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World Newspapers-The following sites perform roughly the same function; linking the user to local, country and regional newspapers from all over the world: I like a great deal; it offers a very simple road to 1,000's of international publications. The PaperBoy is an equally exceptional effort, if not better. It is produced by a lone newshound, is very comprehensive and most importantly, it looks pretty. However even this labour of love is not quite up with ABYZ News Links, when it comes to displaying 'stalker like' obsession. This site demonstrates an almost desperate devotion to the tracking down and ordering of international news sources. You now can determine the "spin" tatics.

Headline News- NewsHub aggregates stories from a number of sites including CNN, BBC World, Fox, ABC, USA Today, and then throws them at you every 15 minutes, all in one convenient cyber place. However if you are looking for news on a variety of topics then you may find 1stheadline, of greater use.

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The Internet is truly breaking down all international trade barriers. Your company can have a global reach to worldwide markets. Let IMS design you a web site that creates a global demand for your products and services! We have the tools and direct experience on selling HIGH TECH products to overseas customers. By using the Internet's global reach and language translation software your site can speak 33 languages at the push of a button. Using Free "WebPhone" calls and IP based phone service you can expand your sales opportunities worldwide....without a great expense.

People and businesses in foreign countries are very dependant on communication and trade with USA based businesses using internet tools. They use the Web to converse with overseas manufacturers and trading partners on all types of products. Our staff can put your requirements for products or services at all ends of the globe. You could be doing International Trading at higher profit margins with willing overseas partners and customers. Manufacturing is worldwide and Get-in2 is devoted to making this a global shopping site. If you make your own products then look into having a marketplace like "OneNest" display your products and fulfill orders to a worldwide audience.

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Look at all the the mergers just created by the automotive and telecommunications companies. Most all major American corporations now have a foreign manufacturing or alliance partners. Let us get your company on a international footing. Even the daily communication cost is reduced if you leverage the newest in technologies like WebPhones and Microsoft "Netmeeting" audio/video conferencing and language translation software! Have a climate or weather related product? Remember when you slack season hits in the US it's your busy season in another hemisphere.
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Conventional merchants can sell store.jpg (33470 bytes) their products Internationally.


Used Hydraulic Stamping machines from 100 to 4000 tons from or their partners site shown below are examples of sales/-quote sites for brokers made by IMS.

Sales site for Used industrial production equipment for domestic and International plants.

Factory refurbished computers and's Top Name Brand discounter is and they ship overseas!! Great prices -#1 in after sales service and low freight fees ...all just got BETTER. They are now offering the Ultimate in a online wholesale Buyers club making Sam's Club and Cosco memberships obsolete. No tricks -no spam and no way even coupons or rebates can match the Club-O savings. Every one of their 250,000 products display the immediate Club-O savings, so fill up your shopping cart today. You'll see that the discount is less then the membership fee. I've got to be honest. The moment you join I no longer receive any commission on referral sales from Get-in2 links. You, the savvy shopper, win ...I lose... buy you'll remember Get-in2!   I've created the below specialized shopping category landing pages to help you get right to their top BEST BUYS in each main category!


The Ultimate Overstock Kitchen Store... icon cookware, cutlery, dishes, table linens, decor and more


The Ultimate Home Entertainment and Electronics store... icon TVs, DVD players, Sterios, Cameras, camcorders, computers, VCRs and the lowest prices on movies and music CDs on the internet. Large Screen TV and home theater setups ship for just $1.00 for Club-O members.


The Ultimate Do-It-Yourself shop.. icon Power tools, saws, hand tools, work benches, yard tools, compressors


The Ultimate Overstock Bedroom Storefront.. icon Bedding, sheets, bathroom items,comforters, personal care products like razors


The Ultimate Overstock Home Decor Store... icon area rugs, lamps, furniture, pottery, Art, Lighting, Fans, collectables, curtains, seat covers


The Ultimate Overstock Garden-Patio Store... icon garden furniture, fountains, figurines, garden tools, yard lighting, umbrellas, grills, planters


The Ultimate Home Furniture shop.. icon Tables, chairs, sofas, desks, mirrors, Dressers, Hutches for every room in the house with only a flat fee shipping never more then $2.95 on complete order.

SAVVY SHOPPER TIP: If your buying a monitor, printer, accessories with your system the freight charges can get expensive. I highly recommend checking Overstock where total shipping cost never exceeds $2.95. If they offer a often heavy large screen monitor, system and lazer printer you like it there! Name brand CRT and LCD computer monitors at wholesale prices with $2.95 flat rate here! icon

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Allow IMS alliance partners to  help bridge the logistics, and provide the methods for you to deal with "International sources and customers". Just remember, the internet provides instant access to and from 230 other countries, hungry for your PRODUCTS and anxious for import/export deals.

TEN "Helpful" Export Hints"

 TGet-in2 can help you tap into international marketshe complexities of shipping, import taxes and payment of bills can be over whelming without assistance from our alliance of EDI/EFT VPNs, International Banks and helpful government agencies. We can provide contacts, cut through the red-tape, and implement your complete International marketing plan!   Giants like AT&T, IBM, MCI Worldcom, Nortel and machinery manufacturers have ALL used our preferred vendors software services. Let IMS tackle your next international WEB Project. We specialize in reducing the costs associated with communicating to overseas partners, plants, and supply chains. We can even tell your Web based story in several foreign languages, interactively allow for sight & sound live conferencing, setup global ISP dial up services and dedicated connections to the internet.  Use our Mall as a stepping stone to Overseas Trade.

Expand your international horizons. Drop us a E-mail !! Please check back to this page for announcements on video conferencing, foreign language web sites development rates, and new ways to save you money while conduction foreign business. Get-in2 is devoted to overcoming all the hassles of foreign trade by building out a new section devoted to strickly to US and foreign merchants seeking Biz 2 Biz and B2C sales channels..


Show your  love of the USA and support for our troops fighting the global war on terrorism. Get-in2 teams up with -largest supplier of USA Flags in all sizes for homes and businesses They also offer a free flag for those visiting their site for the first time. Your one stop source for USA and State Flags....

For Creative Websites that sell, IMS offers programing for your virtual store 

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