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Tool King Mission Statement: Tool King is committed to bring high quality products and services to the world marketplace. What distinguishes us is the one important insight we have gained from our decades of experience in this business: the significance of understanding our customers' needs and fulfilling them with the best option in the market coupled with the best of service and integrity. This helps us to provide value to not only to our customers but employees and partners as well.

From our headquarters in Denver, Colorado ToolKing Inc has grown from a small regional chain into one of the Internets largest sellers of power tools and accessories. Our specialties include everything from Power Tools, Cordless Tools, Air Tools, Automotive Tools, Hand Tools, Woodworking Tools, and DIY project Accessories and much more.

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About ImageKind... ImageKind is the product of both online and offline expertise in promoting artists sales venues. Two long time friends based in Seattle Washington started a small incubation company called Curious Office with a goal to develop innovative new online platforms for buying and selling real original artwork. If anything, the web is an incredible medium for both online purchasing and social clustering for those with artistic tastes. Art has been the language of humanity since the beginning of time and we felt that a new approach to art sharing and shopping made sense. Buy high quality framed wall art at www.ImageKind.com and have it custome framed to your own tastes.

We realize that customers have other choices for online art and our goal was to develop a fresh new online experience that allowed both consumers and professional artists a new outlet for sharing, creating and buying actual wall art from digital files. We already knew that most consumers were getting used to the idea of purchasing online photo prints which originated from digital camera files, but it was much less obvious that both consumers and artists could also use an online system for production AND sales of enduring wall art in the same way. Make your Masterpiece - Turn your photos and digital art into high quality framed wall art at www.ImageKind.com  The goal is to create the nation’s largest online art and framing outlet for personal art collections, photos and investment quality limited edition artwork from the skilled moden day artist and old masters.

What makes the ImageKind service special? Unlike a typical photo, our fine art media (papers and ink) will last for centuries, while providing a rich and elegant look. Virtually all fine art reproductions sold at galleries are made using the same traditional methods that we use for every single order. The materials used in these unique crafting methodologies are simple and pure and the process is environmentally friendly. When you close you eyes and feel fine art media, the textures and the thickness in the paper or canvas stock are immediately apparent. The difference is like comparing a blade of grass to a rose petal. These unique substantive properties make fine art media the best choice for framing and display work. More importantly, our papers and ink are designed to last as artwork for decades. Yet, the cost isn’t substantially different than processing a photograph.

Attention artists! At ImageKind, you can create and sell products with your own framed designs - all with no upfront costs. Get a free online gallery and promote your products on your website or in our Marketplace. ImageKind handles all product creation, credit card processing, shipping and customer service....ImageKind.com - A new way to set up free online galleries and earn money from your digital photos and art. How to get started- Selling your artwork is quite simple. You simply set up an account if you don’t have one already and then you upload your images. From there, you’ll get your own gallery management area where you can do everything you need.

Art: Buy. Sell. Yours. Theirs. | ImageKind.com - where art meets community. This site has already amassed over 200,000 pieces of artwork from over 70 leading art publishers around the world. That makes the ImageKind inventory one of the top destinations for art shopping based on any metric. From the classical masters like Van Gogh or Renoir to leading abstract and pop artists like Warhol, you’ll find something for every occassion and every room. Yet, we provide our production system to everyone! Consumers who want to turn a special photo into a lasting memory will find our service entirely unique. Choose from hundreds of styles of mats and frames... Buy high quality framed wall art at www.ImageKind.com

Poulan 4 HP Electric Chainsaw

Price: 108.75

Poulan Electric Chainsaw 14"

Price: 72.50

Poulan Gas Blower with Variable Speed Control

Price: 147.50

Poulan Gas Chainsaw with 18" Bar Length

Price: 236.25

Poulan Gas Trimmer with 17" Cutting Path

Price: 155.00

Weedeater Gas Trimmer

Price: 140.00

Weedeater Gas Trimmer with 16" Cutting Path

Price: 98.75

Weedeater GroundSweeper Extreme Electric Blower

Price: 58.75

Weedeater Wheeled Gas Trimmer with 16" Cutting Path

Price: 218.75

Weedeater 12 Amp Electric Blower

Price: 66.25

Weedeater 2 Speed Gas Blower

Price: 93.75

Weedeater 3.7 Amp Trimmer with 12" Cutting Path

Price: 41.25

Weedeater 4.1 Amp Trimmer with 14" Cutting Path

Price: 48.75

Weedeater 7.5 Amp Electric Blower

Price: 35.00

Fiskars Patio Planter Watering System

Price: 11.44

DeWalt 1/2" Heavy-Duty Electric Impact Wrench w/ Hog Ring Retainer

Price: 193.71

DeWalt 1/2" VSR Drill w/ Side Handle

Price: 146.96

DeWalt 1/2” Spade Handle Drill

Price: 240.48

DeWalt 14.4V Heavy Duty XRP 1/2" Cordless Drill/Driver

Price: 244.48

DeWalt 18V Cordless Reciprocating Saw Kit

Price: 236.46

DeWalt 18V Heavy Duty XRP 1/2" Cordless Drill/Driver

Price: 323.30

DeWalt 18V XRP Extended Run Battery

Price: 97.68

DeWalt 3/8" Right Angle Cordless Drill Kit-12 Volt

Price: 217.75

DeWalt 3/8” Right Angle Drill

Price: 162.99

DeWalt 4 Position Heavy-Duty Reciprocating Saw

Price: 120.24

  Each tree is individually packaged in a elaborate shipping container to assure they arrive undamaged and ready to enjoy! Thousands have been shipped online to satisfied repeat buyers since 1993. These make great living memorials for the Americans who were victims in horrific Terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001

EcomCity's hottest selling flower and home decorating item for all seasons has been the Bonsai Trees and "make your own" starter kits and beautiful selections of pot and tools from this premier online supplier. This is a wonderful year-round hobby that will forever change the way you view nursery plants and outdoor tree shapes and the forces of nature! Click on the buy button for more information!!

Bonsai Boy

Chinese Elm-Small Chinese Elm-Small

Has small evergreen leaves which remain on the tree year - round. They are hardy with excellent branching characteristics. Has a twisted trunk and exposed roots which give the appearance of great age. Easy indoor care. - 8 years old - 5 in. - 7 in. tall

Chinese Flowering White Serissa bonsai tree- Tree of a Thousand Stars - (Serissa Japonica) .. Ligustrum-Large .. Golf Ball Ficus - (Ficus Benjamina)

Brush Cherry-Medium Brush Cherry-Medium

Small - handsome evergreen leaves. Pink blooms in summer follower by bright red cherries which remain on the tree through the fall New leaves are reddish in color - turning green as they mature. 10 years old - 8 in. tall

Juniper in a Rock-Medium Juniper in a Rock-Medium

We grow the Juniper in lava-rock (pumice stone) by boring a hole in the rock and sawing flat the bottom of the stone. Since the lava-rock is pourous the rock serves the same purpose as the bonsai pot. When we think of a traditional bonsai and what it should look like we think of a Juniper procumbens. They are hardy and long-lived and tolerate many adverse conditions. Popular and Unique. 5 years old-8" tall...$65.00

Each tree is individually packaged in a elaborate shipping container to assure they arrive undamaged and ready to enjoy! Thousands have been shipped online to satisfied repeat buyers since 1993. These make great living memorials for the Americans who were victims in horrific Terrorist attacks on 9/11/2001

EcomCity's complete guide to training bonsai trees and starter kits

Table Top Water Fountain - Fisherman Table Top Water Fountain - Fisherman Hinoki Cypress - Evergreen Conifer -  (Chamecyparis Obtusa "Compacta")

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