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EcomCity's Webworld Mall merchants all recommend and accept payment from these bank credit cards. If your looking for a new Credit card or financial loan information use these resources for your online/offline transactions.

Centennial Card VISA or Mastercard
The Centennial MasterCard® or VISA® is especially designed for people who have had difficulties being approved for a major credit card. The Centennial Card is issued by First PREMIER Bank, one of the nation's leading credit card issuers specializing in MASTERCARD® and VISA® credit cards which help consumers re-establish their credit history.

Chase Lollipops 234x60 Outtatown 234x60

Select from a broad selection of  Chase Manhatten credit card products.



* Blue from American Express
* American Express Card
* American Express Gold Card
* American Express Credit Card for Students
* Gold Delta SkyMiles® Credit Card
* American Express Platinum Cash Rebate CardSM

Small Business Credit and Charge Cards
* American Express Corporate Credit and Charge Cards
* Gold Corporate Card for Small Business
* Corporate Optima® Platinum Card®
The Everyday Savings program is designed to help your business save money on products and services it needs most. Take advantage of the special ongoing savings we've negotiated especially for you as a Small Business Corporate Cardmember.
Merchant Services:* Establishment Services - Allows companies
to accept the American Express card at their place of business.
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An American Express financial advisor in your community can help you put your business to work to achieve your dreams. Our financial advisors have the knowledge and resources to help you grow your personal wealth by finding the synergies between the business and personal sides of your financial life.

Credit cards to online bill paying services and merchants e-commerce account are not only practical in today's networked world..but the are the smart way to lower banking fees and get quick access to your money 24/7.The financial industry has been forced to become a blend of Brick-n-Click and now you can easily manage & pay all your bills online through these banking services.

First PREMIER Bank is one of the nation's leading credit card issuers specializing in VISA® and MASTERCARD® credit cards which help consumers re-establish their credit history.  Click above banner to get a 45 second approval at Premier bank.

E-commerce is a powerful tool

Weekly Boscov's specials!
Always know for their great prices and low monthly payments plans...FingerHut is back... seeking some savvy shoppers

Looking for that perfect home or a get-away retreat. We'll feature here real estate sites that put you in charge and help with the selection process. Home loans and second mortages are featured at EcomCity's finance center and we even have the below services to help with the buying and selling of homes or properties in a simple one step process.  Resort property rentals make for a relaxing vacation. This site specializes in premium listings on Condo's and timeshare properties at one of the best locations for relaxing and enjoying life!

Realty Services


Whether you're buying a house, remodeling or refinancing, LendingTree makes it a snap to get the loan you need....quick & easy!

Start looking for a loan
LendingTree® is the only online loan marketplace where lenders compete for your business and you choose the loan that's right for you.

Our unique marketplace concept was created especially to...
  • provide you with the easiest, most convenient way to get a loan you've ever experienced.

  • let you choose an offer from up to four of the nation's top-rated, most recognized lenders.

  • provide you with great rates and terms

  • put you in complete control of your borrowing process.

... Simple -Mortgage Loans
Purchase a home or refinance an existing first mortgage.

Find A Home Equity Loan! ... Home Equity loans
Secure a second mortgage or line of credit.

.... Credit Cards ..

LendingTree makes it easy to get
competitive quotes from 4 financial
institutions in minutes!!!

Online Calculators & Advice

  • How large a line of credit can I obtain?
  • How much can I borrow?
  • How much will my payments be?

Get all the answers at The LendingTree!

Looking for a competitive ... Automobile Loan

       Borrower Quotes





To review all our lending services -click here for page 2

 fheo_.gif (417 bytes) Whether you're buying a house, remodeling or refinancing, LendingTree makes it a snap to get the loan you need....quik & easy! If your buying or fixing up your Winter Ski Lodge or summer beach house look to Lending Tree for all your online financing needs. ... Mortgage Loans made simple   Purchase a new home or refinance an existing mortgage with competing lenders!

Property's Zip Code

Looking for the busiest "For Sale By Owner" site in the world?? We've saved property owners across North America billions of dollars in real estate commissions since we opened our doors in 1997. For Sale By Owner is the fastest growing real estate website in the world for two key reasons: 1) we sell more houses than any of our competitors and 2) we provide the best customer service in the industry. National Real Estate Listings without the Commissions!

For Sale By Owner provides you with a number of reasonably priced options that can be counted on to sell your property quickly and in the process save you thousands of dollars. And, of course, you can count on having access to toll-free technical support and customer service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, regardless of where you're located!

Save $:  Be the Real Estate Agent

Home furnishings, chairs, lamps, bedroom sets, leather couches and even Grandma's new handmade rocker, all can be found here. Shop these fine furniture and home accessory merchants. See the selections on patio and dining room & bedroom sets, and visit the manufacturer direct home furniture galleries for " the latest" in designer furnishings for every room in the house. EcomCity will expand this section as more merchants are added.
Home furnishings for every room style and taste at bargain prices.

Home Furnishings & Accessories

For the real quality office and home accessories and decor items at 50-80% off list look to our prime supplier ..OverStock..& save

The jeweler's quality gemstone globe features a substantial 14-inch diameter, resting atop an elegant quad floor stand. Standing 33-inches tall, your globe starts with a base of deep lapis blue, crafted from high-grade ground lapis lazuli. It is further enhanced with beautifully inlaid, expertly carved semiprecious gemstones from across the world. Then it is set onto a nearly solid brushed bronze-color quad floor stand with a thick outer ring for stability. A rotating inner ring is etched with latitude and longitude angles. Stones include mother-of-pearl, amethyst, African jade, tiger eye, jasper, turquoise, and more, all polished and set into this exquisite piece of practical art. A certificate of authenticity is included, adding to the collectable value of these decor items. Lapis Ocean 14-in Gemstone Globe with 33" brass Floor Stand for $339.00

OneShare Inc is setup to allow you to purchase just one framed stock certificate for all major commpanies"The site that allows everyone to give stock ownership as a gift" ..One Share Of Stock Inc™ (doing business as™) provides a unique service that many traditional brokers and investment firms will not service. We specialize in the purchase of one share of stock, and we guarantee an unfolded certificate ready to frame. Our gift concept has been called "the most innovative gift concept this century!" In addition, we pride ourselves on our custom framing with the best in framing materials at the lowest price possible.™ has taken all fees associated with obtaining a single share of stock and bundled them all into a low OneFee™ that nobody can beat. Click here to Own One Share of Your Favorite Company like GM -Walt Disney -Harley Davidson -Coca Cola..etc.

Ecard - Private Offers Group

All EcomCity and IMS web services can easily be paid using the new PayPal e-mail money solution. Whether your paying for an auction item, reimbursing someone for lunch or sending in your clubs annual dues...nothing could be easier. No expensive fees or hassles and you can send money anywhere-anytime to anyone! Free accounts & $5 referral bonus!

 annew2.gif (3442 bytes) Dotster $14.95 Domain Name Registration

Acept Checks from Phone, Fax, or Website

PayByCheck allows for the payment of goods and services by check over the Internet with real-time validation and verification including our proprietary address verification. Our systems meet all Federal Regulations and the new NACHA 2001 banking and security rules.We offer Electronic Check Processing (ECP) or Paper Drafts depending on your needs. ECP transactions are settled through the ACH network according to NACHA banking regulations. Paper Drafts are printed each day and sent to you via first class mail. You own the complete package.. $99.00

Be sure to visit EcomCity's Loan Central for home, auto and personal loans.

IMS recommends this unique system for all our web site clients & projects.

Whether you're buying a house, remodeling or refinancing, LendingTree makes it a snap to get the loan you need....quik & easy! Start looking for a quick approval loan

Get all your loan answers quickly at The LendingTree

For your homeowners seeking second mortages or personal loans, auto loans you can compare rates and apply right from EcomCity's Financial center to the top rated online Mortgage banking companies. Use their FREE financial calculators.

Banks that specialize in SOHO solutions and online services to our tenants, merchants and suppliers. VPN services an financial gateways for international electronic commerce will be listed here. Check out our e-commerce links page for right now as we rush to list these services.

This page has the PcSHOPS CyberMalls' top selling computer distributors and some sample systems and notebooks they offer. Our over 4.6 million shoppers voted on them by actually purchasing systems-parts and peripherals from these top merchants..

Our customers rate these items over all others by purchasesLimited Time Weekly Best Buys from TIGERDIRECT click here
Dell PC's At Blowout Prices

Tiger by Systemax Celeron 1.8GHz / 128MB / 40GB / CDRW / Black / Desktop Computer for $570.00
Tiger by Systemax Celeron 1.8GHz / 128MB / 40GB / CDRW / Black / Desktop Computer only 579.00

Tiger by Systemax brings you this computer sporting the fastest Intel Celeron processor money can buy - and we've loaded it with extras! Celeron 1.8GHz CPU, 128MB PC133 Memory, huge 40GB Ultra ATA/100 Hard Drive, super-fast CDRW drive, Microsoft Windows XP Home and much more. This system can't be beat! Plus, it's backed up with one of the best warranties in the industry. Get your business up to date - these PCs will meet or exceed your needs! Now you can burn your own music CDs, backup software or save pictures with the included CDRW. An amazing system at a fantastic price ...Only $579.00!

HP Pavilion XL759 / Intel Pentium III 800MHz / 64MB / 40GB / 48X CD-ROM / CDRW / 56K / NIC / Windows ME / Recertified Desktop Computer for 379.00
HP Pavilion XL759 / Intel Pentium III 800MHz / 64MB / 40GB / 48X CD-ROM / CDRW / 56K / NIC / Windows ME / Recertified Desktop Computer for.. ONLY $379.00

The HP Pavilion XL759 PC has unlimited potential. From the turbo-charged Intel® Pentium® III 800MHz processor to the customized music-making abilities of the HP CD-Writer Plus, the HP Pavilion XL759 PC helps you accomplish goals, explore your creative side and discover the new frontiers of the Internet. Ultimately, the HP Pavilion XL759 PC is designed to give you everything you need for home computing. Also features 64MB memory and a 40GB hard drive. Home Computing Powered For The Internet. You will realize the promise of the Internet with the HP Pavilion XL759 PC. Straight out of the box, this is a home PC that is optimized for online productivity. Our industry-leading web partners complement your browsing style and make it easy to get up and running. And we’ve built the HP Pavilion XL759 PC for speed, including features such as the 10/100Base-T network card so that you can benefit from today’s powerful technologies. Limited supplies on this bargain at ONLY $379.00 ..act now!

Hp Pavilion XT856 / Intel Pentium III 933MHz / 128MB / 40GB / DVD / CDRW / 56K / NIC / No Operating System / Desktop Computer for 349.00

Eye-catching design and uncompromising features - that's what the HP Pavilion XT856 desktop PC is all about. This impressive, stylish PC embodies the power and technology to let you get the most out of multimedia applications, the Internet, and your favorite music. Under the sleek, metallic chassis lives a turbo-charged Intel Pentium III processor 933MHz, DVD drive, 128MB of standard RAM and a whopping 40GB hard drive, more than enough power and space to handle today's media-rich applications. Only $349.00 while supplies last!

Need the ultimate bargain priced HP gaming system??HP Pavilion 762 Pentium 4 2.24GHZ system for 1249.00 HP Pavilion 762N / Intel Pentium 4 fast 2.26 GHz / 512MB / 80GB / CDRW / DVD / 56K / NIC / Windows XP Home / Desktop Computer for only $1249.00. Get details on the HP Pavilion 762N or purchase one now!

Entertain your family with the HP Pavilion 762n desktop PC. It features a 16x DVD and HP CD-Writer. You can watch movies, record your own music CDs or backups without batting an eye with Intel® Pentium® 2.26GHz power. Front access USB connectivity give you convenient peripheral plug-in options. 10/100Base-T network interface makes you network-ready and gives you the functionality to easily connect to broadband Internet.

At EcomCity we put a real value at the end of all clicks, since we only choose merchants who not only discount all items but also offer excellent service. Our #1 computer supplier is TigerDirect fill in what brand or item type your looking for in their search box

 Directory listing pages will be artistically enhanced as more tenants are added. Each section will reflect the theme of the displayed businesses, and provide easy navigation and quick loading for shoppers. EcomCity's "Merchants Association" appreciates your feedback ! so We love to receive e-mailto express yourself, or notify us of broken links !

Consumers are driving down the prices on popular Electronics, office equipment, digital cameras and computer products. This places real pressure on merchants to compete on pricing and value added services. EcomCity tip: Always look for merchant site links to manufacturer related closeouts, clearence items or refurbished equipment for the absolute best buys! Take a look at Overstock's best deals on cameras....

Type in "digital cameras" or any other item or Name BRAND your shopping for in the search box below. See todays specials from Overstock at a price you can't beat anywhere else.. guaranteed!
Search for:

Submit your URL to get your business listed here for $120.00/Yr. !!
EcomCity now has opened our Clearence Center with over 5 Million dollars wotrth of Mass Retailer to view revolving limited offers.

Click Here...for EcomCity's Lending center

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