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IMS - we take "Visions" and create web realities

Image Marketing Services has all the talent and experience needed to design, produce and launch over 240 successful Web sites since 1994. We act as your Internet professional consultant to bring your company, it's services and products, to the expanding Global enterprise called the"World Wide Web".

Copywriters will write a web site that pushes key messages to the viewer quickly. Content is so necessary to attract viewers attention and achieve the goal in interaction with you message or call to action.

Our award winning Graphic artists can create effective graphics for your Web pages. Visually exciting web sites draw potential customers to your explore your pages further. Images instantly convey to your visitors more meaning than just words alone. They show your commitment to inform and display your products or services in a unique... professional manner !

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IMS designers and other web shops suggest that great web design should highlight function by being design-neutral or aesthetically 'transparent'. However, that's no fun, and it's probably a myth that design-neutrality can exist anyway if the client wants to differenciate from it's competitors. Besides, e-commerce cornerstones like 'branding' and 'differentiation' depend on aesthetics and visceral, reflex impressions.

The point is that a successfully designed site breeds trust and invites first time visitors to dig deeper with the content. Uniting form with function should remain your guiding architectural principle. Think about how users interact and learn with various media, interfaces, and web environments. Perceiving web design from the standpoint of task-analysis and learning theory is probably the best compass you can bring to your architectural blueprint. Leverage the low costs of web publishing to enable your existing business to prosper in this world of ecommerce.

IMS programmers are able to enhance the Web site with CGI-scripts, Java, DHTML,  DBMS integration and E-commerce tools. We design e-commerce sites with the ability for the site owners to easily maintain and update their electronic catalogs or update their content. No HTML programming expertise is necessary to keep your site dynamic and fresh.

Marketing specialists know how to help your business increase revenues and broaden the marketplaces with on-line marketing. Getting traffic to your site takes real expertise when the Web is growing by 70,000 new registered domains per month. We can assist you in all type of targeted web promotion plans.

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IMS strategic alliances allow us to leverage the fast pace technology changes that are taking place daily. In researching your competitors, suppliers and overall marketing niche', we often come up with a marketing plan that allows you to expand your trading partner and customer base. Once IMS "web enables" your business you'll immediately be able to take unfair advantage of your competition by constant exposure to your market place. Read our commentaries on HTML designs, site owner tips and some predictions.

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Commercial grade hosting and ISP services round out the " One Source" concept for all your internet needs. We can provide up to OC-16 speed on UNIX redundent host servers using the same network backbone as used by AOL, Netscape and Yahoo. Combine this with contract purchasing services on  hardware, software, broadband internet ISP devices, networking products and you have the winning team for all your office automation needs. E-mail for particulars and low price. Most all our hosting services include a free shopping cart and optional realtime credit card authorizations & deposits.

Need a web site? We mail IMS for web site services your requirements!

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Impulse Advertising Agency a division of  IMS for clsoeoutsIMS has created over 250 e-commerce web sites for clients

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One secret to e-Biz profitability is that Web companies must sell something
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The e-tailer must also deal in a business controlled by a host of suppliers
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