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Linking local and regional businesses to IMS deveoped web sites since 1998

Captain Kool Ice Cream has curbside sales of novelty Ice Creams to Metro Detroit neighbohoods for 30 years.

CK Corporation in Centerline Michigan operates a fleet of  Metro Detroit Neighborhood Ice Cream route trucks since 1976. The IMS deveoped www.CaptKool.com web site showcases their Captain Kool Novelty Ice Creams and services. These include wholesale priced counter sales to the general public, Independent Ice Cream Truck owners, and convenience store owners on over 60 different selections of majoe brand Ice Cream bars, popsicles, frozen desert cups and Dry Ice. They offer free Ice Cream carts and daily Ice Cream Truck rentals for all types of Ice Cream parties and social events. They distribute major brands including Wells BlueBunny, Northstar, Rich's Ice Creams, while speading Good Humor in 20 Detroit area cities.

Captain Kool whoesales major brands of Novelty Ice Creams normaly sod only off neighborhood Ice Cream trucks

Industrial Paramedical Services has been providing complete Multi-Phasic Mobile health testing services to hundreds of Midwestern facilities since 1975. We specialize in bringingWe bring hearing test right to your factory door. certified hearing tests for your employees to your parking lot with patented audiogram recording reports meeting all OSHA requirements. Our clients include major manufacturers in the automotive, utilities, food and beverage, construction, petroleum, aero-space, airport and metal fabricating fields. Basically we have hearing tests to-go for those businesses who expose their employees and sub-contractors to excessive hearing loss noise levels. Visit our site and schedule a free on-site Mobile Hearing Test lab tour and audiogram.

Our exclusive designed 8 year audiogram record chart can be easily folded into a quick visual aid in educating your employee to how well they are protecting their hearing. Subjecting your employees to noise sources that can cause permanent hearing loss is a serious safety hazard. Early detection of hearing loss can alert both parties to the need for using better hearing protection devices like ear plugs and ear noise mufflers. This site is dedicated to showcasing our uncompromising commitment to scheduling low cost hearing  and pulmonary functioning  test right from our state of the art mobile lab vans.

Call us to arrange a free onsite hearing test at your location

Dual Clip $39.95   Double-Up Style
Jacquard Pattern color Directory ..click for complete detail page on individual jacquard weave colors and to purchase these exclusive Jacquard Double-Ups™ for $39.95 ea. Click jacquard weave pattern swatch below.

Elddis Black on Black

Elddis Brown on TAN

Elddis Navy on DK Blue

Holdup repeat Customers love the distinctive patterns and weaves of the USA made Holdup Suspender designer and jacquard series of premium grade pant suspender.

Jump to single clip $29.95 Designer Series Suspenders above
Holdup Suspenders -Home of the patented "No Slip suspender Clip". Take a closeup look at our Double-UPs Collage pattern suspendersClick here to see the Collage Pattern in our new Double-Ups suspenders

Holdup Suspender Company presents the Double-Ups™ Designer Series in all the above patterns featuring the traditional "button-on" look with the convience of our improved patented no-slip suspender clip.

Holdup Sheet straps and mattress suspenders called Stay-Downs sell for only 19.95 in 2 sizes.
New Sheet straps and Mattress suspenders that really Holdup to daily use...


IMS just completed 2 new sites for Holdup Suspenders to increase their search engine exposure. One is www.holdupsuspenders.com and the other is for their new Patented Sloops™ blue jeans made specifically to fit suspender wearers.

Sloops blue jeans made just for suspender wearers
Click the above banner to see how IMS has developed this site for a local manufacturer of Patented suspenders. These guys are a Get-in2 profile merchant who have paid the 120.00/year for advertising space here!

Holdup Suspenders are so unique they're patented and come in 180 styles.


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New Office & merchant sites now open at Virtual Village.

IMS creates satellite sales sites optomized for search engine listings and shopping carts for increasing any merchants online sales and conversion ratios.... see samples below.

The simple NanoO2 Air Purifier Plugs in Anywhere... to Clean Your Air

PharmaTropic is a dedicated scientific company pursuing product innovations that positively effect nanoo2The NanoO2 top of line ULTRA air purifier is now priced at 70.00 off list price.your health and quality of life. All our products have been researched, designed, and lab tested, using the highest quality materials and latest breakthroughs in environmental science.

Technological advancements in air purification appliances allows us to highly recommend the state of the art NanoO2 air purification system. Utilizing nano-technology and Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) the Nano O2 sterilizes the contaminants found in all home air. Up to 98% of molds, Allergens, Yeasts, harmful VOCs and bacteria are removed from 1000- 4000 sq ft of home space by plugging in one of the Nano O2 air purifier units. Their Supra model is now on-sale for $399.00 with FREE USA freight....

Our healthy products staff comes up with some cost effective, scientifically proven, products that have an immediate positive impact on your home's air quality. We include 4 free home air quality testing kits with each NanoO2 air purifier purchase. The quality of the air we breathe, both indoors and out, has a great impact on lung health. Fragile lung tissue is easily damaged by pollutants in the air, resulting in increased risk of asthma and allergies, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer and other respiratory diseases. Air pollution contributes to lung disease, including respiratory tract infections, asthma, and lung cancer. Lung disease claims close to 335,000 lives in America every year and is the third leading cause of death in the United States. Over the last decade, the death rate for lung disease has risen faster than for almost any other major disease.

Our NanoO2 air purifier uses the latest Photo Catalytic Oxidation Technology to
create air cleansing ions without emitting harmful ozone.. learn more..

Checkout the Nano PCO technology incorporated in every NanoO2 air purifier.

IMS made over the original site which the owners weren't very proud off as it got not traffic and didn't convey their capabilities. Distributor sites like www. Worksavers.com can now expand their woodworking and squeeky fool repair kits into online retailing with a IMS designed shopping cart site with full product promo pages and pricing for both end users and DIY professional contractor resellers.

Used IndustrialClick here for Industrial used equipment like Forklifts -presses and plant production systemsEquipment Brokers

Our first industrial equipment sales site was done for WWW.EquipBrokers.com Used Hydraulic Stamping machines from 100 to 4000 tons from Equibrokers.com or their partners site shown below are examples of sales/-quote sites for brokers made by IMS.

Computer Gaming World (no CD)

Price: 19.97

Computer Shopper

Price: 14.95

Conde Nast Traveler

Price: 12.00

Consumer Reports (w/ Buying Guide)

Price: 26.00

Consumer Reports Money Advisor

Price: 24.00

Consumer Reports On Health

Price: 24.00

Contemporary Christian Music

Price: 19.95

Cookbook Digest

Price: 23.96

Corvette Fever

Price: 24.97

Cosmo Girl

Price: 8.00


Price: 29.95

Cosmopolitan en Espanol

Price: 23.95

Cottage Living

Price: 18.00


Price: 27.27

Country Gardens

Price: 19.97

One secret to e-Biz profitability is that Web companies must
sell something that's outstanding, unique and difficult to find.
The e-tailer must also deal in a business controlled by a host
of unorganized suppliers who haven't a clue on e-marketplaces.

Business Websites For Only $19.98

"Anyone can make a dollar, it is when you make sense that it starts to add up."...does your eBiz plan make sense?

Artist link: The David Rubello Studio is a new site dedicated to showcasing my artwork and photograms after spending most of my career in academia. While still professionally involved in higher education art classes, I enjoy spending as much time as I can spare in my home studio workshop I share with Mary Keithan. I invite you to browse The David Rubello Gallery and visit some artist links I think worth sharing.

Click here to see the Relief artworks of David Rubello

American Baby

Price: 14.97

American Cheerleader

Price: 14.95

Artist's Magazine

Price: 19.96


Price: 32.95

Asimov Science Fiction

Price: 29.97


Price: 43.00


Price: 18.00

Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

Price: 15.97


Price: 44.97

ATV Magazine

Price: 20.00

ATV Sport

Price: 11.97


Price: 12.00


Price: 15.95


Price: 24.95

Aviation History

Price: 19.95

I attempt to make something that engages with people even though it's quite static. They have to visually navigate it from a variety of angles to fully appreciate it . They respond to my art viscerally, because the level of representation is just light and the contrasting lines. I get the sense that a lot of people really enjoy the experiences they've had in viewing my constructive art forms and firmly believe that creating art invites the viewer into the art object itself, opening them up to the larger ideas invoked by the piece.

Corporate "Presence" to E-commerce sites all with a unique look rather than the cookie cutter approach used by today's web site builders.

Sales site for Used industrial production equipment for domestic and International plants.

Discount Restaurant & Janitorial Supplies If your seeking one discount office supplies source for your restaurant, office, warehouse or home ...then this is the one to choose. Over 50,000 of the most commonly order business janitorial cleaning and office supplies and food service itens in a easy to navigate web site will save you time and money. Wide Selection of Competitively Priced Products in 52 Nationwide Warehouses strategically placed to Reduced delivery times - Orders ship within 24 Hours. They have over 50 years of delivering industry products to large and small businesses nationwide with extensive Industry Knowledge and Inventory levels exceeding  $75 million. Now even homeowners can get institutional prices with direct delivery.

Black Flame pattern suspenders for Harley Motorcyclists New Urban Youth series skinny suspenders for guys and girls
Thinner Teen suspenders | Biker Suspenders | UnderGarment Suspender

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DotComBuilder is a webmaster resource center like no other on the Internet. DotComBuilder provides webmasters and HTML novices with the tools they need to create fun and valuable interactive business Click here to see details on using DotcomBuilder turnkey websites for your e-businesswebsites from the ground up, in minutes. DotComBuilder has combined great quality template designs, powerful pre-installed PHP and CGI scripts fueling& site templates programs and our "easy to use" site installer to create the largest and most comprehensive turnkey web site collections for web designers, entrepreneurs and etailers. Our IMS webmaster recommends this solution for those with a tight budget wanting to web enable their ideas and ebiz plans.

With our Patent-Pending Technology anyone with access to the Internet can create a Turnkey Website. The DotComBuilder Turnkey Installer takes all the guess work out of complicated web scripting and design. By using the DotComBuilder Turnkey Installer, all the websites in our Turnkey Website collection are created by filling out a simple form and inputting information about your domain and various other variables to personalize your ready to run website. The days of downloading, extracting, opening, editing and saving complicated files are over! The DotComBuilder Turnkey Installer is not limited to the FREE DotComBuilder hosting. The DotComBuilder Turnkey Installer can be used with any Unix/Linux and CPanel compatible hosting service on any domain you own. One $79.95 fee lets you access all the various ebiz site templates.

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