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We are proud to serve corporations and individuals seeking purchasing advise when confronted by the huge selections of computer products. Some products by design, features or manufacturing process are clearly superior to others. The choices become blurred when confronted by restraints in budgets, time, legacy interfacing ( commitments to older H/W & S/W structures) and vendor support issues. Large companies do maintain a "approved vendors" list and have massive MIS internal resources to draw upon; -but the SOHO business owner has the challenge of selecting from thousands of computer products just the right one meeting their limited budget. We believe in sharing our 20 years of product knowledge with the informed internet shopper. Personal "one on one" service is provided here for those wishing to tap our expertise in purchasing throughout the entire computer distribution channel. Our clients are not limited to those headquartered in the Detroit area. We are able to serve equally, both large and small companies throughout the United States via this website.

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Purchasing alliances with Vars, corporate accounts, distributors and manufacturers within the computer products industry, expands upon our own direct product knowledge. To ensure our growth and customer loyalty and satisfaction, we partner with a select group of solution providers to broaden our services. We are continually striving to increase our services and meet the demands of the fast-paced (IS/IT) information systems world and evolving e-commerce B2C and B2B software.

In addition to purchasing services and e-business consulting, we help our clients with networking solutions for Intranet and Extranet servers, and related broadband connectivity procurement. Since 1994 IMS has also expanded our services to include Website design, E-commerce solutions, computer training, education and seminars, LAN /WAN management, Intra-Extranet World-Wide deployments, and Interactive Media, printshop services, e-commerce tools like HTML editors and shopping cart software.

Our Philosophy

The IMS- purchasing consultants provide expert, personalized service in information consulting and product selection. By facing every challenge through our "teamwork" approach, we work together with our clients to achieve optimum solutions. Our teamwork approach offers clients the opportunity to increase their own knowledge and skill while they provide valuable input. Soon we will offer broadcasted e-mail fylers and a interactive Buying Club for Get-in2 guests.

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A spirit of integrity and professional responsibility ensures that our work will be the best it can be. Each customer is a valued client and we are always willing to listen and respond to any requests they may have. We regard each purchasing challenge as a worthwhile opportunity to work with our clients. Our purchasing consultants are committed to vendor quality and performance and use proven sources to ensure results that are delivered within deadlines and budgets. Closeouts and factory refurbished systems and peripherals are always the hottest sellers, but most difficult to find. Our VAR wholesale club get first choice on this type of product. The role of the information system in a business is extremely significant. An information systems purchasing decision may be one of the most critical that a business will encounter. Making the wrong purchasing decision is frustrating, time consuming and costly. When purchasing a system, issues such as compatibility, maintenance and training must be addressed. We are thorough in our recommendations; Our goal is to make sure you get all the alternatives before making significant financial investments.

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The Total Solution for small business owners comes from independent professional purchasing advice based upon years of  choosing just the right office automation products. IMS has been doing this since 1981 and our clients save money and the headaches associated with product selection. If you need to setup a web presence for your company ..IMS has designed and launches over 200 web projects since 1994.


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