EcomCity presents art by IMSThe Art of graphic imaging for web sites taken to the next step

This Web art gallery displays some of the the works created by the staff of Image Marketing Services who have designed over 200 web sites for clients since 1996. Take a look at what a digital camera and some computer generated art tools can do to add some eye candy to your web sites.

Shop for handcraft art pieces and craft item from the very best artisans worldwide with the OverStock WorldStock Gallery. Browse theough thes eoriginal art works and all proceeds go directly to the artists and his community...

We salute the auto designers of  the classics and future concept cars

62vette1.jpg (34576 bytes)67vette_lrg.jpg (50949 bytes)80corvette.jpg (33554 bytes)1955_Chevrolet_Corvette.jpg (51035 bytes)

Salute to the Auto Industry's first 100 Years kicking off a New Millennium
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The history of Muscle Cars and future classics ... can you spot a favorite?

Porsche_Boxster.jpg (46225 bytes)1949_Mercury_Coupe.jpg (33879 bytes)camaro.jpg (33178 bytes)1941_Packard_Woodie.jpg (102754 bytes)Plymouth_Prowler2.jpg (118475 bytes)

1957_Chrysler_300C.jpg (67201 bytes)AC_Cobra427.jpg (72539 bytes)1958_Chevrolet_Impala_Convertible.jpg (107776 bytes)

Find Cars for Sale Locally at LiveDeal Autos
Find the Car of Your Dreams at LiveDeal Autos -- 50,000 Listings

Learn all about the Classic Detroit Muscle car era. All makes and models profiles at http://www, A muscle car, by the strictest definition, is an intermediate sized, performance oriented model, powered by a large factory installed V8 engine, at an affordable price. Most of these models were based on "regular" production vehicles with performance kit options.  If there was a high performance version available, it gets the credit as the Muscle car, and not the vehicle that it was based on. Examples: Buick GS, Chevrolete Chevelle SS, Dodge Charger R/T, Ford Torino/Cobra, Plymouth GTX, Plymouth Road Runner, Oldsmobile 442, Pontiac GTO

a_1935_Duesenberg_Victoria_Convertible.jpg (66325 bytes)Post your want to buy or sell Muscle car or collectable auto at EcomCity's classic car siteShelby_Series1.jpg (106500 bytes)

Newly added is the  EcomCity's Muscle Car Classics, a site dedicated to showcasing vintage American Muscle cars andVintage Z28 Camero tricked out for classic car cruises and drag racing collectable vintage automobiles. We cater to collectable muscle car collectors seeking to buy or sell their high performance or high performance classic vehicles via classified Ads. By using the very best auction tools to entice bidding on sites like eBay Motors or you can expand your chances over or free classified ad services. We also act a the resource for maintaining and restoring classic cars to original condition, with links to speciality auto parts and vintage car care sites. Enjoy your visit here as we expand our pages to showcase the greatest era in automotive history. Links on this site take you to examples and facts on each type of Muscle car by listed by manufacturer type. EcomCity's webmaster recommends this classic car site for kicking off the 2006 car cruises and auto shows, that inspire those who remember the Muscle Car era. This is a fun section for showcasing cars that fulfill the "need for speed" Car restoration and performance car parts merchants are listed there.

The mustang started the trend to high performance pony cars. 1967 classic corvette The 1969 Datona Dodge with Hemi engine
Get-in2... Classic Muscle cars ... click here for this new section.

Explore the remarkable work of the Old Masters, important and breathtaking European and American Art including paintings from the Renaissance to the end of the 19th Century. Our Impressionist gallery offers the discerning patron an impressive collection of important European and American Impressionist art masterpieces. The Contemporary Artist gallery celebrates important American and European modern and abstract art of the 20th century and today.

The Art of Vincent van Gogh by Brushstrokes The brilliant color and exuberant vitality of Dutch Post-Impressionist master Vincent van Gogh’s paintings stand in stark contrast to his tragic, turbulent life. In 1880, after a series of failed careers, Van Gogh decided to become an artist. Lacking the resources for formal training, he acquired the necessary skills by sketching from books and prints. The artist’s earliest works were scenes of peasant life, inspired by Breton and Millet. In 1886, Van Gogh traveled to Paris where he encountered the works of the Impressionists and the fashionable Japanese prints that were immensely popular in Parisian avant-garde circle...The Art of Vincent van Gogh by Brushstrokes

Display the Art of Max Hayslette, Edgar Degas, see all the Brushstrokes Fine Art by renown artists. in your home or office. Lifetime Guarantee -We are so confident in the craftsmanship that goes into the making of each Brushstrokes®, we guarantee their quality for life. All Brushstrokes® carry a lifetime guarantee on workmanship. If there is any quality issue with your painting, let us know and we will make it right.

Why not drop some DotCom Bombs on them?? Images of the Taliban Airforce on alert Original Art -USA Vigilence in face of terrorism
The war on terrorism deserves some artwork's my contribution..MH.

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This gallery features Art, photos, and digital graphics made by IMS webmaster and contributors. Creating visually exciting web sites packed with 21st century distribution techniques- real content- and E-Showrooms for displays- takes talent & teamwork. Image marketing Services (IMS) can provide you with the Web talent and ecommerce passion to turn your dreams "from Visions to Realities". Let our staff's visions contribute to the message, image and strategy necessary for your company to convey to the growing WEB audience your commitment to serve them. Thanks & enjoy ! Webart - can be fine art -too ! or get real dramatic impact - click on the images &  links for a larger view!

Creative web art work involves making specialized images for industrial products and eye catching art for web sites. IMS has shown our clients we can get great impact images, like shown below, which load quickly but still show details. Add in logo designs and page layout and navigation visual aids and you'll get complete quality web sites.

plantmedmed.JPG (139264 bytes) pump2.jpg (50253 bytes)  How about a room with a view? The Show Skiing folks love action Photos and posters

Illuminating the Future of commerce Web graphics breed a sense of trust into first time visitors The web formula for success - a well made web site

Spending money on artwork makes sense... free clip art shows your commitment We treat images to load fast without loosing details Carl Thompson Chevy employee award E-commerce Showrooms don't have to be booring
Blending visions into realities  & fine art

Digital Photos make it easy to create some lifelike artwork for those who aren't gifted with the paint brush.


About ImageKind... ImageKind is the product of both online and offline expertise in promoting artists sales venues. Two long time friends based in Seattle Washington started a small incubation company called Curious Office with a goal to develop innovative new online platforms for buying and selling real original artwork. If anything, the web is an incredible medium for both online purchasing and social clustering for those with artistic tastes. Art has been the language of humanity since the beginning of time and we felt that a new approach to art sharing and shopping made sense. Buy high quality framed wall art at and have it custome framed to your own tastes.

We realize that customers have other choices for online art and our goal was to develop a fresh new online experience that allowed both consumers and professional artists a new outlet for sharing, creating and buying actual wall art from digital files. We already knew that most consumers were getting used to the idea of purchasing online photo prints which originated from digital camera files, but it was much less obvious that both consumers and artists could also use an online system for production AND sales of enduring wall art in the same way. Make your Masterpiece - Turn your photos and digital art into high quality framed wall art at  The goal is to create the nation’s largest online art and framing outlet for personal art collections, photos and investment quality limited edition artwork from the skilled modern day artist and old masters.

What makes the ImageKind service special? Unlike a typical photo, our fine art media (papers and ink) will last for centuries, while providing a rich and elegant look. Virtually all fine art reproductions sold at galleries are made using the same traditional methods that we use for every single order. The materials used in these unique crafting methodologies are simple and pure and the process is environmentally friendly. When you close you eyes and feel fine art media, the textures and the thickness in the paper or canvas stock are immediately apparent. The difference is like comparing a blade of grass to a rose petal. These unique substantive properties make fine art media the best choice for framing and display work. More importantly, our papers and ink are designed to last as artwork for decades. Yet, the cost isn’t substantially different than processing a photograph.

Attention artists! At ImageKind, you can create and sell products with your own framed designs - all with no upfront costs. Get a free online gallery and promote your products on your website or in our Marketplace. ImageKind handles all product creation, credit card processing, shipping and customer - A new way to set up free online galleries and earn money from your digital photos and art. How to get started- Selling your artwork is quite simple. You simply set up an account if you don’t have one already and then you upload your images. From there, you’ll get your own gallery management area where you can do everything you need.

Art: Buy. Sell. Yours. Theirs. | - where art meets community. This site has already amassed over 200,000 pieces of artwork from over 70 leading art publishers around the world. That makes the ImageKind inventory one of the top destinations for art shopping based on any metric. From the classical masters like Van Gogh or Renoir to leading abstract and pop artists like Warhol, you’ll find something for every occassion and every room. Yet, we provide our production system to everyone! Consumers who want to turn a special photo into a lasting memory will find our service entirely unique. Choose from hundreds of styles of mats and frames... Buy high quality framed wall art at

Original Artwork , crafts, baskets and Native American Indian jewelryClick here to see our American Indian Jewelry store Rainbow over the Grand canyon
Take a look at all our American Indian Tourquise and silver Jewelry here to see American Indian artful treasures

 rainbow.jpg (7972 bytes) Click to see a larger view of this Rainbow Iris flower Fall-Rainbow.jpg (6810 bytes)
The beauty of nature can only be imitated.... but never duplicated

Housing & transporting your Pet has become easier over the years since Noah first tackled the job! Buy discounted pet products, supplies, food and cages from this page.

Your Pets need constant care and attention EcomCity's Mascot -KatyCat Pet's love the holidays for attention and treats

Just when your sailing along in your commission ship, with a varied load of trusted merchants, some peckerwoods come forth and put holes in your boat. Moral of these 2 storyboards:

1. It's easier for dishonest affiliates to stuff commission cookies, then Elephants, into the commission ship.
2.Catch & kill the peckerwoods before they sink your commission ship.

Worldwide collection of custom art & craft items.. The OverStock "World Market's" mission is twofold: to offer spirited, handmade objects while enabling artisans worldwide the ability to sustain their crafts through an expanded global market. We have culled the world's hancrafted artwork marketplace with selective standards: our offerings are impeccably handcrafted and carry cultural significance. Besides just letting you browse the unique gifts, we would like to share with you the stories of OverStock's world community or artisans, behind the scenes as they get exposure for their works of art..Overstock's Worldstock Deal of the Day!

Because the objects are made one at a time, by one artisan or group of artisans at a time, some of our supplies are limited. In order to balance out the uncertainty of an object's availability we constantly reinvigorate our inventory as we roam the globe for additional treasure. In this way we're able to keep you posted on our discoveries as soon as we uncover them. Inspiration recognizes no border. From Botswana, Peru to Guatemala, visit the beauty that the hand creates...Overstock leads the way for globalization of  3rd world artisans who struggle to make ends meet....Save on Handmade Worldstock goods from around the world, only at!

cyclists.jpg (93697 bytes)  Shelby_Series1.jpg (106500 bytes)

keithan_school14.jpg (238073 bytes) Visit Mary's photo gallery right here at EcomCity for field camera photos of barns and old school houses.barn3.jpg (57709 bytes)  
See some Old field camera black and white photos of One Room School Houses and Michigan Barns at Mary Keithan's Heritage Studio.

Buy all brands of digital cameras at EcomCity's Photo Shop

Logos and Graphics can be artistic too!! Most all business owners never spend a dime on real logos. They just use a letterhead font and some printers stock clip art.. and think it's a legal trademark! Get the real thing from IMS.. and see how you can brand your customers with a dramatic logo, banners and product disp[lay artwork.

Done for client Holdup Suspender Company Inc.Logo designs by IMS for Romtec INC.

Banners need to be attractive and give a call for action to get any clicks nowadays. IMS designs ecommerce sites for clients like Holdup Suspender Company that are designed to sell niche' products. Holdup's site has the highest conversion ratio of any product merchant site in the world averaging 1 sale per 20 clicks from all traffic sources. Click here to see the banners we designed for their affiliate work force.

New Specialty Series Suspenders for Bikers -Urban Youths and Women. Shoppers seeking our 3/4" wide narrower suspenders can jump to our Thin-Suspender page.
Black Flame pattern suspenders for Harley Motorcyclists New Urban Youth series skinny suspenders for guys and girlsTake a look at our Biker Boot Stirrups and Bike suspender collections
Thinner Teen suspenders | Biker Suspenders | UnderGarment Suspender

3/4" narrow Elastic GLITTER suspenders are $24.95 and just make any outfit just shimmer. Our patented no slip clips on these max adjustable 42" suspenders will never pop-off your pants -shorts or skirts. Great for adding a formal look to daily outfits or adding glitter to dance costumes.

Click to see how young Gals who go clubbing show the crowds in their hooked up or available with suspender signals  Couples love wear matching suspenders when out on dates Patended Holdup suspenders for girls come in 1/2" and 3/4" widths and multiple colors
..Click these photos to see details on our Skinny and thin suspenders now on sale. Interesting trend for girls out dance at rave and Hip-Hop dance clubs is to wear their suspenders either on their shoulders, or hanging from their waistbands, to show of their "Hooked Up" or Available for dating. Who'd have thunk suspenders would be part of the Teen Culture scene?

Merchants, like Holdup Suspender Company, who have Patents and registered Trademarks need to brag to the world about their superior products. Their family run business now supplies folks online, and through 2100+ retailers, their lineup of  180 styles and colors of men's suspenders. They just received a US Patent for their Sloops beltless Blue Jeans designed to be worn with suspenders and tailored to perfectly fit the typical suspender wearer. E-mail IMS if you'd like a site makeover, custom Artwork or launch your products online.....from reality!

The IMS Art Gallery is now open for tours at any time

IMS art gallery for web projects

IMS offers you a sneak preview of our newest Art gallery for EcomCity visitors.Take the IMS Art Gallery Tour

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The most versitile lightweight notebook ever ....HP tx2510 only 1029.97

iconicon Want 4GB of memory and more power in a tx-series ultra-light HP notebook? Try this HP TouchSmart tx2-1020us Notebook PC is only $1070. icon You get the advance AMD Turion X2 Ultra ZM-82 2.2GHz processor, 4GB DDR2, 320GB HDD, DL DVDRW, 12.1" WXGA, Vista Home Premium 64 The HP TouchSmart tx2-1020us is the first notebook PC for consumers that enables the use of two fingers to navigate HP's Multi-media entertainment applications... only $1069.99

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iconicon WOW... HP Pavilion tx2510us Notebook PC - AMD Turion 64 X2 ZM-80 2.1GHz, Bluetooth, 802.11a/b/g/n WLAN, 3GB DDR2, 250GB HDD, DL DVDRW, 12.1" WXGA, Fingerprint Reader, Webcam, Windows Vista Home Premium for HP Pavilion tx2510us Notebook PC ...on sale now $1029.97 icon
Let the HP Pavilion tx2510us Notebook PC leave you mesmerized. Starting with its exterior, this innovative notebook PC has a design that truly integrates fashion and technology. A high-gloss HP imprint finish – recipient of multiple Material Design awards – encases its elegant form and is more durable than traditional painted surfaces. The tx2500 imprint reveals a subtle pattern inspired by the circular elements found in top quality audio equipment.

Featuring 3GB of memory with a capacity to support up to 4GB, and a 250GB hard drive, this HP Pavilion provides more than sufficient space for you to multi-task and save hundreds of files. Connect to the Web via 802.11a/b/g/n wireless connectivity. Make your own media content with the Dual Layer DVD±RW drive, which includes LightScribe. DVD-Rs with LightScribe technology lets you personalize your DVDs and CDs by etching your own customized label onto them. Take advantage of backlit media controls as well, which respond to the touch or sweep of a finger. If you’re not yet convinced, This HP ultra light notebook has won many coveted design awards and wowed the PC reviewers with it great features. The price can't be beat ...HP Pavilion tx2510us Notebook PC ...on sale now $1029.97 icon More reason to get the HP Pavilion tx2510us right now before the tigerdirect rebate expires.....

paul.gif (4650 bytes)IMS adds visual excitement to dull websitesWe appreciate your comments and critiques so please feel free to or sign our guestbook and express yourself about the art work. Take the complete tour above and be sure to bookmark this page as the displays change often. E-mail IMS Webmaster Mike for quotes on site makeovers, art tips or adding some visual excitment to your web pages. More then 50% of USA web shoppers are hooked up on broadband connections. They can look through our art gallery or shop for a faster computer all from their living rooms.

 Updated 08/01/13- This Gallery is dedicated to a great man.

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