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Buying time for broadband deployment

Leveraging your companies knowledge base We all know it's coming, but when! That's the 64K question. Will you be able to hold on to your dial up customers when it arrives? Who will be selling it, and how can you cash in on the rapid technology announcements that promise "tech free" end user installations. Now is the only time you'll ever have to gear yourself up before they start eroding your customer base. IMS has done an exhaustive study on the broadband industry from the view point of both large and small ISP service providers. Everyone now has a level playing field and the swift and first to market will emerge as the winners. Those who wait will perish as will the value of their customer base.

The picture sounds pretty bleak... but it doesn't have to be !!

During this 2 week study six of the technology companies I targeted as being innovators were purchased for billions. So I must have selected the right STAT groups.  STAT stands for "Strategic Trade Alliance Target", a term I coined in 1994 when I started predicting which CEO's would be put to pasture, and who was likely to embrace a new frontier called the internet due to downsizing. Nothing like pick slips to get the attention of no longer immune management. One thing they all had in common was they thought I was a loony heretic. I guess I get the last laugh, since everyone of the STAT projects are booming businesses that have turned around 360 degrees to the point that you'd think they invented E-commerce by themselves. So be it.

The "insider" scoop The basic tenant for the following ISP distribution hub was to find a way for existing ISP's and new entries into the internet access marketplace a easy method of deploying quick broadband solutions and grow their customer base. All technology products that are to be distributed throughout this channel have to simple to install and maintain as well as instantly gratifying and beneficial to the demanding customer. The most technology challenged individual within the ISP's sales organization must be able to install the devices. This automatically breeds expertise within the support side of the business since they are expected to know how it works. Simply put.. if they end user can install it and make it operational.. so should you!

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Buying or selling ISP solutions should be a simple process. It should be just as simple to buy or sell a ISP solution. Most buyers, up till now, didn't have much of a speed choice. Find a  ISP with a local access number, hopefully one who provides instructions and/or a logon screen with a compatible 56K handshake. Painfully I'll have to admit that most small ISP resellers ( i.e. mass retailers and small computer shops ) provide no instructions and complicate the matter by selling machines with improperly installed modems, no Win dial up networking, default screen resolutions, etc. etc. If you can't install it, please don't sell it.

There has to be a easier way!

Why don't they make a system that's internet ready?

Introducing the Internet ready -complete supply chain- ISP services bundled with a complete Pc system at an affordable price!

Answers for the ISP industry...dialup to broadband connections
The IMS "Net Ready"systems from major Pc companies!

The IMS -Netsets are also to be manufactured by QualityClick, Compaq, HP and TigerDirect Systemax clones for EcomCity's PcSHOPS Mall shoppers .

distrmap.gif (24273 bytes)

ISP "NetSet" features:

  • Pentium 1.4 GHZ multi-media system, 32 MB ram, 30GB, 24xCD, Win 98, KB, mouse preconfigured with 56K internet one step access, video set at 800x600 & 17" monitor included. (choice of ISP software pre-installed on HD or on self install CD)

  • Average setup time from boxes to internet connection -15 minutes. Target price $30 for 36 months including unlimited 56k dial-up access. USB plug upgradable to cable modem service at $49.95 and ADSL at $59.95 /mo.

  • Manufacturer direct order fulfillment to end user on all ISP E-machine clones

  • End user installation aided by color coded cables and pre-installed access software.
  • Simple USB or NIC card upgrades to ADSL, wireless or cable modems.
  • During 36 month period customer may select a broadband connection from ISP.
  • Ordertrust, PcOrder, Trilogy "Buy chain" management processes all transactions from order to vendor settlement. No terms allows for lowest pricing from mfgrs.
  • Orders by ISPs or their subscribers are seamlessly process through a secure online form. Fraud screening, leasing interface, multiple vendor fulfillment, and direct deposit by EDI/EFT or bank transfer.
  • All partners have real time access to over 400,000 @ cost computer products.
  • From servers, network routers to software all can be ordered from the distribution hub. Those with distributor accounts may charge.
  • Value added business services involving trained technical installations may be joint ventures between members.
  • Example: TUT Systems -"home-run" ADSL installations for college campuses, Hotels, Apartments, and industrial parks have a waiting list. Partner up with a winner.
  • Large ISPs or Utility companies may purchase at wholesale and bill monthly.
  • All order management features are controlled by ISP members from a secure intranet. You determine acceptable rules.

logoglobe.gif (3664 bytes)These product offers are open to all sizes of businesses from the giants like AT&T, MCI Worldcom, Yahoo, to the smaller CLEC, VAR or cell phone retailer. Do you want to lock in a dialup customer for broadband future access or additional value added services? Then team up with our CPE distribution hub and get your own ISP business into a high speed orbit. We will have our IMS web design team develop custom branded web site with signup forms and information pages for each of our ISP affiliate member sites. Large national ISPs can bundle basically FREE computers with their services. Currently we are negotiating with the manufacturers for direct distributor status, and with overseas manufacturers for bids on high quality built to order "NetSet" systems. No one currently offers this distribution service to VARs, large or small ISPs.


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