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1- FREE STUFF ...some simple effective scripts Animation Factory Some people just can't get enough animation's for their web sites. The Animation Factory has over 12,000 original animations for use on web pages and in e-mail! If you REALLY need animations you can also purchase their Premium membership for a one-time fee of $29.95. That will give you access to over 100,000 animations and clipart images. BE sure to see out FREE commerce enabled web site offers at the Get-in2 FleaMarket...or better yet let us make your web site and launch it!

Looking for quality Stock Photos for your web site? Stock Images and Stock Photo Bank .

5 Star Rating by IMS webmaster ... Best FREE site color chart picker for web developers

Recommended and used by IMS webmaster

Absolutely the best web site Host deal going. Our IMS webmaster recommends FastNext hosting and domain registration services to our small business clients. Host Unlimited Domains from $7.95/mo! All their hosting plans are specially created for multi-domain hosting. They have developed a simple MultiManager control panel that allows you to create, delete and manage full-featured accounts and control all your sites from one place! With MultiManager, each domain has its own directory structure, mail accounts, ftp accounts, and separate domain control panel (cPanel)....There hosting packages even include free full featured shopping carts! Click here for Unlimited Domain hosting priced from $7.95/mo!

They also have a great VAR and private labeled reseller hosting package for webmaster and computer store owners.

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Because the never ending war against Spyware and those damn popup BHO Adware programs are escalating to new heights, SpywareInfo and XBlock have joined forces to achieve the most effective malware detection and removal script.

Check your system for hidden sypware and Adware programs.

 This scanner is an ActiveX applet. After a short delay in which your browser downloads the control file, you will receive a "Warning Dialogue" requesting permission for the scanner to run. Click "Yes" and the applet will pop up and scan. You will be alerted if any spyware is found. When a spyware or malware is found, you will be alerted and asked if you want to remove it. If no spyware is found, the scanner will disappear on its own. How does it work? Simple online test and check your system for hidden spyware and Adwarez type programs here. Those seeking a nifty free popup eliminator and useful web or local site search bar -and page language translator I'd recommend the Altavista tool bar

WARNING! You may be infected with a browser virus distributed with KaZaa Media Desktop -Morpheus -Grockster -WhenU -Gator or hundreds of other Adware parasites!

No other Anti-Spyware product comes close.CounterSpy is just $19.95 per machine, and that includes a one year subscription with updates, upgrades and technical support from real live human technicians via a toll free number. Best of all, it's the only antispyware that gets regular spyware threat database updates from three sources: Sunbelt's Spyware Research Team, CounterSpy users in our ThreatNet Community, and from Microsoft's Anti-Spyware research group. Their companion "I Hate Spam" is the most feared product by spammers worldwide, and works with Outlook & Outlook Express and other e-mail programs.

Drive-by and bundled Unsolicited commercial Spyware/Adware software can typically: Having any of these symptoms is not necessarily the end of the world. But any combination of 3-5 of them could be cause for concern

The homepage of your browser is changed suddenly, and you have no clue as to how it happened. This is commonly called a browser hijack, and one of the most notorious of these infections is CoolWebSearch.

You suddenly notice an 'extra' toolbar on IE and once again you didn't install it. Toolbar infections are of a wide variety, coming in many forms and names.

Your firewall alerts you to an unknown program trying to access the Internet. This usually means something has already gotten by your defenses and you need to take action, and in many cases most infections rarely travel alone. Another firewall indicator is that it is actually turned off by the malware. Many aggressive malwares target multiple av\anti-spyware applications.

New shortcuts appear on your desktop or your task bar, or even your system tray that you didn't put there nor know what they are.

New entries appear in your favorites folder that you didn't put there.

Your computer starts acting sluggish and slow with massive CPU numbers. This could also be from any number of unrelated reasons too, so this symptom in and of itself, may not be an indication of malware problems.

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Built your site with these free e-commerce tools

Ultimate Bulletin Board

Be sure to review our site promotion section for advice on getting noticed. Clip art links shown below fall under the FREE category so expect lot's of popup and redirects.

I use MS Frontpage for most all design projects ( HTML output -except special FP Bots-can be used on servers without FP extensions) and the best two resources for help -plug-ins and discussion forums are at and their sister site ..both FREE. No FREE web Hosting sites listed here for the obvious reason..they suck and bon't add creditability to your being on the net in the first place.

The ..Are you sick to death of Techies and mystifying 'Tutorials' spouting four letter words like byte and frag, JPEG and JAVA and other jargonistic gobbledygook? Wouldn't you like to know how to make your PC do exactly what you want it to do? To stop it acting like it has a mind of its own, and just let you enjoy yourself for a change? How would you like to use the Internet without fear of getting lost and confused? To confidently send email in a flash, and even build your own Family or Business Webpages? Because you can you know - you really can with the simplistic tutorials and content offered at this link. has tutorials for FrontPage 98, FrontPage 2000, Miva Merchant, Dreamweaver 3, Dreamweaver 2.0, Flash 4, MivaScript, JavaScript, HTML, HotMetal Pro 6.0, PhotoShop 5.5, and Intranet Deployment. Great way to learn online or offline the most popular web design programs!! These are available free as online or PDF versions, or optionallly you can order a CD with all of them on it for $9.95.

Another great resource used by EcomCity's webmaster is found at Judy Warfield's -Web Grammar extensive site. Every worthwhile link for designing and maintaining and promoting your site can be found here.. on one page!

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HTML and HTML related information sources:

Basic HTML guides:

Case Western University "Introduction to HTML" - This is a nice introduction to HTML
Advanced HTML

EXTENSIONS TO HTML - Here are all the Netscape HTML extensions that can do many fancy things like backgrounds, fonts, and colors.

HTML Quick Reference Documents:

HTML Quick Reference - A shorter list of the HTML codes.

HTML Reference Sites

Writing HTML Documents - Another list of more information on writing HTML
HTML Documentation Table of Contents - Very useful online book that gives all the HTML tags, explains them, and gives examples
Hypertext Markup Language Specification v2.0 - Formal Specifications

Then on to Jim Tools for submitting your site FREE to 400 directories, 46 Top engines and 1200 Free-for-all links. Or try for a fast URL submittal to all major US and international search engines...some simple effective scripts by Jim=

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If putting backgrounds on your web pages seems confusing, then the tips below should clear things up. Remember, put all background color or image information in the "img" tag. **** Best FREE site color chart picker for web developers

Making A Background Color with Hex Code. <BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF">

The IMS color wheel for HTML color selections A color code will tell the browser what color to use without any mistake in interpretation among the different browsers. The technical term for these little 6-digit letters and numbers is a Hex Code. When you write these codes, write them with a "#" sign in front of the code. Enclose it all inside of quotation marks! Here is the official IMS webmaster Color Chart page download or bookmark it: with every conceivable way to determine color HTML codes.

Using Actual Colors names for A Background ... <BODY BGCOLOR="Teal">
Some people insist on using the actual color names to describe a background. Understand that different browsers around the world might interpret these colors differently. The following are 16 colors that browsers should understand: Aqua, Black, Blue Fuchsia, Gray, Green, Lime, Maroon, Navy, Olive, Purple, Red, Silver, Teal, White, Yellow.

Images For A Background ...<BODY BACKGROUND="image.gif">
When using images as backgrounds, use small images as the image is tiled repeatedly by the browser to make the background effect. If you use a large image for a background, it takes longer for your page to download and some "God awful" busy color choices are everywhere...

Using both tags in the same page. The use of two commands, one for BGCOLOR and the other for BACKGROUND does not work on upper level browsers. <BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" BACKGROUND="image.gif"> Also Netscape allows only one background image per HTML page ( some try it within a table and only IE sees it).

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WATERMARK - A "watermark" is a graphic that appears at the back of the page but doesn't scroll along with the rest of the page.

URL - (Uniform Resource Locator) A string that supplies the Internet address of a Web site or resource on the World Wide Web, along with the protocol by which the site or resource is accessed. The most common on the web is the HTTP protocol.

HTTP - (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) The Internet protocol that enables Web browsers to retrieve information from World Wide Web servers.

MARQUEE - A region on a page that displays a horizontally scrolling text message.

WYSIWYG - (pronounced "whizzy-wig") usually refers to website building software that enables you to see images onscreen exactly as they will appear on your browser.

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Microsoft FrontPage 2000

Microsoft FrontPage 2000 ( My favorite) fully integrates page editing, site management, reporting, and publishing into one efficient application. Views let you look at the structure and organization of your Web site and the files and folders within it. Hyperlinks, pictures, and other elements are automatically managed as you insert them into pages or move them around in your web. FrontPage 2000 includes many features that make Web site creation easy for any user, such as a gallery of professionally designed graphical themes, automatic navigation bars, a full set of wizards and templates for creating pages and webs, and active page elements that provide complex functionality without programming. As a member of the Microsoft Office family of products, FrontPage shares many of the features of other Office applications, such as shared toolbars and dialog boxes, the Microsoft Clip Gallery, background spell checking and thesaurus, and easy table editing. All the IMS hosting accounts include free Frontpage extensions so you can use FP Express ( free with IE.5.0 and Win98) to simply edit or add pages right from your browser to a FP Unix or NT webserver.

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Meta Tags are HTML tags that must appear in the "head section" - above the <body> tag portion of the HTML page. These tags supply information about a page but do not affect its appearance. Do not spike the keywords by repeating the same words over and over. Many spiders and robots (software used by search engines to bring information back and index it) have been programed to ignore the repeated use of words.

Here are some meta tag legal terms & examples: <META NAME ="keywords" CONTENT=" health, vitamins, minerals, exercise, health food, yoga exercises">

Keyword: list of keyword most likely to be typed into a search engine pertaining to your sites content ( comma seperate keyword groups and use of more than one word(s) recommended). shopping, shopping centers, gifts, mens gifts, gifts for children gifts for kids etc.

Hope this helps you out in making your first HTML page. Once you get it built add in a inexpensive shopping cart and apply for our Web Appeal Award or read my informative NewsFlashes on e-commerce issues.

Sincerely, IMS -Webmaster Mike

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