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Digital and Film Cameras at closeout prices

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clones, Intel,AMD athlon systems, Pentium III, AMD systems, custom built computers
Custom built clones clones, Intel,AMD athlon systems, Pentium III, AMD systems, custom built computers

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Digital Camera Guide & Showcase

Teach me all about -Choosing a Digital Camera Digital photography is growing in popularity, as the quality of digital imaging Digital cameras take great pictures without film requirementstechnology rapidly approaches that of traditional film, and as more people become both computer and web savvy. Digital images can be easily uploaded to your computer; from there they can then be manipulated using a variety of software, e-mailed to friends, or posted on a web site. The "film" used in digital cameras (i.e. storage media) can be used over and over again (and sometimes, depending on the format, can be used in different types of products such as MP3 players), so there's no need to run out and buy a roll of film every time you want to take pictures. Digital photography also provides a certain level of instant gratification, as you are able to immediately view your images, either on the LCD panel found on most cameras, or on your computer or TV screen. Listed below are descriptions of the key characteristics differentiating digital cameras.

Delay Between Shots
Flash Type
Rapid-Fire Shots
Optical Zoom
Ease of Download
Image Capacity (at hi-res)
Camera Size
Manual Features
Special Features

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The amount of time (measured in seconds) it takes the camera to process and store an image when shooting in normal mode (non-burst), at the camera's maximum resolution setting (also known as Recycle Time or Lag Time).

Why is it important? The delay between shots ranges from approximately 1 - 20 seconds. To some, this may not be much of an issue. For others, having to wait a while before being able to take another shot may be frustrating.

The flash makes a burst of light for shooting inside or in low-light conditions.

Why is it important? The type(s) of flash available vary from camera to camera. The flashes built into most digital cameras have limited range and adjustibility (on average, these flashes do not work well beyond 10 feet), in comparison to external flash options which can provide a much more powerful and versatile flash. Keep in mind that a camera with a "Hot Shoe" or "Flash Sync," will often come with the standard built-in flash as well.

Flash Options:

The resolution of a digital camera refers to the sharpness of its pictures.

Why is it important? The higher the resolution - the better the picture. Resolution is expressed in pixels, and refers to the "true" (i.e. non-interpolated) resolution of the camera.

Resolution Range:

This feature allows you to take multiple rapid-fire shots with one touch of the exposure button. This can be a very useful feature when shooting subjects in motion, such as during a sporting event. Rapid-Fire is also known as Burst Mode or Continuous Shooting Mode.

Ricoh RDC-i700 Image Capturing & Delivery Device  ...Unique describes this portable digital imaging studio system. It's not just a digital camera, and is specifically designed for a variety of businesses and photo hobbies needs not addressed by any other all-in-one camera.

Ricoh is consistently delivering ground breaking new technology and innovative digital features with its imaging products. In 1996,, Inc.Ricoh introduced the RDC-1, the first "multimedia" camera to combine still image digital capture with video and audio recording. Since then, subsequent models have incorporated updated "QVGA" QuickTime movies with sound, memo recording, time-lapse photography, and Web-cam broadcast capabilities. Ricoh's objective? To bridge the gap between the corporate business environment and digital imaging communications. The Ricoh RDC-i700 is Ricoh's latest incarnation of the ultimate "image capturing device". A business productivity tool incorporating high-quality digital photography with advanced networking capabilities, wireless Internet access, e-mail and fax modem connectivity, and integrated data/image management tools. It also happens to function well as a "creativity tool," whenever you want to take a break from all that e-mailing and data management. List price $1200 ... limited closeout price $269.97. Click here to see a complete detailed RDC-i700 camera review and end user guide.

iconicon Minolta DiMAGE 7 5.0MP professional Digital Camera.. LIST PRICE $1299 on sale for only $419 with 1.00 freight! icon Want one with all the bells and whistles?
  • 5.0MP effective resolution creates 2560 x 1950 images for prints at 13 x 17 inches
  • 7x optical zoom --2x digital zoom -Auto focus
  • 60-second movie mode records at 15 fps
  • Built-in flash synchronization terminal
  • Connects with Macs and PCs via USB connector
  • Includes 16MB CompactFlash memory card
  • Powered by four NiMH rechargeable batteries

An optical zoom magnifies the image using a real multi-focal length lens (a digital zoom only enlarges the center 50%), allowing you to take more detailed pictures of objects which are faraway. Magnification level is measured in degrees, such as "2X" or "3X." A "2X" optical zoom, for example, means that if the camera's minimum focal length is 50mm, then it has the ability to take pictures up to 100mm. More than 50% of digital cameras on the market today do not have an optical zoom.

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Digital Camera Deals!

EcomCity's Photo Shoppe offers all brands and models of digital cameras from the top rated online discounters. We have narrowed down these vendors based upon their competitive pricing, free freight and pre/post sales support policies. You can be assured that they are licensed by the manufacturers and have a no hassles return/repair/replacement policy to encourage repeat shopping.

Ease of Download

This refers to how the camera downloads its pictures to your computer or printer. Some digital cameras offer more than one means of downloading your images.

What kinds are available?

Via 3.5" Floppy - With this feature, the camera stores its images on the same floppy disks that you use in your PC or Macintosh. Taking the floppy out of the camera and putting it into your computer, and copying them onto the computer effectively transfers the images.

Via Removable Memory - Many digital cameras store images on removable memory devices that can be swapped in and out of the camera like rolls of film. These can then be used with a variety of card readers (depending on the type of storage), which are typically purchased as an additional accessory (i.e., they are not provided by the manufacturer "in the box"). PCMCIA Type II or III cards are credit card size memory that do not require a card reader to download the images; you can insert the card directly into laptop computers. "Removable Media" does not include 3.5 in. floppy disks.

Via Infrared - Infrared transmission uses invisible light to transfer pictures to your computer or printer. Also known as "IrDA," this technology allows one to download images without using cables or wires, but is also extremely slow.

Via Parallel Cable - This type of cable connection is quite common, and transfers images faster than a serial connection, as it is able to send multiple bits of information at the same time (i.e. "in parallel").

Via SCSI Cable - SCSI is a form of image transfer involving a high speed bus cable system, used only with Macintosh computers and high-end PCs.

Via Serial Cable - The most standard type of serial cable is identified as a "RS-232" interconnector. This method is relatively slow, in comparison to a USB cable connection, but still quite common.

Via USB Cable - A USB (short for universal serial bus) cable transports images from your digital camera via a connection that is much faster than a serial or parallel cable. It is important to note however, that this type of connection can only be used with the newer Pentium computers, and won't work on PC's with slow/older processors. Note that many cameras that come with a USB cable will also offer a serial and/or parallel connection option.

Image Capacity (at hi-res)

This refers to the camera's memory capacity for images shot at high resolution, using the amount of memory which comes shipped with the camera (some cameras allow you to add memory, which in turn will increase the number of images which can be stored).

What should you consider? The greater the resolution, the more memory space is needed. Therefore, it is important to note the high resolution or maximum resolution setting on the camera before evaluating this figure. Also, as mentioned previously, you can add memory to many digital cameras by purchasing high volume storage cards.

Image Capacity Range: 1 - 3,000 images.

EcomCity tip: Always look for merchant site links to manufacturer related closeouts, clearence items or refurbished equipment for the absolute best buys!

iconicon Affordable LCD Monitors Without Compromise. Take the Viewsonic Optiquest Q9b 19" LCD display delivers Quality and performance that bring you superb value. Sharp images and reliable colors are offered by excellent 700:1 contrast ratio (typ) and 300-nit brightness (typ). Fast 8ms video response, perfect for viewing movies and scrolling text, makes the Q9b an ideal choice for your home or office. The 19" display in a stylish, slim bezel is enhanced by wide viewing angles of 150 degrees horizontal and 135 degrees vertical. Integrated speakers deliver rich, stereo sound. For great features and value, choose the Optiquest Q9b LCD. Viewsonic Q9b / 19" / 8ms / 700:1 / SXGA 1280 x 1024 / Black / LCD Monitor for only $189.19. icon My choice while they last is This Hyundai 19" SXGA high rsolution LCD monitor on sale for $159.00 for details. icon

iconicon Fusing the most advanced digital technology with a stylish ultra-slim design this Hyundai N91S 19-inch LCD monitor sets the standard for visual excellence at an affordable price. Combining 1280 x 1024 SXGA resolution, a stunning 500:1 contrast ratio, 280 cd/m2 brightness and an exceptional 0.294 pixel pitch, the N91S delivers strikingly realistic images across a spectacular wide screen canvas. Perfect affordable large screen LCD monitor under 200.00. Plus its lightning quick 8ms response time delivers seamless, ghost-free video that's perfect for movie action sequences and computer games. The handsome, space-saving Hyundai N91S is ideal for anyone looking for a superbly engineered, top-quality LCD monitor at a remarkably low price. Click here for additional 19" LCD monitors at TigerDirect low prices. icon

Camera Size

This is a proxy for categorizing the varying dimensions, weights, and styles of digital cameras.

Size Options:

  • Pocket Size - a camera is so small that you can put it in your shirt pocket. Typically, these are extremely light weight (maximum weight of less than .56 lb.) and have a width under 5 inches. They are also quite flat, with depth rarely exceeding 1.5 inches.

  • Medium Size - These camera are slightly larger than Pocket Size cameras, especially in terms of depth and weight. A Medium Size camera weighs somewhere between 0.5 lb. - 1 lb., averaging 0.75 lb. Most digital cameras are Medium Size.

  • SLR Size - digital cameras which look like a standard SLR (single-lens-reflex) camera. Larger than a Medium Size camera, these typically have a rectangular body with a substantial protruding lens and weigh more than one (1) pound.

Manual Features

Most digital cameras have fully automatic operation. Some however, come with manual features. These are the creative controls on the camera which allow you to adjust the focus, exposure settings, and white balance to allow for more precise picture-taking.

What should you consider? Keep in mind that the degree of manual functionality can vary from one camera to another. For example, some cameras with "Manual Focus" have a traditional manual focus ring; whereas others offer multiple pre-set options from which to choose. Please refer to the glossary for more detailed information about the following features.

Options: Manual Focus, Manual Aperture, Manual Shutter, Manual White Balance, Manual Exposure Compensation.

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Special Features

These are the "bells" and "whistles" of a digital camera that distinguish it from other models.

What kinds of accessories and options are available?

Add-On Lens - a lens that attaches to the lens built into the digital camera. While an add-on lens is not as versatile as an actual interchangeable lens, it does provide the user with an alternative means of composing a shot, by providing a telephoto or wide-angle option or add-on filters to name a few. To date, most digital cameras do not offer this feature.

Audio Recording - allows you to record a short sound bite with each image, allowing you to makes notes for future reference.

DPOF - DPOF stands for Digital Print Order Format - a feature found on the camera that allows the user to send images directly to the printer and control the quantity and order of the images being printed.

Interchangeable Lens - allows you to physically change the type of lens being used. Interchangeable lens capability is rarely found on digital cameras and when it is, you can expect a hefty price tag along with it.

Macro - a lens feature which allows you to take "close-up" shots, usually within one foot or less; good for taking pictures of small objects such as a stamp or insect, for example.

Mini Movie - allows user to create a short movie, for those times when still images simply don't do the trick.

Remote Control - with this feature, you can take a picture without holding the camera - an alternative to using a self-timer.

Rotatable Lens - a rotatable lens allows you to adjust the angle of the lens (not the focusing ability of the camera). Some rotate 180 degrees while others can rotate a full 360 degrees, allowing you to compose a self-portrait while viewing yourself on the LCD panel.

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