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World Newspapers..The following sites perform roughly the same function; linking the user to local, country and regional newspapers from all over the world: SEE I like a great deal; it offers a very simple road to 1,000's of international publications. The PaperBoy is an equally exceptional effort, if not better. It is produced by a lone newshound, is very comprehensive and most importantly, it looks pretty. However even this labor of love is not quite up with ABYZ News Links, when it comes to displaying 'stalker like' obsession. This site demonstrates an almost desperate devotion to the tracking down and ordering of international news sources. You now can determine the "spin" tactics. ** Keep it fair & balanced. My choice for the best sight for editorials, poll stats and cutting through the spin of both sides is ...

I've Had it with the Adwhores and their system hijacking spyware/adware programs and infernal popups! **** You've almost certainly encountered the ads: A dialog box pops up on your system, bearing the message "Warning! Your computer may be infected with spyware" and suggesting that you scan your computer immediately. Click it, and you often reach a Web site providing a "free spyware scanner" that finds all sorts of malware on your PC--and then offers to sell you software that will clean it all up. That's just phoney advertising and BS.

Should you buy these products? Based on my tests absolutely no! Following complaints from several Get-in2 shoppers, we tested all heavily advertised spyware-removal tools-- MyNetProtector, NoAdware, PAL Spyware Remover, SpyAssault, SpyBlocs, Spyware Stormer, and XoftSpy--and found that none were as effective as reputable free products such as Spybot Search & Destroy or Ad-Aware by LavaSoft. Just go to and download ONLY MalwareBytes, SpyBot S&D, and/or Ad-aware or on newer XP service pack 2 or Vista Windows 7 systems just get Microsoft's free "Security Essentials" package bundle of anti-virus, spyware and firewall S/W without update fees....

Let's get real in 2010 and take back America at the voting boot6h from those who no longer think the US Constitution should restrict huge growth in Federal Government to achieve the socialist/marxist adjenda of wealth redistribution through total control of our lives. Let's pose some real solutions...with the reminder that NO SOLUTION will allow us to avoid the pain we will necessarily have to face due to our Congress sellouts to vote buyers on Wall Street, the Banksters and special interest groups like Unions in last 30 years.... If we want to hit the reset button and start over on firm footing, here are some ideas:

1. Break up the Corporate Monopolies. Wal-Mart is a Monopoly, I don't care what anyone says to the contrary. You go into any town in America and investigate how many local businesses Wal-Mart has destroyed when they roll into town. They "roll back prices" alright...and wages and competition and manufacturing and our way of life as we once knew it...all so we can buy cheap spit from China...lining their pockets with our money and our manufacturing jobs.

2. File a BK on our debt we owe China. Tell them to pound sand. They should have lent more responsibly. We are not a credit-worthy Nation anymore...our illustrious leaders and Banksters and Wall Streeters have made sure of that.

3. Make Paul Volcker our new Treasury Secretary or Banking Czar (if you're a Zero-Bama Socialist and that makes you feel better) or FED head or some significantly authoritative position...and reign in our National Deficit...NOW. Raise interest rates, NOW! Put Glass Steagall back on, NOW!

4. Eliminate Fannie and Freddie...let them file BK. Let their debt holders (which is primarily the US Taxpayer now) divvy up their "assets"...and don't let our Government artificially inflate Real Estate ever ever again!

5. Support Community Banks through legislation by leveling the playing field. No more mortgages issued by Big Banks. Have mortgage lending ONLY at the local Community or Regional Banks that understand their markets.

6. Break up the Big Banks. They had their chance..they didn't fact they are largely responsible for the mess we're in now. Wind each of them down, use their "assets" to pay off Taxpayers first. Remove "special" treatment they receive that gives them an unfair advantage against Regional and Community banks.

7. Pass strict banking reforms (many of which Israel implemented in the 80's...and many of which Volcker is recommending). This matter how "convincing" the lying manipulative Banksters get in the future...KEEP THE REFORMS IN PLACE.

8. Reduce the authority and power of the FED. Make FED decisions dependent on Taxpayer oversight through direct Congressional oversight. NO, the FED does not need to be "INDEPENDENT'...independent to the FED means no checks and balances so they can rape profits for their fellow Bankster and Wall Street buddies. The FED is made up of BANKSTERS...they are in no way INDEPENDENT...that is a lie. The FED's books should be FOIA material. Their decisions should be approved by Congress (after Congress is "cleansed" and the People get them on a short leash).

9. Environmentalist extremists...your group needs to be reigned in as well. Most in this country are all for preserving nature and picking up after ourselves. We don't want to drink poisonous water or choke on smog any more than you do. However, you have become a RELIGION and a corrupt one at that. Most of your agenda is based on lies and manipulation. The regular People know that. If it comes down to a good paying JOB and saving a spotted amoeba...guess what...WE WANT THE FREAKIN' JOB! If it comes down to $5 a gallon gas...and a NUCLEAR PLANT...we want a NUCLEAR PLANT...that is constructed as safely as possible (like in your favorite country...FRANCE). Global ASSet. It's called the SUN and climate cycles. We get hotter, we get colder, weather patterns change. That's the way it is. We don't have near as much to do with as you ENVIRO RELIGIOUS nutcases believe...and your own emails prove it. We need manufacturing back in the US. We need to be ENERGY INDEPENDENT. We can put a man on the moon, we can map DNA...we can build a cleaner coal facility, nuke plants and we can drill for oil in Alaska in a way that is responsible to wild-life. Spend more of your time finding ways to do what THE PEOPLE need with regards to these a more environmentally friendly way. Otherwise, move're way outnumbered and you're going to lose when people start getting real desperate.

10. We've got to stop fighting so many "wars"...if we can even call them that anymore. They're more like police actions. We send our sons and daughters into harms way...with two hands tied behind their backs...hopping on one leg. They're as afraid of dying as they are afraid of shooting anyone...lest they be tried and put in prison for doing their job. Our enemies don't FEAR us...they know we've already defeated ourselves from within. Our young people are getting blown up and shot up everyday over seas. They come home and get to experience the wonders of the VA. Then they beg for benefits to survive....all while we have NO PROBLEM handing over TRILLIONS to Banksters and Wall Streeters at a moment's notice. Sometimes WAR is necessary. Like World War II. If we're going to go to WAR...that should be the measure. Our soldiers are to break stuff and kill people...they are not social workers...they are not peace keepers...they are not police men...they are not crisis counselors and they are not to be SITTING DUCKS. Fight far fewer wars...and when we do fight one...let our trained killers do their job, brutally and efficiently. We WILL WIN. Lots of the enemy...and their people...WILL DIE. That's sucks, that's why it's called WAR and not Tiddly Winks. Our enemies will take us much more seriously when we "negotiate" with them in the future..if we do this. Politicians should only vote on whether or not we go to WAR. After that, it's the Generals to fight and win...PERIOD. If you can't handle that...then don't fight any WARS.

11. Institute STRICT term limits for CONGRESS. No more "career" politicians who have special interests so far up their rear ends they @#$%&! their corporate by-laws. The only special interest group is the American People.

12. Eliminate CORRUPT organizations that fraudulently influence ACORN.

That's just a start in my book... I'm all for a Indy Tea Party with Sarah Palin leading the ticket. She gets what our founding fathers warned about when you give too much power to Government....


  IMS Webmaster Mike

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