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We are proud to serve corporations and individuals seeking purchasing advise when confronted by the huge selections of computer products. Some products by design, features or manufacturing process are clearly superior to others. The choices become blurred when confronted by restraints in budgets, time, legacy interfacing ( commitments to older H/W & S/W structures) and vendor support issues. Large companies do maintain a "approved vendors" list and have massive MIS internal resources to draw upon; -but the SOHO business owner has the challenge of selecting from thousands of computer products just the right one meeting their limited budget. We believe in sharing our 20 years of product knowledge with the informed internet shopper. Personal "one on one" service is provided here for those wishing to tap our expertise in purchasing throughout the entire computer distribution channel. Our clients are not limited to those headquartered in the Detroit area. We are able to serve equally, both large and small companies throughout the United States via this website.

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Plenty of Power & Storage and easy upgrades on this Dual Core Prenium system! We've rolled out these new Systemax Venture PCs so you can finally get a taste of what true powerhouse computing is all about - at an unimaginably low price! Our spectacular Systemax Venture HU2 B805 comes complete with an incredibly versatile P4M800-M7A motherboard, a massive 250GB/7200RPM/8MB cache hard drive, a mind-boggling 1GB of super-swift DDR400MHz PC 3200 RAM, and a fantastic DVD±RW Dual Layer drive for burning your own DVDs and CDs, watching DVDs and ripping music CDs! Yes, this baby is absolutely loaded! You will NOT find another computer that even comes close to matching the Systemax Venture's performance at this rock-bottom price. Systemax Venture HU2 B805 Intel PD 805 2.66Ghz(Dual-Core/64-bit) / 1GB DDR / 250GB HDD (8MB cache) / DVD±RW Dual Layer / Windows XP Professional / Desktop PC for $599 icon Choose monitor and upgrade options right from this Systemax product page at huge savings. These will sell out quick!

Need more memory, DVD/ CDRW drives, gaming video cards and even more powerful Intel processor?? Design your own Systemax "Build to Order" system from this simple to use Clone builder page! icon iconicon Use system builder application to make sure all components and add-ons run with smooth perfection under the highly acclaimed Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition operating system and are VISTA upgrade compatable. Systemax PC's and Servers satisfy the needs of Gamers, Office owrkers and provide everything you will need for schoolwork and Internet research! And it's yours at factory direct pricing! Hurry and order your Systemax custom built Intel or AMD system today - at these insanely low prices. All components in build to order systems are in stock at prices well below any local computer dealer's offerings. All Tested before shipping.

EcomCity's top discounter in computers, digital cameras and electrics gear is Tiger for their best sellers.

EcomCity tip: Always look for merchant site links to manufacturer related closeouts, clearence items or refurbished equipment for the absolute best buys! Take a look at TigerDirect. EcomCity showcases products that are priced below dealer cost.

Choosing the Ideal Desktop.Printer, CRT or Notebook

The Perfect Desktop

Select a Full System, Rather than Merely a Processor
Every processor on the market can handle the basics, such as Web browsing and email, so concentrate on your system’s other components first. If you buy a system that boasts an incredibly fast processor, but has a small hard drive, you will be handicapped with tasks such as video editing.

Go for at Least a Half a Gig of RAM
With the Windows XP operating systems (home and professional) you’re going to need at 512MB of DDR RAM for your OS to work smoothly. Be wary of systems with slots for twin 256MB modules - instead select a single 512MB module. The dual 256’s cost less, but you’ll have a problem if you upgrade down the road - you may wind u throwing away memory (and as you know, memories aren’t something you want to throw away!).

Go for Broke with the Hard Drive - It’s an Important Investment
Most folks can be satisfied with virtually any good hard drive on the market, regardless of size. However, tasks such as television recording and video editing will eat up huge chunks of your drive very quickly and leave you wanting for more. If you make a poor decision in this regard, it’s not the end of the world, though; most systems have room to add another hard drive if you discover you need more storage. It’s a good idea, though, to go for the biggest hard drive you can afford.

Integration is Important!
No, we’re not talking about a Supreme Court decision; we’re on the topic of integrated networking. If you buy a PC that include integrated networking as well as USB and FireWire ports often sport more PCI slots you can use for other upgrades.

DVD - Get a Rewritable Drive
The great news here is that DVD-rewritable drives are amazingly cheap and they can write CD-RWs as well. The fastest models on the market now write to write-once media at awesome 16X speed!

Look for Slots You Can Easily Reach
It’s great to have special slots that accommodate flash memory. However, if they’re out of reach on the back of the case, or near the bottom, they’re be a chore to reach - especially if you want to keep your PC on the floor. Front slots are ideal.


The Perfect Notebook

Memory - Go for at Least 256MB
As is the case with desktops, the more memory on your notebook the merrier. More memory gives your notebook the versatility and functionality to run more applications simultaneously; go for 256MB minimum - many laptops feature 512MB, which is even better.

Screen Size - 14.1 is Great!
If you’re going to go for one of the wider screen notebooks, make sure you can tackle the additional size and weight you’ll encounter. If you can sacrifice those elements of portability, go for a screen larger than 14.1-inches - DVD viewing is sensational and you can look at multiple documents. However, we’re found that 14.1-inches is easy on the eyes and the chassis that supports this display size is usually light and portable. 15-inch screens present amazing possibilities, though, so you might want to check out our industry leading selection of notebooks to choose the best one to suit your style.

Be Wise When Selecting an Optical Drive
If all you need to do is back up your digital data or burn MP3s, a standard CD-RW drive will meet your needs. However, if you spend a bit more money you should purchase a notebook with a DVD burner. What’s better than being able to customize DVDs? It will be money well spent.

Hard Drives - Bigger is Better
Hard drive storage sizes run smaller for notebooks, for obvious reasons, but make sure you select at least 40GB. That’s because music and video files take up lots of space, and today’s laptops are great for enjoying the full spectrum of multimedia entertainment. We have a huge selection of notebooks that sport ample hard drives of 40GB and much more. Consider how much music you’ll be listening to and how much video you may want to store and choose accordingly - but again, try not to go below 40GB.

It’s Good to Go Wireless
Mobility is so much more mobile with wireless capability. If you buy one of our many notebooks with built-in 802.11 wireless, you’ll avoid the inconvenience of having to use a wireless PC card anytime you want to get on the Internet.

The Advantages of an Extra Battery
You got your notebook because it’s mobile, but there’s nothing mobile about a computer whose batteries have run out of juice and you have to wait for them to recharge before taking it on the road again. So, buy an extra battery - it’s an expense that’s well worth it. This is especially vital if you travel often or enjoy working away from a power outlet. You’ll find a huge choice of notebook batteries on our web pages, some of which last as long as 8 hours.


Picking Out the Perfect Printer

You’ll see machines billed as photo printers - and they carry extra inks. Yet, some all-purpose machines with fewer inks can create nice looking photos as well. You can control print costs by buying a printer with a large ink tank. However, be prepared for a bigger initial expenditure.

Media Card Slots - Check for Compatibility with Your Camera
Be sure your printer’s memory card reader will support the formats your camera uses, otherwise you won’t be able to use it.

Plug & Play with Your Camera
Check your camera to see if it supports Pict-Bridge, because if it does, you’ll be well served to get a printer that does as well. That’s because, with Pict-Bridge compatibility you will not need a PC in order to print photos from your camera - a USB cable will work perfectly.


Finding the Perfect Monitor

Inputs - Make Sure They Communicate with Your PC
This seems like common sense, but some consumers overlook the fact that if your PC’s graphics adapter has a DVI port, you should buy a monitor that accepts DVI input. A DVI (or digital connection) will provide a sharper image than an analog (VGA). The best fit is a monitor that has both analog and digital ports.

Go for a Height Adjustable Model
We highly recommend height adjustable monitor. If you have a screen that rotates from side to side, you can share it easily with others. And if it pivots from landscape to portrate mode, you’ll save the hassle of scrolling.

Bigger is Better!
The bigger the screen, usually means the higher the resolution. That means better looking images. A wide screen monitor handles spreadsheets with ease and offers an aspect ratio that’s ideal for watching movies.

Go for a Fast Response Time - 12 ms is great!
The faster your response time, the smoother your video movements. 16ms is great for most programs; for the basics, 25ms works fine. If you’re a gamer or a DVD buff, go for the fastest response time possible, currently 12ms. Some now sport a 8ms refresh rate

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Shop TheNerds.Net web site for electronics bargains

Founded in 1997, our team of Computer Nerds has worked to put together one of the largest selections of computer parts and accessories in this country. TheNerds.Net ecatalog has over 125,000 parts in stock daily. Our commitment to excellence has shone through to our millions of on-line customers who shop for computer related gear. We understand that pricing is a huge concern to all. We have pledged to take the responsibility of pricing our products appropriately. Our staff, based out of North Miami Beach, Florida believes only in the highest end quality parts. With a product line including Creative Labs, Diamond, ATI, Lenovo, Hewlett-Packard, Intel, AMD, Sony and more, our customers can rest assured that all purchases are backed by the "The Nerds", as well as the manufacturers we represent. The best computer deals selection on the web, click here! Click here for our "TheNerds" digital shopping showcase page.

EcomCity tip: Always look for merchant site links to manufacturer related closeouts, clearence items or refurbished equipment for the absolute best buys!

Computer CloseoutsTechforLess the Outlet computer center for excess inventories and computer closeout or open box gear. and Refurbish Gear

About Tech for Less, Inc. As you might have already noticed, we are not like most computer and electronics stores. Tech for Less only stocks product that we can sell below the price other online merchants charge. You will see that our inventory never looks the same twice and that we stock all major brands of computer products ranging from high-end servers, CRT or LCS monitors, to little inkjet printers. And don't forget to look at our televisions, MP3 players and more great deals. Check out their New Arrivals ... Final Clearance Sales ... Web only specials

Tech for Less has been in business since early 2001 and we are one of the world's largest stocking vendors of new, new open-box, excess, refurbished and end-of-life name brand computer equipment, peripherals and electronics. All our products carry the manufacturer warranty unless specifically noted otherwise. In such a case, Tech for Less will warrant the item for the same period as the manufacturer to ensure your satisfaction. Laptop specials or printers, MP-3 players and the Closeout systems pages are popular with our Cybermall shoppers.

Our philosophy for doing business is simple. We want you to feel comfortable ordering all your computer and electronic needs from us. Not just today, but for years to come. That's why we guarantee your satisfaction with any excess computer gear we offer for liquidation prices. The PcStore recommends if you see a deal you like at Tech for Less you take action right away as they only carry limited stock, and with these great prices, items sell out quickly.

$999 ThinkPad with Rescue and Recover


iconicon Affordable LCD Monitors Without Compromise. Take the Viewsonic Optiquest Q9b 19" LCD display delivers Quality and performance that bring you superb value. Sharp images and reliable colors are offered by excellent 700:1 contrast ratio (typ) and 300-nit brightness (typ). Fast 8ms video response, perfect for viewing movies and scrolling text, makes the Q9b an ideal choice for your home or office. The 19" display in a stylish, slim bezel is enhanced by wide viewing angles of 150 degrees horizontal and 135 degrees vertical. Integrated speakers deliver rich, stereo sound. For great features and value, choose the Optiquest Q9b LCD. Viewsonic Q9b / 19" / 8ms / 700:1 / SXGA 1280 x 1024 / Black / LCD Monitor for only $189.19. icon My choice while they last is This Hyundai 19" SXGA high rsolution LCD monitor on sale for $159.00 for details. icon

iconicon Fusing the most advanced digital technology with a stylish ultra-slim design this Hyundai N91S 19-inch LCD monitor sets the standard for visual excellence at an affordable price. Combining 1280 x 1024 SXGA resolution, a stunning 500:1 contrast ratio, 280 cd/m2 brightness and an exceptional 0.294 pixel pitch, the N91S delivers strikingly realistic images across a spectacular wide screen canvas. Perfect affordable large screen LCD monitor under 200.00. Plus its lightning quick 8ms response time delivers seamless, ghost-free video that's perfect for movie action sequences and computer games. The handsome, space-saving Hyundai N91S is ideal for anyone looking for a superbly engineered, top-quality LCD monitor at a remarkably low price. Click here for additional 19" LCD monitors at TigerDirect low prices. icon

Need more memory, DVD/ CDRW drives, gaming video cards and even more powerful Intel processor?? Design your own Systemax "Build to Order" system from this simple to use Clone builder page! icon iconicon Use system builder application to make sure all components and add-ons run with smooth perfection under the highly acclaimed Microsoft Windows XP Professional Edition operating system and are VISTA upgrade compatable. Systemax PC's and Servers satisfy the needs of Gamers, Office owrkers and provide everything you will need for schoolwork and Internet research! And it's yours at factory direct pricing! Hurry and order your Systemax custom built Intel or AMD system today - at these insanely low prices. All components in build to order systems are in stock at prices well below any local computer dealer's offerings. All Tested before shipping.

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Our nurtured "alliances" with Vars., distributors and manufacturers within this industry, expands upon our own direct product knowledge. To ensure our growth and customer loyalty and satisfaction, we partner with a select group of solution providers to broaden our services. We are continually striving to increase our services and meet the demands of the fast-paced (IS/IT) information systems world and evolving e-commerce software.

In addition to purchasing services and consulting, we help our clients with technical data processing placements and provide customer software solutions. We have also expanded our services to include Website design, E-commerce solutions, computer training, education and seminars, LAN /WAN management, Intra-Extranet World-Wide deployments, and Interactive Media, printshop services, e-commerce tools like HTML editors and shopping cart software.

See our Ecommerce links page for experts in consulting

Our Philosophy

The IMS- purchasing consultants provide expert, personalized service in information consulting and product selection. By facing every challenge through our "teamwork" approach, we work together with our clients to achieve optimum solutions. Our teamwork approach offers clients the opportunity to increase their own knowledge and skill while they provide valuable input.

Letter of Intent
for services

A spirit of integrity and professional responsibility ensures that our work will be the best it can be. Each customer is a valued client and we are always willing to listen and respond to any requests they may have. We regard each purchasing challenge as a worthwhile opportunity to work with our clients. Our purchasing consultants are committed to vendor quality and performance and use proven sources to ensure results that are delivered within deadlines and budgets. The role of the information system in a business is extremely significant. An information systems purchasing decision may be one of the most critical that a business will encounter. Making the wrong purchasing decision is frustrating, time consuming and costly. When purchasing a system, issues such as compatibility, maintenance and training must be addressed. We are thorough in our recommendations; we want to make sure you fully understand your needs and alternatives before making significant financial investments.

Terms of services

Goal: 100% customer satisfaction with every purchase

EcomCity's complete personal and Home Electronics shop with thousand of consumer electronics items. Backup MyPC - Backup Software from Stomp, Inc.

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IMS acts as your "buyer's agent" for finding the right product at the right price. EcomCity is implementing a online storefront solution for all types of closeout distributors within the Outlet Shops area of EcomCity's Cybermalls. This includes a browser based E-catalog/cart program and low entry level costs. Your own factory outlet will be simple for manufacturers/distributors and dealers in consumer products. The contract purchasing division has the expertise and experience in configuring systems and software. We have established the right connections throughout the entire computer reseller channel to provide complete purchasing solutions. See our Buying chain solutions


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