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Planning your corporate webpage

steps to consider

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  1. Define the purpose for the initial stage of your website. Is it designed for corporate image and information on products or services? Do you plan on conducting online business transactions ?

  2. Give thought to the target audience you wish to attract to your site and design and advertise it accordingly. Always remember that a website is a unfinished book, and can change its content and purpose as you harness its power to communicate to your visitors.

  3. Story board the main sections ( i.e. home page, history, contacts, links, product or service page, message, e-catalog etc.) with your webmaster, and build site one section at a time.

  4. Immediately arrange for a ISP dialup - or better yet a "broadband" internet access account and register a domain name ( URL) for your business with the InterNic Society. It takes 1 week to get name approved and setup for worldwide access.

  5. Always look over the navigation of your pages from the viewpoint of a first time visitor. Make the verbage entice them to continue further into the site by leading them with page links til they take the action your intended.

  6. Try to build the site with tools that your normal staff can use for simple changes down the road. Sign up for a 50 MB secure hosting service ( aver. $20/month) that allows you to use these tools. Carefully choose this provider with attention to services and speed of their Internet backbone.

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  8. Have your pages placed online prior to advertising and view with a variety of browsers to see final effect. ( learn how to FTP changes) or use Microsofts Front Page HTML editor. ..see resource page for tips and freebe web tools

  9. Visual excitement and good taste go hand in hand, so don't use canned clip art for all your site. Visitors will get bored before you get their attention. Art should focus their attention and add to the message. Good navigation aids are important especially on large sites.

  10. Think beyond the restraints of normal printed advertising, and develop a blend of short attention span paragraphs with links to detailed explanations. Each page should have a theme and visitors should be lead throughout the site to capture the message that seperates you from your competitors. Always be truthful since the savvy web surfer has mouse control to research your claims to verify what your say.

  11. Link your site to interesting pages that compliment your message and inform your customers. The ultimate goal is to have visitors bookmark your pages for a return visit and communicate their interests in your products or services via e-mail forms. 

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