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Fill in your purchase request belowRequest purchasing advice- or have us search for new and used equipment by filling out form below. A 5% Purchasing fee (over quoted dealer cost) is charged- only if you like THE PRICE, and you buy direct from the IMS provided "Wholesale Source"! We have over 18 years experience in contract purchasing and have installed over 10,000 systems for large and small businesses. We also have custom built dual processor NT and Linux OS - RAID level 5 Pentium Pro & Xenon servers and workstations for your intranet needs.

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PcShops mall features custom built Intel and AMD Athelon systems from Atlas Micro and all come with a 3 years warranty..take a look at these bargains here

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More InformationWe've combined Intel's blistering Pentium™ 4 2.4GHz processor with an awesome 512MB of lightning-fast double speed DDR memory running at 266MHz!   Exhilarating speed and unmatched performance for games, the web, multimedia, image editing and more. In fact, there's nothing you can't do with this computing missile! We've added an 80GB-7200 RPM hard drive, both a DVD & DVD-R/RW CDrom drives to burn you own DVDs, plus an amazing NVIDIAŽ GeForce4™ video card with 64MB of DDR memory! Computer Closeouts from IBM -HP -Compaq -Sony -Toshiba -eMachines and other brands are the top sellers at Get-in2 ...Click Here to view todays Desktop PC specials!

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Compaq Presario X1012 / Intel Centrino 1.3GHz / 512MB / 40GB / DVD-CDRW Combo / 15.4" WXGA / Wi-Fi / XP Home / Refurbished Notebook for 1399.00Refurbished name brand computers and custom built clones from the PcStoreHP/Compaq Presario X1012 Notebook featuring Intel Centrino Mobile Technology and builtin 802.11b Wi-Fi Wireless Lan with the new widescreen WXGA TFT display! Intel Centrino 1.3GHz processor/ 512MB / 40GB / DVD-CDRW Combo / 15.4" WXGA / Wi-Fi / XP Home operating system/ Notebook computer Fully Loaded with WI-FI Wireless access - ATi Video-  JBL Speakers - A $2000 Value! Just $1399.99 while they last!

Powered by IntelŽ Centrino™ mobile technology, the stylish, aluminum-covered Presario X1012 delivers a powerful combination of performance, battery life and wireless connectivity. The notebook is 1.3-inches thin and only weighs 6.5 pounds, making it easy for users to take while on the go. Featuring the Pentium-M processor designed specifically for mobile computing, the X1012 notebook can achieve up to 5 hours of battery life while still providing performance to meet the needs of demanding applications.

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  Tiger System Blowout!!!

USR 56k V.90 Software Fax Modem Internal PCI for $19.98
USR's newest 56k V.90 Software Fax Modem Internal PCI for $19.99

People always pay more for the USR name and quality. Now they don't have too!
The U.S. Robotics 56K PCI Software Modem gives fast downloads for a more productive, rewarding online experience while getting the most speed out of a dial-up connection. This modem features simple Windows Plug and Play installation. Just slide it into any PCI slot inside your PC, and the computer takes it from there - a few clicks, and you're ready to go online. There's no need to set DIP switches or type in complicated commands. Plus, the PCI connection provides more bandwidth than traditional ISA modems for better performance with audio and video applications.

Refurbished name brand computers and custom built clones from the PcStore TigerDirect Homepage | Digital Cameras | Tiger Systems | Computer Kits | Handheld Computers Closeout prices on notebook computers and peripherals like motherboards and Intel Processors.


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