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Resorts - Mountain or lakefront cottages and vacation Time Share properties are always a great investment. We offer many properties listed for sale by owner


Looking for that perfect home or a get-away retreat. We'll feature here real estate sites that put you in charge and help with the selection process. Home loans and second mortages are featured at EcomCity's finance center and we even have the below services to help with the buying and selling of homes or properties in a simple one step process.  Resort property rentals make for a relaxing vacation. This site specializes in premium listings on Condo's and timeshare properties at one of the best locations for relaxing and enjoying life!

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Whether you're buying a house, remodeling or refinancing, LendingTree makes it a snap to get the loan you need....quick & easy!

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Enter ForSaleByOwner.com

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 fheo_.gif (417 bytes) Whether you're buying a house, remodeling or refinancing, LendingTree makes it a snap to get the loan you need....quik & easy! If your buying or fixing up your Winter Ski Lodge or summer beach house look to Lending Tree for all your online financing needs. ... Mortgage Loans made simple   Purchase a new home or refinance an existing mortgage with competing lenders!

Save $:  Be the Real Estate Agent

Home furnishings, chairs, lamps, bedroom sets, leather couches and even Grandma's new handmade rocker, all can be found here. Shop these fine furniture and home accessory merchants. See the selections on patio and dining room & bedroom sets, and visit the manufacturer direct home furniture galleries for " the latest" in designer furnishings for every room in the house. EcomCity will expand this section as more merchants are added.

Our savvy shoppers bookmark this page to allow themselves a single source for comparison shopping the Complete Furniture e-catalogs of our Top Furniture discounter. Use the search box, or browse each furniture shopping category list which immediately displays resulting items and prices. This puts some fun back into shopping online!


Sectional Sofa Set - Microfiber Ultra Suede 3pc - 1775-SECT-SET-1

Price: 1,599.30

Sectional Sofa Set - 3pc - 224-SECT-SET-1

Price: 1,122.30

Sectional Sofa Set - Microfiber Ultra Suede 2pc - 280-SECT-SET-1

Price: 929.10

Sectional Sofa Set - Microfiber Ultra Suede 4 pc -280-SECT-SET-2

Price: 1,400.40

Leather Sectional Sofa Set in Barcelona Saddle Finish - 2 pc - 290-SECT-SET-1

Price: 1,582.20

Leather Sectional Sofa Set in Barcelona Saddle Finish - 4 pc - 290-SECT-SET-2

Price: 2,266.10

Sofa - Microfiber Ultra Suede - 305-00

Price: 459.00

Sofa Set - Microfiber Ultra Suede 4 pc - 305-SOFA-SET-1

Price: 1,229.40

Sofa - Microfiber Ultra Suede - 315-00

Price: 493.05

Sofa Set - Microfiber Ultra Suede 4 pc - 315-SOFA-SET-1

Price: 1,382.40

Sofa - Microfiber Ultra Suede - 335-00

Price: 531.05

Sofa Set - Microfiber Ultra Suede 4pc. - 335-SOFA-SET-1

Price: 1,526.40

Sectional Sofa Set - 2pc - 348-SECT-SET-1

Price: 1,024.20

Sofa in Paisley Bronze Finish - Contemporary - 458-00

Price: 635.55

Sofa Set in Paisley Bronze Finish - Contemporary 4pc - 458-SOFA-SET-1

Price: 1,796.40

Looking for geart prices on home furnishings? An elegant and eclectic mix of materials and finishes characterize the wonderful assortment of our accent furniture. We have a giant selection of accent furniture, hall trees, entry benches, accent tables, foyer furniture and more. Everything Furniture has free freight specials and everyday deals on all home and office furnishings. Take a look at thse items on sale now! We have a wide variety of bedroom furniture, bedroom sets, collections, metal beds, daybeds, canopy beds, headboards and wrap beds below. All beds have frames available, and daybeds have link springs listed with the beds. Entry ways make a first and lasting impression on house guests. Hall Tree, Entry Bench, Foyer Furniture, call it what you want, but it sure adds personality to any entry way. Add some charm and decoration to your entry way with our entry way furniture. Hall trees are also great for hanging those winter coats and storing those boots too! Foyer Furniture sure adds personality to any entry way. Add some charm and decoration to your entry way with our entry way furniture. Hall trees are also great for hanging those winter coats and storing those boots too!

Italian Leather Sofa Set - Giuseppe

Price: 3,277.60

Italian Leather Sofa Set - Monza

Price: 2,351.10

Italian Leather Sofa Set - Testarossa Speciale

Price: 2,861.10

Jaclyn Smith Furniture by Largo - Heritage Sofa Table in Vieux Cinnabar - JS-H408C-30B-T

Price: 358.00

Jaclyn Smith Furniture by Largo - Heritage Sofa Table in Vintage Black - JS-H404B-30B-T

Price: 358.00

Mission Style Convertible Sofa Table in Oak - 88512722

Price: 189.00

Furniture - Rectangular Sofa Table in Mahogany - 7350-82

Price: 339.00

Sofa Table in Blond Maple - Modul-X Collection - 717

Price: 219.00

Sofa Table in Blond Maple - Pablo Collection - 721

Price: 319.00

Furniture - Sofa Table in Cherry - 4610-90

Price: 189.00

Sofa Table in Espresso - Pablo Collection - 421

Price: 319.00

Furniture - Sofa Table in Oak - 4004-90

Price: 229.00

Dual Reclining Chaise Sofa - 4201

Price: 989.10

Dual Reclining Sofa - 3241

Price: 730.55

Dual Reclining Sofa - 4111

Price: 1,043.10

New Home Gift Ideas: Jewelry Armoires, Jewelry Box, Video Game Chairs, Vanity Table, Vanity Set, Child Vanity, Bean Bag Chairs, Bag, Movado Clocks, Desk Clocks, Seth Thomas Clocks, Peg Perego Toy Cars, Powerwheels, Kids Rocking Chairs and Rocking Horses

Over 25,000 Name Brand Closeouts in all shopping categories at this recommended discounter.

Computer Desk - O'Sullivan Furniture Computer Cart Model 11117

Price: 67.21

O'Sullivan Furniture Computer Workcenter Model 10437

Price: 150.53

O'Sullivan Furniture Computer Workcenter Model 10440

Price: 125.40

O'Sullivan Furniture Computer Workcenter Model 10537

Price: 150.53

O'Sullivan Furniture Computer Workcenter Model 10579

Price: 140.09

O'Sullivan Furniture Computer Workcenter Model 10646

Price: 112.57

Computer Desk - O'Sullivan Furniture Computer Workcenter Model 10911

Price: 178.46

Computer Desk - O'Sullivan Furniture Computer Workcenter Model 11012

Price: 71.39

Computer Desk - O'Sullivan Furniture Computer Workcenter Model 11021

Price: 48.66

Computer Desk - O'Sullivan Furniture Computer Workcenter Model 11022

Price: 38.44

Computer Desk - O'Sullivan Furniture Computer Workcenter Model 11068

Price: 133.88

Computer Desk - O'Sullivan Furniture Computer Workcenter Model 11170

Price: 48.00

O'Sullivan Furniture Corner Computer Workcenter Model 10349

Price: 89.60

Computer Desk - O'Sullivan Furniture Corner Workcenter Model 10914

Price: 160.56

Computer Desk - O'Sullivan Furniture Corner Workcenter Model 11646

Price: 106.92

Office and Home Office computer furniture and whole sale priced computer gear!

Leda Computer Desk DL-2003

Price: 84.98

Computer Desk - Compact Computer Desk

Price: 87.39

Computer Desk - Computer Office Desk

Price: 91.99

Computer Desk - Corner Computer Desk

Price: 103.49

Computer Desk - Dormdesk Computer Desk

Price: 98.89

Computer Desk - Home Office Computer Desk

Price: 144.89

Computer Desk - Matrix Computer Desk

Price: 160.99

Computer Desk - University Computer Desk

Price: 114.99

Computer Desk - Workcenter Computer Desk

Price: 114.99

Quebeko Mobile Computer Cart

Price: 122.39

Quebeko Solo Collection Mobile Computer Cart

Price: 197.99

Quebeko Wall Street Collection Mobile Computer Cart

Price: 163.79

Quebeko Phenix Collection Computer Desk & Hutch

Price: 210.59

Quebeko Loggia Collection Computer Workcenter

Price: 250.19

Quebeko Vienna Collection Corner Computer Workcenter

Price: 309.59

Save on all furniture at Overstock.com!

iconicon iconicon iconicon iconicon

EcomCity's Top Name Brand discounter is OverStock.com. Great prices -#1 in after sales service and low freight fees ...all just got BETTER. They are now offering the Ultimate in a online wholesale Buyers club making Sam's Club and Cosco memberships obsolete. No tricks -no spam and no way even coupons or rebates can match the Club-O savings. Every one of their 250,000 products display the immediate Club-O savings, so fill up your shopping cart today.  I've created the below specialized shopping category landing pages to help you get right to their top BEST BUYS in each main category!

The Ultimate Overstock Kitchen Store... icon cookware, cutlery, dishes, table linens, decor and more

The Ultimate Overstock Bedroom Storefront.. icon Bedding, sheets, bathroom items,comforters, personal care products like razors

The Ultimate Overstock Home Decor Store... icon area rugs, lamps, furniture, pottery, Art, Lighting, Fans, collectables, curtains, seat covers

The Ultimate Overstock Garden-Patio Store... icon garden furniture, fountains, figurines, garden tools, yard lighting, umbrellas, grills, planters

The Ultimate Home Furniture shop.. icon Tables, chairs, sofas, desks, mirrors, Dressers, Hutches for every room in the house with only a flat fee shipping never more then $2.95 on complete order.

Monthly Dynamic Promotion (120x60).  You never have to change this code - we make sure the monthly promo is always fresh!

OverStock has buying Home furnishings, decor and white goods and kitchen gadgets down to a science. Low freight cost never to exceed $2.95 coupled with trusted name brands makes them our first choice if your spiffing up a room, garden or patio....Join their Club-O private buyers group and save an addition 5% on all purchases with $1.00 total freight charge.

Ricoh RDC-i700 Image Capturing & Delivery Device  ...Unique describes this portable digital imaging studio system. It's not just a digital camera, and is specifically designed for a variety of businesses and photo hobbies needs not addressed by any other all-in-one camera.

Attention Realtors, Claims Adjusters, Detectives, Photographers

Ricoh RDC-i700 Internet Ready Digital Camera closeout price at only $269.97 ..save 75% off list price. icon

Ricoh is consistently delivering ground breaking new technology and innovative digital features with its imaging products. In 1996, Overstock.com, Inc.Ricoh introduced the RDC-1, the first "multimedia" camera to combine still image digital capture with video and audio recording. Since then, subsequent models have incorporated updated "QVGA" QuickTime movies with sound, memo recording, time-lapse photography, and Web-cam broadcast capabilities. Ricoh's objective? To bridge the gap between the corporate business environment and digital imaging communications. The Ricoh RDC-i700 is Ricoh's latest incarnation of the ultimate "image capturing device". A business productivity tool incorporating high-quality digital photography with advanced networking capabilities, wireless Internet access, e-mail and fax modem connectivity, and integrated data/image management tools. It also happens to function well as a "creativity tool," whenever you want to take a break from all that e-mailing and data management. List price $1200 ... limited closeout price $269.97. Click here to see a complete detailed RDC-i700 camera review and end user guide.

Fix up the patio - build your rose garden- or just landscape..with these selections..
Garden Tools | Bonsai Trees |Watering accessories | Birdfeeders | Flowers

EcomCity's complete guide to training bonsai trees and starter kits

Table Top Water Fountain - Fisherman Table Top Water Fountain - Fisherman Hinoki Cypress - Evergreen Conifer -  (Chamecyparis Obtusa "Compacta")

"Bonsai Trees Can Be A Treasure Forever !" ...... Bonsai Boys of NY and GiftTree are the largest suppliers of Bonsai Trees and supplies on the internet offering hundreds of items at low  prices. We offer a variety of bonsai, including junipers, Azalea, Rosemary, Brush Cherry, New Zealand Tea Rose, Citrus Trees, Snow Rose Serissa, and much more. Bonsai Boy's unique trees and fountains range in price from under $25.00 and specials on books -tools and pots add to the mix. Click here to learn more at our Bonsai resource center.

Bonsai Books and special tools are available from this site too!

How-to-Books and bonsai care guides are a must ..click for discounted bonsai books. icon These handbooks penetrate the bonsai mystique and helps enthusiasts grow attractive plants and maintain them. Includes information on growing conditions indoors and out, and gives creative ways to display bonsai. EcomCity teams up with Overstock to guarantee you can't find these book cheaper anywhere. Click the below image to see Garden & Patio section.


Discount Restaurant & Janitorial Supplies If your seeking one discount office supplies source for your restaurant, office, warehouse or home ...then this is the one to choose. Over 50,000 of the most commonly order business janitorial cleaning and office supplies and food service itens in a easy to navigate web site will save you time and money. Wide Selection of Competitively Priced Products in 52 Nationwide Warehouses strategically placed to Reduced delivery times - Orders ship within 24 Hours. They have over 50 years of delivering industry products to large and small businesses nationwide with extensive Industry Knowledge and Inventory levels exceeding  $75 million. Now even homeowners can get institutional prices with direct delivery.

Office Supplies: Pens & Desk Supplies -Office Supplies & Equip.-Paper Supplies -Furniture & More -Computer Supplies -Printers -Organizational Supplies
Kitchen Items: Apparel/uniforms -Bakery Supplies -Bar Supplies -Beverage Service -Beverages & Mixes -Blenders & Juicers -Buffet Service -Can Openers- Coffee makers -Cook and Glassware -Cutting Boards -Kitchen equipment -Food Products -Foodservice -Measures -Pizza Supplies -Professional Cutlery -Storage/racks/pot and pans -Utensils -Warewashing
Tabletop accessories: Beverages & Mixes -Buffet Service -China -Dinnerware -Dispensers -Flatware -Food Products -Glassware -Melamine -Party Supplies
Janitorial: Brooms -Janitorial Can Liners -Cleaning Agents -Floor Maintenance -Laundry Products -Material Handling -Mops & Buckets -Paper Towels -Personal Healthcare -Soaps & Dispensers -Sponges & Scrubbers -Squeegees & Washers -Toilet Products -Toilet Paper -Trash Cans -Vacuums -Sqeegies and Wipers
Disposables: Can Liners - Coffee Service -Containers -Cups -Cutlery -Dinnerware -Foodservice -Gloves -Medical -Paper Bags -Party Supplies -Personal Healthcare -Plastic Bags -Soaps & Dispensers - Towels & Tissue -Serving Trays ...and more...

anbeacn.gif (2093 bytes) Open your own E-commerce enabled Outlet shop here and get your business listed at EcomCity's WebWorld Mall for $120.00/Yr. !! Then see our SOHO office product section for the goodies to get your site up and doing business.

Shop all the departments at WebWorld

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Clearance priced computers and home electronics EcomCity Showcase Merchant Displays allow our savvy shoppers to see all the name brand discounted offerings of these select merchants safely from one page. No need to click till you see a must have bargain.

One place you can trust to find ...All the good stuff ...Cheap!

Closeout computers and electronicsOverstock deals Online shopping mall Boscov's Name Brand discounted closeouts from Computer Geeks Sierra Trading Post  discounted apparel and name brand shoes Fine Jewelry Seiko watches at wholesale prices Watches Name Brand discounted golf gear and golf clubs Golf Pro Shop Name Brand discounted sporting goodsSporting Goods Bicycles and cycling gear Bicycle Shop Discount travel packages in our travel centerTravel Center Discount travel packages in our travel centerAutomotive Shop As Seen on TV products and discounted magazinesDiscount Magazine Shop Shoes and boots at wholesale pricesShoes & Boot Shop Discounted coffee makers and kitchenware and appliancesThe Kitchen Shop. Name Brands at closeout prices.Name Brand Closeouts sofas, gaming chairs, discounted home furnishings, armores, office desks, and computer furnitureDiscount Furniture Flat screen HDTV resolution guide and best priced computer monitors Discounted Flat Screen HD monitors and setup guide. ** Check out the Weekly Deals at DiscountWatchStore.com - Up to 90% off retail price!

EcomCity's top discounter in computers, digital cameras and electrics gear is Tiger Direct..click for their best sellers.

Closeouts, open box and Refurbished computers, notebooks and peripherals from TigerDirect! Click here for complete TigerDirect Promo Weekly Deals ...

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