan slacks made to be worn with our suspenders. Sloops (as in NO BELT LOOPs) are designed to compliment and fit the physique of the typical suspender wearer ~ no hips, no rear end. They may have plenty of belly, but constantly are reaching around trying to holdup their pants, heading towards their knees. If nothing else just buy some Sloops for the comfortable fit and excuse to wear some suspenders at work or play. Now for the first time in 2011 we offer Striped Holdups in 8 colorful choices priced from 29.95 to 39.95... take a look and be the first to own a stripe Holdup suspender in Navy Blues and Khaki tans with gray and red accents.

Sal Herman president of Holdup Suspender company showing off his burgundy colored casual series clip-on suspenders   
Casual Series Double-Ups in a Merlot wine burgundy color, Sand Dunes Tan and Dark Ocean Blue modeled by the President of Holdup Suspender Company.

Button-on traditional look in men's braces... Checkout the other Styles and color choices in our dual clip Double-Ups lines below.

1-1/2 inch wide satin finished suspenders with dual clips

9 Solid Colors with a fine poly-blend SATIN finish -1 1/2" wide with black leather tabs and matching Top grade leather cross patch selling for $39.95. Click here for the Double-UPs Corporate series

Dual clip-on traditional look suspenders in 12 colors

1 1/2" wide in 12-solid colors with Top Grade black leather tabs & cross patch. These are perfect for either casual or business wear for only $34.95. Click Here to see the Casual Series Double-UPs

Dual clip Double-UP suspenders in 1" width and satin finish

Narrow 1" wide-Formal & dress suspenders in 9 solid colors with top grade black leather tabs. These are poly-blend satin finished suspenders for only $39.95. Click here for the Formal Double-UPs

Dual clip jacquard material in tone on tone colors

1 3/8 " wide Jacquard suspenders with 5 "tone-on-tone" distinguished looking colors. Black leather trim and new slant faced no-slip dual clips. Priced at $39.95 here to these hot selling jacquard men's suspenders.

Tuxedo silk suspenders in black or white by Holdup Suspenders

Formal or business wear Silk Suspenders featuring 1 1/2" wide tubular silk tie non-elastic fabric coupled with matching Y-back elastic fabric. Choice of Black or White muted paisley pattern with dual clips and top leather trim selling for $44.95

USA made Holdup Top Grade Leather Suspenders in 4 exclusive styles now shipping from our Southfield Michigan warehouse.
Holdup Exclusive Leather Suspenders... 4 styles of Brown or Black leather USA made suspenders with brass length adjusters, patented no-slip clips, comfort elastic back strap.

BBT Computer Services can protect your computers from viruses, spyware and adware and when we remove these nasties we leave the detect/removal software on your computer HD for your own future use. Remove all harmful viruses, spyware, malware or adware that has been inadvertently introduced onto your computer(s) is the first step on any upgrade we perform... get details at (Sample IMS made 0ne page website )

Image Marketing Services has experienced graphics designers for site makeovers.IMS will make its mark in the online community with our no rip offs guarantee! When it comes to representing your company on the internet can you really trust the work to amateurs??  "IMS lowers web site development costs right upfront." Let us hear about your views, or better yet, let us get your feet wet marketing your product, company or ideas to fellow web surfers. Nowhere else can you get all these services, packaged into one unified "Web Presence" package at such a bargain basement pric. IMS -getting the job done - one site at a time!!

You can request a web site quotation from IMS... by clicking the below link.
E-mailIMS -expertise for all your web projects at a price you can affordNow

or Call 586- 244-8144 and ask for the IMS webmaster

Let IMS establish your storefront or virtual office with all the traffic you can handle, right here at EcomCity's community and our Internet -Phase II site- Remember- all electronic commerce orders are pre-paid, and the profits and additional volume can help augement your total bottom line. As thousands of organizations and millions of consumers migrate to the INTERNET, tapping its' potential as a communication tool, they are quickly making it a viable marketplace for your products and services. Our core values, expertise and commitment to each project will assure you that your first exposure to IMS services will be a successful and rewarding experience. We now offer low cost  "InstaSHOP" factory outlets that are generated & edited right from your browser so you too can have your products listed here at EcomCity and throughout the internet. "Enough about us... let's hear about you."E-mail our IMS webmaster your requirements and for site design feedback.

"Anyone can make a dollar, it is when you make sense that it starts to add up."...does your eBiz plan make sense? Sample IMS sites shown below. E-mail our IMS webmaster to get a site working for you 24/7 for this low low price.

The Jewelry Collection by George Simonton by IMS web client George Simonton's The Jewelry Collection is crafted from Swarovski crystals and pearl elements to create quality, handmade necklaces, earrings and bracelets suitable for a movie star.

Each handmade beaded jewelry piece embodies a classic elegance normally reserved for a Hollywood red carpet glamour experience. This George Simonton designed Jewelry Collection is composed of genuine Swarovski crystals, semi precious jewels and pearls to offer the buyer nothing but the best in a beautiful necklace, bracelet and pair of sparkling earrings. George Simonton is proud to present the glimmer and sparkle worn on his QVC and Home Shopping Network fashion sale shows...Click for individual piece details and to purchase your own crystal jewelry collection endorsed by George Simonton.... 

Corporate "Presence" to E-commerce sites all with a unique look rather than the cookie cutter approach used by today's web site builders.

Call us to arrange a free onsite hearing test at your location

Industrial Paramedical Services has been providing complete Multi-Phasic Mobile health testing services to hundreds of Midwestern facilities since 1975. We specialize in bringingWe bring hearing test right to your factory door. certified hearing tests for your employees to your parking lot with patented audiogram recording reports meeting all OSHA requirements. Our clients include major manufacturers in the automotive, utilities, food and beverage, construction, petroleum, aero-space, airport and metal fabricating fields. Basically we have hearing tests to-go for those businesses who expose their employees and sub-contractors to excessive hearing loss noise levels. Visit our site and schedule a free on-site Mobile Hearing Test lab tour and audiogram.

Our exclusive designed 8 year audiogram record chart can be easily folded into a quick visual aid in educating your employee to how well they are protecting their hearing. Subjecting your employees to noise sources that can cause permanent hearing loss is a serious safety hazard. Early detection of hearing loss can alert both parties to the need for using better hearing protection devices like ear plugs and ear noise mufflers. This site is dedicated to showcasing our uncompromising commitment to scheduling low cost hearing  and pulmonary functioning  test right from our state of the art mobile lab vans.

Our first industrial equipment sales site was done for Used Hydraulic Stamping machines from 100 to 4000 tons from or their partners site shown below are examples of sales/-quote sites for brokers made by IMS.

Sales site for Used industrial production equipment for domestic and International plants.

IMS just completed 2 new sites for Holdup Suspenders to increase their search engine exposure. One is and the other is for their new Patented suspenders and even Fitted sheet straps called Stay-Downs™ that are USA made sheet suspenders. (works with Crib Sheets too)

Holdup Sheet straps and mattress suspenders called Stay-Downs sell for only 19.95 in 2 sizes.
New Sheet straps and Mattress suspenders that really Holdup to daily use...

 A special site is being setup at to showcase their latest products, feature Google Checkout payments and improve site navigation. These guys are a EcomCity profile merchant,who have paid the 120.00/year fee for a promotional page advertising their unique suspenders here!

solid color casual mens suspenders Basic colors in classic 1.5 inch wide suspender Blended tone on tone color mens jacquard suspenders mens designer pattern mens suspenders Satin finished 1.5 inch wide suspenders 1 inch wide satin finished suspenders Suspenders for Teens and girls

Holdup Suspenders introduces 9 new formal series suspenders with a satin finish in 9 solid colors Our designer series pattern suspenders now have 4 new patterns introduced in 2007.
It's all about the Patented no-slip clip used in our traditional "button-on" looking Double-Ups line with smoother edges and more angled clip cam to prevent accidental opening when sitting down on chairs and car seats. Holdup Suspender Company is the world leader in pant suspenders and offer a broader style selection than any other source.

Take advantage of  Holdup Suspenders FREE FREIGHT special on orders over $75. IMS added PayPal and Google Checkout payments to Holdup's shopping cart and automated the free freight offer. look at some of the men's suspender specials and Sloops Jeans & Slacks now on sale for $39.95 for Dads and Grandpa on birthdays..

Captain Kool Ice Cream has curbside sales of novelty Ice Creams to Metro Detroit neighbohoods for 30 years.

CK Corporation in Centerline Michigan operates a fleet of  Metro Detroit Neighborhood Ice Cream route trucks since 1976. The IMS deveoped web site showcases their Captain Kool Novelty Ice Creams and services. These include wholesale priced counter sales to the general public, Independent Ice Cream Truck owners, and convenience store owners on over 60 different selections of majoe brand Ice Cream bars, popsicles, frozen desert cups and Dry Ice. They offer free Ice Cream carts and daily Ice Cream Truck rentals for all types of Ice Cream parties and social events. They distribute major brands including Wells BlueBunny, Northstar, Rich's Ice Creams, while speading Good Humor in 20 Detroit area cities.

 We provide Metro Detroit local business with computer repairs, purchasing advice, software, wired &  wireless networking installations. Cleaning home and office systems from the Adwhore installs of Adware/Spyware is also a IMS speciality.

EcomCity's top discounter in computers, digital cameras and electrics gear is Tiger for their best sellers.

Closeouts, open box and Refurbished computers, notebooks and peripherals from TigerDirect! Click here for complete TigerDirect Promo Weekly Deals

J&R Computer/Music World Top Selling Digital Cameras from J&R Computer/Music World

HostGator serves customers ranging from individual freelancers to Fortune 500 companies in more than 170 countries. Because of the nature of reseller hosting, HostGator customers are frequently web designers and or developers who have chosen to provide hosting services to their clients. Businesses of all sizes and shapes frequently make use of HostGator's affordable, but still powerful shared, reseller, and dedicated hosting services. Customers range from complete novices to computer and technology experts. IMS webmaster says you can't go wrong with the various hosting services and support from HostGator.... Great for webmaster hosting or clients who own multiple domains and need great free templates and content for each one.

One place you can trust to find ...All the good stuff ...Cheap! Browse our 2 malls or jump to some bargains shown below. icon

Closeout computers and electronicsOverstock deals Walmart daily deals and specials Walmart Deals Outdoor gear and fashions from Sierra Trading Post Sierra Trading Post  discounted apparel and name brand shoes Fine Jewelry Seiko watches at wholesale prices Watches Name Brand discounted golf gear and golf clubs Golf Pro Shop Name Brand discounted sporting goodsSporting Goods Bicycles and cycling gear Bicycle Shop Discount travel packages in our travel centerTravel Center Discount travel packages in our travel centerAutomotive Shop Shoes and boots at wholesale pricesShoes & Boot Shop Name Brands at closeout prices.Name Brand Closeouts sofas, gaming chairs, discounted home furnishings, armores, office desks, and computer furnitureDiscount FurnitureDiscount computer gears and home electronics. UrbanScooters

  Savvy Shopper tip: Always look for links at Merchant's sites to manufacturer related closeouts, clearance items, or refurbished equipment for the absolute best buys! From simple product branding billboards to elaborate Web marketplace storefronts, all can be dramatically designed and put on-line, with minimal delay and expense by using our design and Ecommerce consulting and web site promotion services.

"Vision without action is just a day dream...
Action without vision can be a nightmare"
Combine the two and you have the makings of a profitable reality!

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